The Adventure of Miko 16 – Slave Purchase 2

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 16
Slave Purchase 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Even though the girl who the man called Yuuna seemed to be little frightened, her appearance sharply cut down Miko’s spirit. Yuuna who dressed with kantoui (simple type of clothing consisting of a large piece of cloth with a hole in the middle for the head​), her beauty was on different level compared to slave woman who waited behind. Her deep crimson hair was about a shoulder long, like her hair, her eyes also crimson colored. She was little short with about 150 cm, but her chest was too big when compared to her age. That gap keep attacked Miko’s spirit.

“Her name is Yuuna, the race is dhampir. Her age is 13 years, she is little bit young but seeing her status, there won’t be problem is you take mission with her. The price is 50 silver coins.”

When the man explain about Yuuna’s selling point, Miko finally calmed down.

“Why she is so cheap?”

What Miko bothered was the amount of money. Since even in her former world’s history, beautiful and elegant female slaves were all expensive.

“Hm, as I thought, rather than around here, the customer is unfamiliar with this country, no, this world’s common sense, right?”

Miko was surprised with what the mad said. She suspected that this man thought that she wasn’t this world resident.

“If, I am an evil merchant, I’m sorry I would take advantage of the customer. The reason that this Yuuna was cheap was because her race. Dhampir, is the former name of vampire. Even though it was rare race and the number keep decreasing since demi-human war, it have race-specific skill. It was more close to curse than skill. It was “Blood Sucking” skill. That skill make she must suck other person’s blood. On the standpoint of slavery, the maintenance cost is inevitable, and since there is no buyer, her price is low,”

When she heard the explanation from the man, Miko felt that was not enough reason for why the price was so low.

“Is that all? Isn’t that feel like weak reason for why the price so cheap?”

The man had blank face when he heard Miko’s strike back.

“Ha, even though you look like lack on common sense, you are sharp. Right. The reason is not only that. But you will know if you look at her status.”

Like what the man said, Miko look at Yuuna’s status with appraisal.


NAME    : Yuuna
LV        : 10
AT        : 45
DF        : 35
MA        : 50
MD        : 55
SP        : 60
HP        : 125/125
MP        : 150/150


Blood Sucking (5/10)
Life Sucking (Max)
Darkness Magic (8/20)


Blood Sucking
The ability to maintain condition of the body by sucking other blood. The frequency is 50 ml a week. Also, aside for maintain condition of the body, this skill could be used to temporary raise the status greatly.

Life Sucking[1]
The ability to suck the opponent energy and use it to sustain the body as food. There is possibility that the opponent will die if there is capacity different.


That was shown.

“Have you see it? Block Sucking skill is a fixed skill of the dhampir race, but Life Sucking is originally fixed skill belong to succubus race. The fact that she have it means…”

“There is possibility that she was half dhampir and half succubus, like that?”

“Yes. also, fundamentally, slave can not kill the master, let alone kill, in the first place, slave is forbidden to injure the master. But this abnormal Life Sucking skill could kill the master. Because of that there is no buyer.”

After heard the explanation, it wasn’t like Miko had worried about it.

(Hn, there is no choice except to buy her right? Rather, for the blood to be sucked by such beautiful girl, what kind of reward is that! In the first place, if it’s about surviving, we also kill animals.)

“I understand. That child, Yuuna, I will buy her.”

Miko told the man.


[1] ↑ It was difficult to name this skill since I couldn’t find any translation for it. The kanji is 吸性 [kyuusei(?)], first kanji means sucking like in blood sucking 吸血 [kyuuketsu] and vampire 吸血鬼 [kyuuketsuki]. The problem is second kanji 性 [sei] can mean nature, sex, or gender like in man 男性 [dansei], woman 女性 [josei] and a lot of sex-related words. Nature sucking seems vague, gender sucking seems not right, sex sucking? What kind of word is that!? And it was mentioned as succubus skill, semen sucking may be fit, but this work is not R-18 you know! mentioning R-18 related things is forbidden! And it is yuri story you know! So I chose safe name, Life Sucking.

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The Adventure of Miko

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