The Adventure of Miko 32 – Yuuna and Bath 1

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 32
Yuuna and Bath 1

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

“Is that so? Then there’s no problem.”

Miko’s expression brightened when she heard what aria said.

“However, depending on the slave, they might be become burden when you bring them along. It would be fine if it other explorer instead of using slave, but you won’t do that right? That’s why, please be careful. If it Miko-san alone, then you could get over any situation, but with slave there, there would be situation where you could do nothing. You will lose everything when you die.”

“Yeah, I understand. Aria-san. I’m planning to safely capture the towers.”

Miko cut off the conversation and started to eat her steak. Aria and Yuuna who saw such appearance loosen their cheek and began to eat their own steak.

“Haa~ it was a feast. It’s nice to eat some heavy thing once in a while.”

“No, no, thank you for listening my talk. Then see you tomorrow. After buy slave, I’ll come to you. Good night.”

“Yeah, good night. I’ll waiting tomorrow.”

After seeing Aria off, Miko and Yuuna entered the inn. There was Sokra sit down at counter.

“Ah, welcome back, Miko-san, Yuuna-san.”

“Thank you, sokra-san.”

“Thank you.”

“Oh right, Sokra-san. Is there any bath around this area? As expected, for not having bath in 3 days for woman is somehow….”

“If it bath then you can have it in this inn. It’s in basement. Ah, since the bath have extra cost, please pay it here.”

“The, we will put our luggage first. Yuuna-chan, let’s back to our room.”

The two of them went to their room and after take some clothes, they returned to the counter.

“So, Sokra-san, the bath, how much is it?”

“The bath in this inn is private bath, one room is 100 luks.”

After giving 1 piece of silver coin Miko received 2 sheet of towels.

“Then please use room number 23.”

As they went down the stairs, there were rooms built like modern modular bath lined up side by side. After found room number 23, they entered. It was deeper than when looked from outside. The dressing room and the bathtub also separated.

“It’s quite large.”

“Err… master? Is it really fine for me to join?”

“Of course. Since I will wash every corner of Yuuna’s body~”

“Master, your face is scary.”

The two of them took of their clothes and headed to bathtub. There were bathtub with no hot water and some soap. It was spacious with size of 3 tatamis.

“Waa~, master, it’s bath. The real one~”

“Yuuna-chan is too hype. I’ll fill bathtub with hot water, so wait for a moment.”

After calming Yuuna, Miko began to fill the bathtub with hot water. Even in this world, something like faucet is widely spreaded. When the hot water fill about 8 part of the bathtub, Miko called Yuuna over.

“Yuuna-chan, sit here and close your eyes.”

When Yuuna sat down, Miko scooped hot water from bathtub with wash basin and pour it down to Yuuna’s head.

“Hyaa… master!?”

“Yeah yeah, please don’t move. It will sting if you open your eyes.”

Miko took soap and washed Yuuna’s hair. Maybe because it wasn’t washed recently, Yuuna’s hair were a bit stiff. Miko washed that hair carefully. Meanwhile, Yuuna obediently keep her eyes shut as she told to. When Miko finished washing Yuuna’s hair, she took hot water again to rinse the soap. With that, Yuuna’s hair regain its shine.

“Yeah, it’s OK with this. Next I will wash your body.”

On Miko’s face, small grin was floated.

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The Adventure of Miko

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  1. We already saw the vampire part of Yuuna’s composition so I wonder when the other half will play a part. Hopefully Aria’s brother can dig up someone from the slave ranks that will fit in to these antics.

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