The Adventure of Miko 12 – Lodging

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 12

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


“The Peace of The Wind” that Miko found is a big wooden building with lamps that gave a gentle light. There was a little girl when Miko entered that building.

“Welcome, are you alone?”

(What with this girl? She’s extremely cute!)

Miko managed herself to calm down from excitement.

“Yes, I’m alone. Is there any free room?”

“Yes, there is. How long are you going to stay? It is 200 luks a night.”

“The, I’ll stay for three nights for now. Here’s the payment.”

Miko took out a gold coin from silver card and gave it to the girl.

“Um, since it is a gold coin then the changes is 94 silver coins, please wait for a moment.”

The girl went to the inner side for a while and came back while brought a big bag. When the girl walk jingling sound could be heard.

“I will count it now, so please wait for a moment.”

The girl started to count the coins, but it seemed it will take some time, so,

“I will help you.”

Then, Miko started to count the silver coins too. They finished in less than ten minutes and Miko sealed the silver coins.

“Thank you very much. Nevertheless, you have amazing skill there. And then, please write your name here.”

Miko write her own name on the lodging from given by the girl.

“It is Miko-sama right? Then, your room is room number 21, I will guide you there.”

Leaded by the girl, Miko came to the room. In that room there were one bed, cabinet and a lamp.

“Well then, please have some rest here. You could have dinner in the restaurant next door, breakfast is also the same. Well the, please enjoy.”

“Ooh~~ it’s pretty fluffy~ Aahhh~ so tired~~”

It seemed fatigues were accumulated since she walked all the day. She intended to have small rest but fall asleep.

~30 minutes later~

“Ah~ even though I didn’t plan to sleep. Already this time, should I take dinner?”

Miko left the room and headed to the restaurant next door. When she opened the door, there was alcohol smell hanging in the air.

“Uwaah, what a strong alcohol smell. I’ll get drunk just with this smell.”

First thing first, she looked for seat where the smell of alcohol was low and looked at the menu which placed on the table. Various menus were written, there were a lot of high calories food.

“Uwaah~, the are a lot of heavy food. Well, since I’m hungry I think it’s fine.”

Miko called the called waitress with excuse me~ and ordering some food. What she ordered are black boar steak and red cabbage salad. After wait for a while, a sizzling meat in large plate and large serving of salad were brought.

“Wow, it look delicious. Itadakimasu.”

In about 30 minutes, Miko finished her steak and salad, she paid 300 luks for the food. She back to her room after that.

“That’s remind me, I’ve roughly heard about my skills from the Goddess, but can I see the detail about it?”

Miko used her appraisal skill on herself and then her own status appeared, detail about her skills also displayed.

“Status is, fine for now. How about skills’ detail…”


Card Sealing

With special card, you can seal things that you have chosen or released it. Also you can dismantle things that you have sealed. In that case, the card will be emptied and dismantled things will be released. There is nothing that can’t be sealed, and one card can’t seal different kind of things.
It is possible to create special card. What needed is magical stone, gold, silver, or copper ore.
Magic stone -> magic card (10-500)
Gold ore -> golden card (0/100)
Silver ore -> silver card (0/50)
Copper ore -> copped card (0/10)



To see everything’s general principle.


“Uwaah… this must be a bug. It will be bad if I was found out to have skill like this. I must ask Aria-san in the explorer guild tomorrow.”

Miko, even though she felt uneasy, she went to sleep in order to prepare for tomorrow.

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The Adventure of Miko

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