The Adventure of Miko 34 – Visiting Slave Dealer

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 34
Visiting Slave Dealer

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

Next morning Miko woke up before Yuuna and watching Yuuna’s sleeping face again.

(I wonder if she still unable to cope with me. Her habit to treat herself as my thing didn’t fully disappear yet. Well, something like that will be solved by the time, I have no choice except for waiting.)

After a while, Yuuna also woke up, when their preparation finished, they went to inn counter. Today, Miko need to extend her stay.

“Sokra-san, I want to extend my stay but…”

“Yeah, good morning you two.”

“Morning. And so, is there any double or triple room available?”

Miko tried to confirm room availability.

“I’m sorry, there is no empty room with that size. But if quintuple room, there will be available today.”

“Like that huh, I see. I’ll think about it when we come back.”

After said that, Miko and Yuuna took their luggage and left the inn. Even though it said luggage, everything already sealed in to Miko’s card so nothing much. Today as well the two of them brought proper sandwich from the usual stand and eat it. And then arrived at slave dealer [Slave] behind clan branch building.

“Excuse me, is Karua-san there?”

Miko loudly call Karua from entrance. After a while Karua hurried came out with bed hair.

“Good morning Miko-san, Yuuna, how is she?”

“Good morning, Yuuna is doing her best. Since I thought about buying new slave, I came today.”

After bring two of them to reception room, Karua temporarily left the room.

“Why is Karua-san left the room?”

“Well, I guess to fix his hair bed.”

After two of them wait for a while, Karua returned. The hair bed already gone from his head.

“Thank you for waiting. So, I know you want to buy new slave, but what kind of slaves you want to buy?”

“Right, first is magic, I’m searching for one who can do long distance magic attack type and can use restoration magic type. Female for both of them, is there any of them in this store?”

With Miko’s requirement, karua gave small thought.

“Probably, have slave who fit with what you searching for. Both of them. Is it fine if I bring two of them here?”

“Yes, please.”

Karua left the room with bow.

“What kind of girls who will come? It would be nice if they are cute like Yuuna.”

“Jeez, master, don’t tease me please. Besides, this [Slave] is also concerned about appearance. Because of its dignity, there is no unsightly thing. At least when I was here.”

“Even if you said that, that just two days ago right? I mean, Yuuna-chan did you ever meet with girls who match with my requirement?”

“I’m sorry, because I’m dhampir, I was isolated to prevent me accidentally attack the other slaves because of bloodsucking urge. I don’t really know details of the other slaves.”

Yuuna felt down and shrugged her shoulder. Perhaps she was shocked because she can’t answer Miko’s question. Seeing Yuuna in such state, Miko couldn’t help herself to go rampage.

“Aah~ jeez, Yuuna-chan is really cute so it’s fine. You are the second person to make like this.”

“Second person? Who is the first person?”

The highlight on Yuuna’s eyes disappeared.

“Err…. Yuuna-chan? Your face is scary though… the first one is the goddess who sent me to this world. I did it twice and annoyed her.”

“Is that so. Is it only me in this world?”

“Ah~ that’s right, may be Yuuna-chan, jealous?”

“Su su su such thing is impossible!! For a slave jealous of their master, that’s inexcusable.”

Yuuna said that while facing the other way. When Miko watched Yuuna with warm eyes, Karua returned with two slaves.

“Thank you for waiting. These are slaves which I want to show to Miko-sama.”

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The Adventure of Miko

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