The Adventure of Miko 31 – Eating with Yuuna and Aria

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 31
Eating with Yuuna and Aria

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“You two, jeez, how can you missed your own inn?”

“We are sorry. But you’re fast Aria-san.”

To Aria who looked at her with scornful eyes, Miko apologize and tried to make conversation. With that, Aria could only sigh once.

“I just normally left clan building. So, where we should eat?”

“Ah, then, there is restaurant beside inn which is cheap. But alcohol’s smell is strong.”

Miko took Yuuna and Aria to restaurant beside inn. When they opened the door, strong smell of alcohol attacked them and force them to make grimace face.

“Hah~ everytime, it was amazing alcohol smell. I could get drunk just with this.”

The three of them took seat near window which had light alcohol smell and started to look at menu.

“As usual I’ll take black boar steak and salad but, how about you Yuuna-chan?”

“I’m fine with the same thing as master.”

“Heeh, not only on the mouth, but you really treated equally huh. Yuuna-san have a nice master.”

With Aria’s words, Yuuna happily answered yes while blushing.

“Errr~, what is your order?”

Looked at the side, there was waitress came to take their orders.

“Umm, black boar steak and salad set 2 and, Aria-san how about you?”

“I also the same.”

“I understand, black boar steak and salad set, 3 right?”

Received the order, the waitress returned to kitchen.

“Well now, what you want to talking about?”

Since Aria directly ask the main question, Miko started to explain.

“Well, this time we were successfully annihilated stampede. However, somehow there wasn’t any resistance, and felt unsatisfying.”

“That’s some outrageous thing to be said. To be unsatisfied with stampede as opponent is…”

Aria’s face changed from surprised to getting tired.

“Yeah, this time even though it’s look like our life is fine since there is a lot of reward, but we can’t continue our life just by normal goblin purchasement and mission completion bonus. Furthermore, our goal is to capture the towers. We must increase our comrade, and improving our equipment. If we stay like this, we can’t get closer to our goal. Do you have any good idea?”

After heard Miko’s explanation, Aria gave small thought.

“Hn~, if it’s not tower but child tower, there is one near this town. If i’m not wrong, the highest layer is about 20 layers. You two were rank up to F rank this time, and the difficulty level of this child tower until 5th layer is G rank. I think you could enter it. Also, if I calculate, I think you can get 500 luks a day from the tower. I think that amount of money is enough to make living.”

“Master, if it’s G rank then we right now may be to capture it I thought. Furthermore, if take mission and entered the tower, then we could also rank up. Also there is monster called layer master in each of layer. Material from that monster is better than from ordinary monster. I think the material could be used as weapon and armor material. Won’t we go?”

Miko make small thought after heard explanation from Yuuna and Aria.

“Certainly, in order to continue our livelihood, I think that’s good. For that, I think I’ll buy new slave tomorrow. But if I do that, then their rank will be H rank, can they enter the tower?”

“Thank you for waiting~, here your steak and salad set. Please enjoy it.”

The conversation was cut since the waitress brought the food that they ordered. However, right after that, Aria answered Miko with mouth full of steak.

“That’s fine. If there one person in the party who have level higher than layer’s difficulty level, they can enter that layer.”

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The Adventure of Miko

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