The Adventure of Miko 27 – Stampede Report

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 27
Stampede Report

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

When the sun already inclined, Miko and Yuuna, the two of them returned to the town. Since there was no monster appeared on their way home, they could arrived at the town relatively fast.

“There was no monster on the way home huh?”

“I think it’s because of stampede. Since there were 20 hobgoblins, they were threat for other monsters in this meadow.”

“So it was like that huh. If they were threatened just by that hobgoblins then they weren’t threat for us.”

When they arrived at gate and showed their clan license to enter the town, they were doubted by gatekeeper because they didn’t bring any luggage. But when they answered that they had secrets, they could smoothly entered the town and then headed to clan branch. Since there were not many people when they arrived at branch, they could easily talk to Aria.

“Welcome back you two. How is it, mission?”

“Well, we somehow could accomplish the mission, but there was some trouble… please clear out the people in dismantling place. After that if could I want to Ayano branch manager to come.”

“I understand. I’ll prepare it immediately. Please come to dismantling place ahead.”

As Aria said, Miko and Yuuna headed to dismantling place. When they arrived there, there was already no one.

“But, master? Why you report it in this way? Isn’t it good to magnificently show it?”

“Hn~ well, that would be great. But I don’t really want to stand out. I don’t want to admitted but, when I stand out, there may be danger to Yuuna.”

“…I’m sorry, because I am dhampir race….”

“Ah, it’s not something like that. If I became famous, some one may try to kidnap Yuuna and threat me or something like that, well something like that is usual thing in creative works at my former place. That’s why I don’t want to stand out as much as possible and enjoy quiet life with Yuuna-chan.”

“Annihilated goblin stampede with almost by yourself, that’s far from quiet…”

“Don’t say unnecessary things.”

Heard Yuuna’s word, Miko pull her cheek lightly. However, Miko had gentle expression when did that. And Yuuna didn’t hate it, she gave a smile

“Thank you for waiting, huh, what with this radiant situation? Miko san? It was hard for me to bring branch manager, but you are flirting with Yuuna?”

Aria questioned them with a little anger. Behind her there was Ayano branch manager with bump on her head and teary eyes.

“Well~ my bad. Because Yuuna-chan is so cute~.”

“Hah, well, it’s fine. So, why did you bother to bring us here? Perhaps, is there something happened in this mission?”

The one who answer Aria’s question was Yuuna.

“That’s right. When we take goblin subjugation and went to Latianus meadow, we encounter goblin stampede in that meadow.”

“What? Goblin stampede? Where! We must immediately prepare high ranking explorer and knight!”

Miko stopped Ayano who returned her serious face and immediately moved.

“Please calm down, branch manager. We already annihilate that stampede.”

Heard such thing Ayano and Aria have black face with mouth opened for a while.


And astonished together.

“Well, of course it will be like that. Master, if you don’t explain it well, isn’t their jaw will likely to come off?”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I don’t think it would be this surprising.”

The two in question were laughing like it was nothing.

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The Adventure of Miko

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