The Adventure of Miko 30 – How to Use Reward

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 30
How to Use Reward

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

The two of them walked toward inn after leaving clan branch.

“But it was really unexpected income huh. Ten thousand luks huh? My pocket is swollen, what should I do?”

“Master, please stop your impulse purchase. Explorer income is unstable. If you let your guard for once, you will immediately become debt slave you know.”

Miko who floated in joy was warned by Yuuna. She gave understanding while murmur in sulk.

“Well, it’s not like I didn’t understand why master so happy. However, because of today’s mission I understand, with our power, only goblin is not enough. Also even though we get income, for normal goblin hunting, even several times, won’t be enough to pay lodging expense for a day..”

“Yeah, that’s right. They’re dead with single attack. Certainly that was safe hunting, but income huh. Should we buy a house?”

“No, master, that’s what impulse purchase is.”

“Well, that was joke. Because my goal is to capture the towers. So I can’t stay in one place.”

When Yuuna saw Miko answering while looked at the sky,

“Is there any secret?”

“It’s not like it was secret. I’m not this world’s person. I was died in a certain world and come to this world. That time, the Goddess talk to me that if the towers were left alone, it would be dangerous to the surrounding. That’s why if towers were captured there may be some way to make it safe. I’m searching for that.”

Yuuna who heard Miko’s talking like it was nothing.

“However, even though you said to capture tower, there were a lot of them in this world. Furthermore, we didn’t know whether the towers will stop operated after captured for once or not.”

“Yeah, I understand nothing. That’s why I will challenge it. That’s many times better that do nothing. With such thing as my goal, will you go with me?”

“Of course!! But, as I thought, we still need more battle power. Master is melee type, so do I. I understand master’s strength, but I feel there was situation where we can’t support each other. As expected, additional battle power is inevitable.”

Yuna regretted that she was defeated when they fight goblin stampede this time. At the same time, the feeling of happy because her master was angry for her was mixed together. There was thought of she must protect her master in the future.

“That’s right. It can’t be said that only our equipments are need to be improved, but the number of people also too small. Tomorrow, let’s go to slave shop. We have to increase the number of people first. Of course we have to Increase our level too. There were a lot of things that should we do huh?”

“Don’t worry. I will support with all of my power.”

Miko could only smiling when she saw Yuuna appealed with both of her fists in front of her chest.

(It may be a mistake to bring girl who idolize me this much to dangerous place. But as the Goddess said, if the towers were left alone, the monster will overflow. That’s dangerous. If so, then this world itself will be dangerous. I have to stop it.)

Once again, Miko firmly told herself what she must and mustn’t do.

Because Miko talked with Yuuna while walking, they didn’t realized that they already passed their inn, and that was 20 minutes ago. When they returned, there was Aria in front of the peace of the wind with angry expression.

“How come? You two are left first but arrived late?”

““We-we are really sorry!!””

The two of them deeply lowered their head to bad-mood Aria.

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The Adventure of Miko

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