The Adventure of Miko 22 – First Mission with Yuuna

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 22
First Mission with Yuuna

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The next morning, Miko woke up while hugging Yuuna.
“Fufu, if just like this, you are just beautiful girl.”
Miko kept watching Yuuna’s cute sleeping face until Yuuna woke up. After doing that for a while, Miko’s eyes meet with Yuuna’s who just woke up.
“Oh my, good morning Yuuna-chan. Did you sleep well?”
“Good mowning, eh, could it be?”
“Un! Yuuna-chan sleeping face was so cute.”
Yuuna buried her reddened face into the futon. Miko just smiled seeing Yuuna like that.

“Now, starting today I must take mission. Since it’s my first time, I’m looking for it.”
“Eh? Master you never take any mission? Even so you have a lot of money huh?”
“Ah, well, but, if we don’t always work the money will gone right? So we have work firmly and earn money in order to live together from now on.”
Miko took out change of underwear from the card, she changed it and wear hard leather series on top of it. Yuuna also changed into wolf leather series also wear red copper and black silver dagger on her waist.
“Are you done? Then let’s go.”
Got out from the inn, they bought breakfast from stall along the way and eat it. Each of them bought one of meat sandwich and apple like fruits.
“Is it fine for breakfast? Is it enough?”
“Yes, it’s very delicious. Thank you very much, master.”
The two of them headed to clan branch after ate sandwich and fruit they bought. Because it was early morning, there were a lot of clan members, taking that chance, Aria came closer.
“Good morning Miko-san, Yuuna-san.”
“Good morning Aria-san. I come to take mission today. Since it’s my first time, is there any recommendation?”
“I understand. That equipment, may be you thought about subjugation right? Then, how about this one?”
F Rank Goblin subjugation mission
Subjugate 10 goblins
Recently large number of goblin appeared in vicinity of Latia town. Please subjugate them and ensure the safety of the vicinity.
Reward 100 Luks

What Aria presented is goblin subjugation mission tag.
“Goblin huh? The ones that I took out yesterday were invalid right?”
“That’s right. What kind of mission is taken will be recorded in Clan license. After that, Clan license will record the monster which defeated by owner, that will be used as evidence to decide the result of the mission. How about it?”
“I understand. We will take that mission. Yuuna-chan is also fine isn’t it?”
“No problem. If it just goblin there will be no problem. I also want to try equipment that we bought yesterday.”
“Since Yuuna-chan said that, I’m taking that mission. Aria-san, the corpse of the defeated goblin, will they be bought as different matter from the subjugation?”
“Yes, it’s like that. With Miko-san skill, I think you can expect sufficient secondary income. Then, let’s start mission acceptance procedure, so hand over your Clan license.”
Miko and Yuuna gave their Clan license. Then Aria poured magical power to the Clan licenses and mission for 30 seconds.
“Yeah, finished. Well then please be careful. Even though it was just goblin, but recently their number is increased, it would be dangerous if several of the come together.”
“I understand, we will be careful.”
After received her Clan license, Miko left the Clan branch. Yuuna also following her. The two of them headed to Latia town town’s gate. When gave Clan license to gatekeeper, the content of received mission could be seen.
“Explorer with received mission huh. Yes, Clan license and the mission confirmed. Please be careful.”
“Yosh, yuna-chan. Let’s go for our first mission!”
“Yes, I will do my best, master!”
The two of them left the Latia town’s gate and headed to their first mission.

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The Adventure of Miko

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