The Adventure of Miko 35 – Two Slaves

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 35
Two Slaves

Translated by Yuriko Aya []

What Karua brought were two girls.

“First, this one is capable to do long distance attack, white wolf race, Alisa.”

Alisa who was introduced by Karua was a beautiful girl no matter how she was seen. On her head, white hair that could be mistaken as silver hair and sharp pointed wolf ears. Her slanted eyes with aqua colored pupil gave strong-willed feel. From lower back of her slender body, elegant tail grew.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Alisa of white wolf race. My strong point is long distance attack. Weapon is long bow, I also could use dagger technique for self defense. The last, I could do some cooking a bit. Thank you.”

When Alisa bowing, her wolf ears were twitching and her tail swaying. Miko couldn’t clearly heard what Alisa said since she doing her best to hold down her desire.

“Alisa, even among white wolf race, her beauty is special. Because of that, she was envied by her family and sold here. After Miko-san purchase Yuuna the day before yesterday, I thought I would introduce her when you visit this store this time. And then, this one is half elf, Shulyn.”

What he introduced was a girl who just looked like normal human but had sharp pointed ears. She was beautiful girl with different type from Alisa. Deep dark green long hair, gentle dropping eyes with red pupil, boing kyuun boing body and slender pair of legs.

“Nice to meet you~. Half elf Shulyn desu. I could use restoration magic a bit of attack magic. I also could use staff technique more or less. The last, it seems I also have aptitude to use spirit magic and could so housework to a certain extent. Thank you.”

When Shulyn bowed, her breast also shaked. Miko desperately turned her face away to hid her nosebleed.

“She is half elf brought from elf village, however, because she is half elf, there is feeling of avoidance and she remain unsold. Since I thought you will have interest in her, I didn’t introduce her to other customer.”

“Yeah, everyone in the best. Yuuna-chan, I’ll leave the decision on you. I think it will better for me to calm down my mind.”

Said that, Miko went to the corner of the room, looking upwards while held her nose.

“Hah, master is hopeless. And then Karua-sama, how much two of them?”

“You seems to be trusted, Yuuna. The price, for Alisa it’s 7 gold coins, and for Shulyn 5 gold coins. However, seeing your condition, it seems that person is really make happiness for slave. Thinking about that, how about 10 gold coins in total?”

Two gold coins less, in other word, 20 000 luks. Converting modern currency, it’s about 200 000 yen of free service. Yuuna wa taken aback by that.

“Is that really fine Karua-sama?”

“I don’t mind. Because I trust her with you as proof. You are really smiling in happiness and she trust you, that alone is enough.”

Karua kindly smiled from the bottom of his heart. A girl who had only despair in this building, could happily smile just in two days. There is no way that he didn’t glad.

“Final judgement will be done by master. Aside of that, please let me have talk with the two of them. First we want to know whether they will come with us after they know about our goal or not.”

After Yuuna said that, Karua left the room. There were only Miko, Yuuna, Alisa, and Shulyn who still in the room, but Miko wasn’t recovered yet.

“Well then, there were something that I want to confirm with you two. We are planning to buy you two. However, to make sure you won’t say ‘no way’ later, please make decision after you hear what we are really will do.”

With such preface, Yuuna start to explain what Miko’s goal was.

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The Adventure of Miko

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