The Adventure of Miko 29 – Receiving Reward

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 29
Receiving Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Miko and Yuuna were in agape when they heard Ayano’s word.

“…master, I want to confirm it but, you registered with clan the day before yesterday right?”

“Yeah, right. And Yuuna registered in the next day. Can we really rank up in such fast time?”

“Normally you can’t. However, brought 8 defeated goblins when registered at clan, out of norm status and skills, become master of dhampir, and annihilated stampede in next day. I think there are more than enough qualification for rank up.”

Miko and Yuuna were a bit surprised with Ayano’s daring smile.

“…Why you know Yuuna is dhampir?”

“Fufu, do you think I didn’t realize it? Even though like this, I’m branch manager you know. At least I know about race characteristics. Just keep it in your mind, I didn’t get that info from Aria. Don’t worry, as long as you guys didn’t do any crime, I won’t report you to the church.”

“I understand, about rank up, we will gladly accept it.”

“Alright, then, you two will rank up from H rank to F rank. I will give instruction to Aria. So give your clan license to Aria today. The update should be finished by tomorrow. Now, since the employees will come in any minutes, take out the goblin corpses.”

Miko released goblin and hobgoblin corpse in dismantling room like Ayano said. The goblins corpses were packed around the three like mountain.

“As I imagined, it was great  number. It would take couple days to process it. Should I bring free employees here? I’m sorry but, you two, go to receptionist.”

Miko and Yuuna went to receptionist as told.

“…this is what two of them did? Despite both of them are new comer and with level in one digit class. It will be terrifying from now on.”

Ayano’s murmur was erased by the sound of employees.


“Ah, finally come. I’ve been waiting. The reward is ready. Come here.”

Aria brought them to one of receptionist counter. Aria sat on the opposite of them, and there were reward money and documents for rank up already prepared.

“I already heard from branch manager. Congratulation for your rankup to F rank. First, please sign this document. And please give me your clan license.”

After they confirmed the document that Aria gave, they signed it and give their clan license to Aria.

“With this, rank up process id finished. Next, let’s process to reward transfer. Since we already talk about it before, so I will omit it. The total amount is 103.650 luks, please confirm it.”

What Aria gave to Yuuna and Miko was a piled of 10 gold coins. 36 silver coins, and 50 copper coins.

“Uwaah~ master it was my first time to see such many gold coins.”

“Ah, right, Yuuna-chan is 50 silver coins right. It’s already returned.”

“Master is cruel~”

“Yeah yeah, please don’t start flirting here. Well then, I think the update on clan license will be finished tomorrow, so will come again tomorrow?”

“I understand, so we will come again tomorrow. Also, Aria-san, when your work finished today?”

“? it will be finished after this exchange is finished, what about it?”

“Then how about having dinner after this? I want to thank and have something to talk.”

“It’s fine. The, I’ll meet you at “The Peace of The Wind” after this.”

Aria watched Miko and Yuuna left clan branch.

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The Adventure of Miko

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