The Adventure of Miko 18 – Slave Equipment

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 18.
Slave Equipment

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Leaving weapon shop, Miko and Yuuna came to armor shop, of course to buy armor for Yuuna.

“Yuuna-chan, which one do you like? Metal or leather?”

Miko asked when she looked at lined metal armor in the shelf. Meanwhile Yuuna looked at leather armor shelf.

“Yeah, for me, I prefer leather armor. Since I use dual dagger and darkness magic, it would be hard to move if I use metal armor. That’s why light armor is eh-, as I said before, Master, originally you don’t need to worry about armor for slave, just cheap second hand things were enough you know?”

Yuuna lose interest in the middle of what she said.

“You don’t need to worry about something like that. Since Yuuna will accept mission and climb the tower with me. It would be terrible if you still like that. That’s why just think this is like prior investment.”

“Ha, what a strange master. But, to be able to shopping like this is my dream. I’m happy that I was bought by master.”

Said that, Yuuna chose armor set created from wolf leather. Wolf is monster that could be found at surrounding of a town, the wolves which appeared around Latia town are forest wolf and grey wolf. The material is used as light and strong armor used by novice explorer.

“This is fine, then I’ll pay it, so please change you clothes.”

After brought Yuuna to the dressing room, Miko bought full set of wolf leather armor. The price is 50 silver coins. After waiting for a while, Yuuna came out from dressing room wearing armor. The appearance of Yuuna was, wearing grey wolf jacket on top of tunic which we bought earlier, the front of jacket was left opened. There were Gauntlets from wrist to the elbow, above knee leather skirt, and over the knee boots. Finally, the red copper and black silver dagger which Miko bought earlier were hanged in right and left side of the waist.

“Ooh, it’s suit you Yuuna-chan. Try to get ready with your dagger.”

Yuuna pulled out her daggers with reserve grip and showed pose. That appearance should gave feeling like a solitude female assassin. But the appearance of Yuuna was like a small girl doing cosplay.

“Yuuna-chan so cute. Yeah, painfully cute. How is it? Can you move easily?”

“Yes, with this, at least I won’t lose to lower class monster. Master, thank you very much.”

The sum of Yuuna armor was 45 silver coins.

“Now, what should we do? It’s too early to come back to inn. Should we ate something somewhere?”

“So, let’s go to Clan, I want to register as explorer too. That would be easier for me to support master. Is that no good?”

“Hn… that’s fine if there is no rule that prohibited slave to be explorer. Or rather, is there any rule that prohibited anyone except explorer to enter the tower?”

“No, there isn’t, but the tower and the hierarchy that the explorer reached will be shown on the Clan license. We can move to each of hierarchy with transition stone, but without Clan license, the transition stone won’t react. That’s why, if master bring me to challenge the tower, it would be more efficient if I also have Clan license.”

Miko thought for awhile after heard Yuuna’s explanation.

“I see. The, should we go to Clan? I think it would be fast since I just got Aria-san as my exclusive receptionist today.”

“You have exclusive receptionist!? Is master actually high ranking explorer?”

“Hn? No, I just registered yesterday.”

Yuuna reacted to Miko’s answer with agape.

“What’s wrong? Yuuna-chan?”

“Ah, no. usually, the one who have exclusive receptionist is high ranking explorer only. I was surprised a little. Master is sort of weird.”

“Hei~ you can’t say your master is weird you know~”

Miko who was felt little bit hurt being called weird by Yuuna, pich Yuuna cheek and stretch it until Yuuna had teary eyes.

“I aa sowwy, lease owgie ee.” (I am sorry, please forgive me.)

Yuuna cheeks were pulled by MIko for a while.

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The Adventure of Miko

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