The Adventure of Miko 33 – Yuuna and Bath 2

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 33
Yuuna and Bath 2

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

While grinning, Miko take some soap in her hand, and take Yuuna’s hand.

“Ma-master? It’s fine, I will wash my own body. And so, why don’t you use towel?”

“You better use the towel after damp it at the end. If you use it to wash your body as is, it would hurt your skin. It’s not like towel in this place is bad, but women’s skin is delicate.”

Said that Miko started to wash Yuuna’s body with her hand, and Yuuna let Miko did as she like.

“Master, ah, it’s ticklish there…”

Miko’s hand wash every corner of Yuuna’s body, from neck, back, chest, and Yuuna’s stomach were carefully washed.

(Uwaaah~ Yuuna’s skin is extremely beautiful, also her tickled appearance when she was washed, I want look at it forever~)

The head of Miko who washing Yuuna is filled with accumulated desire. And then, after finished washing Yuuna’s upper body, Miko’s hand started move to Yuuna’s lower body.

“Master, that part, I’ll wash it myself.”

Ignoring Yuuna’s word, miko keep moving her hand to Yuuna’s lower body. But her hand was brushed off when made contact with Yuuna’s abdomen.

“Hn? Yuuna-chan?”

“What a bad master. It seems you need to be punished.”

Yuuna gave daring smile as if she was changed into another person.

“Err… Yuuna-chan what’s wrong?”

While Miko was surprised by Yuuna’s change, yuuna took some soap and started to wash Miko.

“Wai, Yuuna-chan, that place, you can’t!”

Without listening what Miko said, Yuuna started to violate Miko’s body.

And so, after 20 minutes what left was the appearances of Miko who lied down with heavy breath, and Yuuna who looked like satisfied.

“Yuuna-chan is too aggressive~”

“Master, you shouldn’t do that. Because there is succubus blood in me, when I got sexual arousal, my switch will flip.”

Mikio weakly stood and submerge herself in the bathtub.

“Hah~ well, Yuuna chan is good either way.”

“Hn~, what are you saying master!? Normally, you will really be punished when you do such thing.”

“Well, that’s fine since it feels good. Leaving that aside, why you don’t get in the bathtub?It’s fine you can get on my lap.”

“But, to get on master lap is…”

“Even though it was for blood sucking, who was ride on me yesterday?”

Yuuna couldn’t reply Miko’s retort and as if she gave up, she entered bathtub and sit on Miko’s lap.

“I’ll say it multiple times, I won’t angry just by something like this, and I won’t throw you away. Just think of me as your older sister. If like that then it’s easier to depend on me right?”

When Miko kindly hug Yuuna’s body from behind, the sensation soften Yuuna’s expression.

“I understand, thank you, master.”

The two of them stayed in bathtub for a while and feel each other’s sensation.


~ After 30 minutes ~

“Ah~ it’s indeed make dizzy~. Are you fine, Yuuna-chan?”

“Somehow, it seems I could walk until the room.”

The two of them felt dizzy and their face was boiling red. Wiped their body, wore their clothes, and headed to the room. On the way to the room they returned the towels.

“Ah~ today is so tired~. Tomorrow should I go shopping a little while go to slave store?”


“Ah, yeah, it’s purchasing goods. If we have new kids, then we need a lot of things right? Also we couldn’t buy my seal card.”

“You right, I’m looking forward for it. By the way, master, today I have some request, but…”

“Hnn? What is it? Do you want to suck blood again?”

“No, bloodsucking is fine for now, but I want to sleep together with master tonight.”

“What? Such thing huh? At the first place, there is only one bed, it’s impossible to sleep separately right?”

“Right, master is such person right…”

Yuuna got tired and gave a sighed. It seemed she didn’t get used to Miko’s behavior yet.

“? well, let’s sleep. Come on, come here.”

After calling Yuuna to the bed and kindly hug her, Miko fell asleep. And Yuuna followed her immediately.

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The Adventure of Miko

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