Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 20

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter 20
Ruina’s Past part 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“Already over~? Onee-san disappointed.”

After few hours since the battle was started….

The only one who still standing was black haired woman who grew two horns like sheep.

She looked at collapsed “Cat Works” with a bored face.

“Guh, monster…”

Ruth’s sword was broke from the base, and her body was full of wounds.

The other members were in similar condition.

The only relief was there was no one who dead.

“Hah, to think the is no one who could hit me, did I expecting too much?”

That woman

After said that, that woman prepared to leave.

“Wait… where are you going?”

“Somehow today is a bit chilly, so I’m going home. Ah, the thing about destroying humanity is a lie, so you don’t need to worry.”

There was no way they could not worry.

A mysterious woman who had power that could not be matched by S-rank party.

When “Cat Works” member tried to somehow restrain that woman…

“<Lightning Arrow>”

Suddenly a lightning arrow from somewhere grazed that woman’s cheek.

From there, drop of blood flowed down.

While surprised, everyone there looked at direction where the magic came from.

In thereーーー  there was a girl about 10 years old.




The time was back to a while ago.

“Hn, I slept well~. Fuaa…”

That day Ruina woke up before dawn.

“Eeh? It’s still pitch dark. Am I wake up too fast?”

Ruina thought such thing was can’t be helped.

Because today is Ruina’s graduation day.

Furthermore her beloved mother was coming home after taking quest for long time and she said she will come to her graduation ceremony.

There is no way that she wasn’t excited.

“Ah, I can feel mother’s magical power a little. Are the other 3 magical power belong to her friends?”

Since that time, Ruina showed her extraordinary talent, like, even separated some kilometers away, she still could sensed the magical power.

When her face bloomed into smile because she felt her beloved mother coming to her…


Ruina felt cold air running around her neck.

Her face distorted into fright.

“What is this magical power… scary…”

The owner of that dreadful magical power was close to the location of her mother.

“Mother and her friends are in danger!! <Flying Magicfly>”

Even though she could stay and wait, Ruina chose to left student dormitory.




After Ruina left dormitory for some time…

What she saw from the air were a black haired woman who grew two horn like sheep stand alone and collapsed mother and her friends with body full of wounds.

“Impossible, for mother and her friends to be one-sidely defeated is…”

The party which her mother belong to was a party consisted of adventurer who had remarkable ability, there was only few of them in this country.

Ruina couldn’t believe the situation that they were annihilated by single woman.

After talked about something with the mother and and friends, that woman prepared to leave.

Luckily that woman not realized about Ruina.

To fight with that woman alone was too dangerous.

Eve the mother and her friends were couldn’t stand against her.

Let her left by her own then come to save the mother and friends was the best solution.

(Mother, what are you doing? If like this you’ll be killed.)

No matter how, it was unthinkable that the mother and friends could win.

(That’s right, since she not realized about me… maybe I could do it now.)

Thinking like that, Ruina descend to the ground, using her magic to the limit, she fired an attack towards the woman.




“Onee-san surprised. To think such kid capable to create wound on me with surprise attack.”

Like a hunter found it prey, she motionlessly looked at Ruina.

Her eyes were blazing and glittering.

“Ruina! Why you came here? Get away from here quickly!”

Irina shouted.

Her face was colored in despair.

But Ruina was overwhelmed with fear and couldn’t move.

(Impossible… something like this… to avoid my full power magic attack from blind spot.)

However, the willing to protect her mother somehow suppressed her fear and she fired magic attack toward the woman one after another.

Every one of the attacks were current Ruina’s full power… but none of them were touched that woman.

That woman didn’t care about magic attacks that came one after another, she just calmly had fun stared at Ruina.

Until that time, Ruina had confidence in her magic.

Even though she was 13 years old she was top student in top class magic school, there is student that could win against her.

She was extravagantly praised as genius by her surrounding, and she thought so.

There was no single thing that she couldn’t do, that was what she believed.

In other words, she was being carried away.

But… reality is not that sweet.

“Ugh… no… more…”

Completely used her magical power, Ruina tumbled down.


Irina shout with her bitter voice.

The one who moved that time was the black haired woman.

“Fufufu, that was very fun. Little bit unrefined, but there is room for improvement. Maybe, if it was you, sometime, you’ll be able to kill me.”

That woman didn’t concerned about meeting the one who possibly could kill her in the future, she just laughed in fun.

“But it seems you’ve been raised in indulgence. If like that, then the dream to kill me is just a dream… Ah, right, certainly, I’ve heard that if human lose what’s important to them, they will release huge power. You there are Irina right? You are that child’s mother right?”

Heard that words, everyone face turned pale.

“Don’t lay your hand on my mother!!”

Ruina screamed.


However, in that cruelty, from that woman finger, black beam was fired and pierced through Irina’s left chest.


In that day when a female wizard died ーーー the scream of her friends and daughter echoed.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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    1. Going one step further, Ruina’s overconfidence which led her to engage the demon is what killed her mother.

      Does this justify Ruina’s harshness as a teacher yet, students? Or do you still think she’s just rubbing her talent in your faces.

    2. But she had no way to know that. Throwing some magic as a smokescreen and evacuating her mother’s party would have been a solid plan, but it looks like young Ruina could not pull that off.

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