Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 24

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 24
Summer Camp is Starting — and It’s Time for Swimsuit

Translated by Yuriko Aya []


— The day of summer camp

“Good morning everyone of Acade Academy. Have everyone gathered? I would like to start the annual summer camp from today. Roughly, the schedule is…”

Phil headmaster started to give her speech.

Well, according to guide book… the schedule of summer camp will be three days long. The first day is free time. The second day is for practice magic the whole day. On the morning of the third day there will be mock battle to test the result of our training. We will back to Acade Academy in the afternoon.

So, the first day is free time for a whole day huh?

Yosh! Let’s play with all of our heart!

Also I must preserve image of the girls wearing swimsuit in my brain folder.

“Um, Phil headmaster. How can we go to the unpopulated island?”

After the speech is over, that question is asked to Phil headmaster by first year student.

Certainly, I also want to know about that.

The unpopulated island where the summer camp will be held surely more than hundreds kilometer from here.

It would be too far for walk.

And I’m sure there is no airplane or shinkansen in this world.

“Huhu, every year there is such question arises from first year student. The answer is we will go there with transition magic.”
“Transition magic? To carry all of this many students, enormous amount of magical power will be needed…”
“The be specific, it’s transition magic formation.  The unpopulated island which we use this time is managed by academy and the gate connecting the island and this academy is already established. Therefore, magic power which needed for transition is already gathered.”

So that’s how it was.

That thing wasn’t written in the guide book, but when I saw Phil headmaster’s face who succeeded with that mischief, I know she was the culprit.

When I look over, the first year students were showing surprised face, but a lot of second and third year students were giggling.

It seemed this thing also happened every year.

“Is there any other question?… Is seems there is none. Then, since time is precious, let’s go there immediately.”

And then we used transitional magic formation and headed to unpopulated island.

It should be became a fun summer camp but at this time I never thought it would became like that…


“Yosh! Let’s play with all of our heart~~”

Blue sea as far as the eye can see, white sand beach, and bright sunshine.

And— beautiful girls with swimsuit.

Yup, it’s exactly give THE summer feel.

It immediately became free activity right after we arrived at unpopulated island.

By the way, despite being an unpopulated island, there was no feeling of being dangerous, it was well regulated island.

There was a big lodge in the island, it seems we will stay in there.

“Nagi cha~n!! Thanks for waiting!”

Ruina running to me.

Everytime she run her breast were moved fiercely, it was awesome that I follow the movement without thinking.

I wonder if that didn’t hurt…?

“Nagi, thanks for waiting.”
“Elenoa, wait!”
“Uwah~ Ruina-sensei’s breast size is on the other level”
“Huh? What with this killer like air is?”

Student council member came in group.

Everyone wear swimsuit that we bought the other day.

It was my second time to see them with swimsuit but their appearance in swimsuit were not faded but become more glittering.

As I thought it won’t tired me to see beautiful girls wearing swimsuit.

“Eh, Nagi-chan. Why you haven’t change yet?”

As she said, I still in my normal cloth.

Well, only on the surface though.

“Huhuhu, everyone look carefully.”

While said that I take off my clothes at once.

“Kya!! Nagi-chan what are you doing by take off your cloth in this place… eh?”

I wore one piece type white swimsuit.

Yeah, I wore it under my cloth from then.

“Ruina, this is how swimsuit wore in my hometown. With you can change into swimsuit without trouble.”
“Jezz~ don’t fright me! I thought my heart would stop.”
“Ruina should be already accustomed to see my naked body right?”
“This and that are different things. And look, the other person are also looking. It would become terrible thing.”

I see my surrounding as Ruina said — most of the student who play at the beach were collapse with nosebleed.

There were some student who didn’t collapse but crouched and held their nose.

“This may be, my fault?”
“Not may be, but exactly your fault. Nagi-chan should be more conscious that your appearance is greatly influence girls.”

Oh no~ I had done it.



“What the hell are doing to make the situation become like this, Nagi?”
“I just take of my out wear and changed into swimsuit.”

After that I was scolded by Myurei-sensei in almost an hour.

It was unreasonable since what I did is just changing into swimsuit.

“Hah, I think this is enough. You can go and play now. But wear this.”

When she said that, she gave me something like parka.

“Your appearance in swimsuit is too dangerous. I also can’t hold back anymore… not that. Ah, jeez~it’s fine just go quickly! Don’t make problem more than this!”

Myurei-sensei escaped with that words.

Now, should I return to Ruina and the other?


“Yeah~ there!”


“Run! It went there.”
“Yeah leave it to me…”


“Nyaa~ it’s hot… my head is burning~”
“What are you doing Run-senpai… here, <water ball>”
“Fiuh~ I thought I was died… thanks Sari”

Ruina and the others were playing something like volleyball with fireball. The match is Ruina alone vs student council members.

Yeah, I myself didn’t know what I’m talking about.

“Hey, Ruina what are you doing?”
“It’s game but also training called “Fire Rally”. It’s game where we coating the whole body with magical power, and use <Fire Ball> to create fireball. You can use every part of your body to hit the fireball and direct it to your opponent’s field. So, if the ball fall in your own field or hit the water field, it’s your loose.”

I see, the rule itself was similar to volleyball.

But what make it different was the usage of fireball.

“Is there no danger?”
“<Fire Ball> that we used is created with low magical power so it’s fine. Just now Run-chan’s head was burned because she was surprised and her magical power protection wore off. Normally such thing won’t happen so don’t worry.”

Well, if Ruina said so then it’s fine… right?

“Nagi-chan want to play to? It would become training to control magical power though.”
“Bit scary though, I’ll play too.”

Since I have <magical resistance> skill too, then should be fine right?

After that,we kept playing “fire rally” with Ruina vs student council member + me until dark.

We were not even once win against Ruina but unexpectedly it was fun.

Eeh~ I just remembered that we didn’t swim at all…

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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