The Adventure of Miko 28 – Mission reward

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 28
Mission Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya

“Wha-wha-wha-wha-what do you mean!? Please explain!!”

“Yeah! I don’t want to hear lies!”

Aria and Ayano were very flustered.

“Look, aren’t they troubled when you didn’t explain it properly? I’ll explain it. First, we were headed to Latianus meadow. At first we were just hunted goblin, but when we got around 30 goblins….”

“Wait, the mission you take is for 10 goblins right!?”

“Well, when we kept walking in the meadow like that,we confirmed that there is goblin flock leaded by hobgoblin which have skill.”

“Eh? Hah? Have skill!?”

“I tried to charge into them to disturb the stampede, but I was hit by pulsewave skill and fainted.”

“Because of that, I was enraged and annihilate the stampede.”


“After that…”

“Stop, stop, wait a moment. Miko-san? What are you saying? Are you saying you annihilate the stampede?”

In the end, Aria interrupted the explanation.

“Since I was angry because Yuuna-chan hurt, I was bit in rage.”

“Even though you are angry, stampede is not light enough to be defeated. Miko, let me see your clan license. If it was true, then there will be record of it.”

Miko and Yuuna gave their clan license to Ayano for mission confirmation.

“Certainly, stampede class goblins were subjugated. It seems what you said is true. Try to look at this, Aria.”

“Certainly, 110 goblins and 20 hobgoblins are not usual number to hunt. Miko-san went to meadow this morning right?”

They finally believe what Miko said after saw the number of goblin which Miko and Yuuna defeated. After that Ayanno gave back Miko and Yuuna’s clan license.

“First, thank you for saving this town from crisis and return back safely. Thank to you two, this town is protected.”

“Ah no, it just coincidence.”

“…coincident huh, even though it was stampede annihilation…”

Aria was amazed.

“Well master is not only lack of common sense but also out of norm.”

Beside the person herself who smiling like there was nothing, Yuuna let out a sigh.

“Well, about the rewards. First, this mission will be treated as completion of goblin subjugation 11 times, so the reward will be 1100 luks. Also, goblin stampede annihilation will be 100.000 luks. The rest is monster purchasement but, how about it?”

“Ah~ but we already took out magic stone. Is that fine?”

“Ah, beside magic stone, there were some value on the body itself. Goblin meat could be sold to the restaurant, nail could be used as material for weapon and armor, how about it?”

“Then we will sell it.”

“Then, one body of goblin is 5 luks, and hobgoblin is 100 luks, with total 2550 luks. You can get the money at receptionist.”

When miko tried to take card from her pocket at waist, Aria stopped her.

“Aria, you return to receptionist and prepare the money. Miko and Yuuna stay here for a while.”

Giving acknowledge, Aria went out from the room. Seeing that, Ayano started to talk to Miko and Yuuna.

“Miko, Yuuna, you two, won’t yo rank up?”


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The Adventure of Miko

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