The Adventure of Miko 17 – Slave Purchase 3

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 17
Slave Purchase 3

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Yeah, of course it’s impossible… eh, what are you said just now?”

“I said, that child, Yuuna, I will buy her. It’s fine right?”

The man lose his sanity for a while, but quickly return.

“Are you sure? Even though it was forgotten, and the number of vampires were reduced after the war, but the ones who hate them were not few. There is possibility that your livelihood will be disrupted you know.”

“Is really fine? I’m vampire and succubus you know. If it was leaked out, your livelihood will become sorry you know?”

“I don’t mind. Look at you normally, you just like normal human girl. Beside, I will never blame such cute kid, I will protect her if someone try to take her. She is 50 silver coins right?”

Said that, miko took out silver coins from money card and give it to the man. Like that, the man could only sigh.

“I understand. Let’s start Yuuna’s hand over procedure. Customer, your hand please.”

Miko put out her hand like the man said and Yuuna hand put on top of it.

“Please stay like that for a while.

You, servant who abided to me, from now on, this one is your new master, I order you to support this one with your life… yeah, with this, the contract is finished. Please look at the back of the hand.”

There was pentagram pattern tattooed there.

“That is the mark of slave owner. When magical power poured there and instructions were given, the slave can’t disobey it. Also when poured with magical power, there is magical power line emerged between slave and the owner. Also, when the line of magical power is connected, you can directly communicate just with the mind.”

“I understand. This is the payment. Let’s get along from now on, Yuuna-chan.”

Miko asked handshake to Yuuna and Yuuna accept it.

“Me too, please take care of me, Master.”

She said that win an innocent smile. Miko who saw that started to run rampage but somehow she could hold it. The reason because it was broad daylight and she want to show her good figure in front of the girl. Otherwise, she won’t hold back.

“With this, hand over procedure is finished. I look forward for your purchase from no on.”

“Me too. Although it’s late, my name is Shitagai Miko, kind slave merchant-san”

“There there, sorry for late introduction. I am Karua Scarlet, older brother of your exclusive receptionist, Aria Scarlet. It’s nice to meet you. Also, please somehow make Yuuna happy.”

Said something like that with carefree smile, Miko was able to see Kurua without unpleasant feeling.

Leaving “Slave”, Miko and Yuuna came to shopping district. Since the appearance of Yuuna was too shabby, they want to buy some clothes and underwear.

“Master, originally when slaves buy clothes, it will be second hand one.”

“It’s fine, since I want Yuuna looks cute. Also, I don’t really know common sense around here, so please tell me.”

After said like that, she brought tunic, short pants, and underwear, 5 each of them with 30 silver coins. Finish buying clothes, the came to weapon shop.

“Yuuna, what weapon you good at?”

“I’m dual dagger user. I’m good at combining dagger with darkness magic.”

Entered the shop, they looked at displayed dagger. Miko use her appraisal skill to choose some of them.

“Yuuna-chan, I recommend this two, how about it?”

What MIko chose was,


Red Copper dagger.
Dagger made from gold-copper alloy (red copper). It has flame attribute.
20 silver coins.

Black Silver dagger
Dagger made from stephanite (black silver), it has darkness attribute.
70 silver coins.


“No, no, master? Aren’t they too good for weapon used by slave?”

“Is that so? Well, since we will fight together from now on, we must buy something good. Also I don’t want Yuuna to get hurt. Is that no good?”

“~~~~, I understand. I’ll accept your offer.”

Whether she can’t endure Miko’s mental attack or what, Yuuna received the weapons with reddened face.

“You two, if you want to buy it then pay the price. It would be troublesome if you guys started to flirting in the shop.”

The face of the two reddened by the words of shopkeeper who unable to just watch. After purchased the red copper dagger, black silver dagger and leather sheaths, they left the shop.

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The Adventure of Miko

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