The Adventure of Miko 13 – Skill Concealment

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 13
Skill Concealment

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


In the morning next day Miko came to explorer clan’s receptionist.

“Excuse me, is Aria-san here?”

Yeah, she came here today is to meet the one who took care of her yesterday, Aria to confirm her skill. She was the only receptionist who knew about Miko’s extraordinary status.

“For now, she is dealing with another matter. If you do not mind, may I take care of your business?”

A young male staff who interact with Miko tried to ask about Miko’s business, but she refused.

“Ah, no, it must be Aria-san. If I can’t meet her now, I don’t no matter how long I’ll wait. When she available, please call me.”

After said that, she sat on the chair at lobby. Not long after she wait, Aria came to her.

“Hello Miko-san. I heard you nominate me, but what will you have today?”

“Ah, sorry. And thank you for making time for me in this busy time. Um, it’s about my statutes yesterday, but…”

“I understand. Since it’s almost lunch time, let’s have some break. There is delicious shop close from here, how about we have lunch there?”

With Aria on the lead they came to restaurant. The restaurant is not full of heavy meal like last night, it’s main food were light meals which easy to eat like sandwich or pasta.

“Welcome, for two people right? Please have vacant seat.”

After they take seat near window as the waitress suggest, they ordered their food.

“I’ll take sandwich and herb tea please. How about you Miko-san?”

“Then, I’ll the same.”

After ordered the food and the waitress was gone,

“Now, then. What you want to talk about today?”

“I’m sorry, it’s about my status yesterday, at night, when I tried to use appraisal on my skill, it turn out card sealing is an outrageous skill. So I’d like to have some advice.”

And then, she tell Aria about her skill. Along with the story, Aria’s face become more and more serious.

“Hn, if you could, I’d like you to hide it. But, probably you’ve already use it in front of people right?”

“Ugh… how could you know?”

“That’s, just by looking it and you’ll know. Aren’t you quite airhead?”

Aria had surprised face a little but immediately return her expression and continued her words.

“Right now, your skill hasn’t become big yet, there are also magic tools and skill which similar to yours so it’s fine. But, as far as I know, there is no known skill or magic tool which could hold living things. If your skill become known, it would be bad right?”

“What should I do then?”

“First, as I said yesterday, please buy slave. And then, take some mission, challenge child tower around here, and display your power to the surrounding. If you rank up it would be fine if your skill is found out. Since if it high rank explorer, even though unskillful, their power still equal to disaster-grade monster.”

“I understand. But, how about clan?”

“We’ll managed somehow. For now, I’ll be Miko’s exclusive receptionist. If that happen, only I who can manage your request. Let’s take care the procedure after lunch. For that, we should tell Clan branch manager about your skill. But if it’s her, there won’t be problem.”

Miko relieved after heard Aria’s talk.

(Ah, I’m glad I know this person. For now, I don’t know about branch manager, but I’ll manage it somehow.)

Aria, on the other side,

(This person, why she’s this dangerous? If she unlucky, she could become aristocrat’s toy. For now, if I don’t focus my power on her, nothing can be done.)

Thought something like that.

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The Adventure of Miko

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