The Adventure of Miko 14 – Clan Branch manager

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 14
Clan Branch Manager

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

After returned from their lunch, Miko and Aria immediately process needed document for Aria to become Miko’s exclusive receptionist. The document must be finished to appoint exclusive receptionist to explorer.

“Firstly, here, also here, and then please put your name here. Now this is ok. Then, let’s come to branch manager’s room.”

“Eh? I come too? Could you somehow do it with only documents and…”

“That won’t do. If her impression of you isn’t good, furthermore, you just became explorer yesterday, and since it’s special case, we need to talk directly to branch manager, otherwise it won’t be approved.”

Aria said that while pull Miko’s hand and went to clan branch second floor. There were multiple room in the second floor, each of them is large and giving feel that the user is someone great. They came to the front one of that room.

“Excuse me branch manager. This Aria. Sorry to disturb you, but I have something to talk about.”

Without waiting for answer Aria opened the door and entered the room. Miko who pulled by Aria also entered the room.

“What, Aria huh? I always said it right!? At least knock when you entering the room.”

There was a woman in the room. Her black hair is growth to her waist. She had slender figure and look smart. High class furnitures indicated her position.

“Isn’t that fine, Ayano branch manager? Leaving that aside, I have something important to talk about. This time, I think I’ll be this explorer Shitagai Miko-san’s exclusive receptionist. These are the documents.”

“Hn, that Aria huh. Um, was it Shitagai Miko? I’ve never heard your name, how long you have been being explorer…?”

“Umm, just one day. I just become explorer yesterday.”

Ayano was dumbfounded by Miko’s answer.

“Aria, what is this about? Is there any special circumstances?”

“Yes, the truth is her skill is out of the norm. This is measure to prevent the secrets leakage.”

Aria told Ayano about Miko’s skill and status. But after Ayano heard it,

“Hn, is there any problem with that? There are other skills or magic tool similar to that. Is something like that must be hid?”

Ayano indifferently said so. Seeing Ayano like that, Aria could only sigh.

“That’s way you called brain muscle branch manager by your subordinate. You are right, there are some similar things. Item box, inventory or other storage skills and magic tools. But, every one of them couldn’t store living things. Furthermore, it’s just my assumption,  probably, Miko-san’s skill could store, no seal magical things too! If this become publicly known, then aristocrat, or even royalty won’t do nothing. Likely, Miko-san will become someone’s puppet.”

After hearing Aria’s explanation, Ayano started to thinking it seriously. Meanwhile Miko became pale since didn’t thought it would become something big.

“I understand. I’ll approve you as Miko’s exclusive. I’ll also help as far as possible. I can’t let talented person taken by nobles.”

With that, Aria was approved as Miko’s exclusive receptionist.

“Thank you very much, branch manager!”

Relieved, Miko said her thanks with bow.

Like other isekai series, Miko is too over powered. Imagine, she could seal enemy’s attack and return it…

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. Seal and return attacks ? Yeah dat rly sounds overpowered, didnt think about that.
    i wonder what range of skill, does card have to touch it? block sword with card and seal it, perfect shield too! 😀

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