The Adventure of Miko 23 – Latianus Meadow

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 23
Latianus Meadow

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them left the town and came to 「Lanianus Meadow」 which spreaded at eastern side of the town. In here there were goblin specified by the mission, herbivore docile cow-like 「Frenzy Cow」 or 「Black Boar」 which they aate yesterday also live here. Again, medical plant which use as potion material also can be picked here.

“Waaah~ the wind feel nice~”

“You’re right. If there is no monster in here, I can picnic with master though…”

Miko only smiling when she saw Yuuna depressed a little bit.

“Well now, let’s look for monsters, oh, that thing over there, aren’t that them?”

On the direction where Miko pointed at, there were 3 goblins gathered.

“Yes, if only that number, there won’t be any problem even if I’m alone. Please let me do it, master.”

Yuuna prepared her two daggers but Miko stopped her.

“Wait. I’ll go too. First, I will defeat two of them, then Yuuna will defeat another one.”

“Why is that? If just number then…”

“Is not like there is big reason behind it. I just want to see how much Yuuna can moves. Because for me, this is my first time fight along Yuuna, so I want to know.”

“So it’s like that. I’m sorry. I’m imposing too much.”

“Don’t mind it. Let’s go!!”

Miko set up her iron sword and approached the flock of goblins. The goblins realized Miko when the distance is about 5 m, they started to jump while raising fist. But Miko dodge them and cut two goblins.

“Yuuna-chan, here, can you defeat the remaining one?”

“Leave it to me, I’m coming!!”

Yuuna attacked the goblin with two daggers. She hit the goblin with red coppen dagger and pierce its neck with black silver dagger. The goblin fell in front of her while spurting blood and no longer moving.

“Oooo~ Yuuna-chan amazing. One hit kill. What an amazing skill.”

“No, I can’t bring my true strength with only this. The dagger which I got from master also have good sharpness, it could be use to fight with stronger monster.”

“Well, since there in no need to work too hard, let’s do little by little by for now. I also just came to this place, so I want to get used first.”

After that, the two of them kept hunted some goblins. But since any goblins were weak, they’ll die just with one hit. Miko sealed every goblin they defeated into 3 golden card.

“There is only goblin huh? I also bored with this.”

“You’re right. In this meadow there should be some other monsters or animals. Certainly it’s bit weird.”

They were walked through the meadow while defeating goblin. After some time hunting goblin they finally defeated 30 of them. There, the saw crude hut in the middle of meadow. And in its surrounding, there were about 20 goblins.

“What is that? Goblin settlement?”

“No, that’s goblin stampede. Perhaps, the flock that we defeated, are they scouts of that stampede?”

“What is stampede?”

When Yuuna heard that question,

“When a commander class of certain monster appeared, it will gather monster of same kind in large scale. When they reach certain scale, they will attack nearby village or town. That stampede is. That group may be commanded by hobgoblin, a superior goblin.”

“Is that so, then it would be bad if we ignore them right?”

“Yeah. what should we do?”

Miko thinking a bit.

“It would be nice if I can see hobgoblin’s status.”

Miko and Yuuna just wait and see in order to not to be found by the goblins.

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The Adventure of Miko

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