The Adventure of Miko 40 – Brand New Weapon

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 40
Brand New Weapon

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“Huh? Isn’t it love birds from the other day? Bringing new slave, you guys surely lovey dovey.”

Right after entering the weapon shop, the shopkeeper already make fun of Miko and Yuuna. It seems the shopkeeper still hold a grudge since they flirting in the shop when they came before. However Miko ignore it.

“It’s great isn’t it? Surrounded by these cute girls,  I think I’m gonna fly to the heaven.”

Contrast to mellowed Miko, Yuuna was,

“You can’t master! Because we can no longer live without master.”

She was got carried away.

Alisa and Shulyn could only make bitter smile watching that situation.

“Hey, stop joking around. Today, what are you gonna buy? From what I see, you come to buy weapon for those slaves right?”

“That’s right. Also, I want to sell these swords. Is it possible for you to buy them?”

Miko took out 3 iron swords from her seal card after said that. They were swords from explorers who attacked them earlier. She also presented her own sword.

“It’s my second time to see your skill but, it’s really handy skill huh? I’ll buy the sword for 1000 luks, or 10 silver coins each of them.”

After received 4000 luks for selling the swords, Miko told Alisa and Shulyn to choose any weapon that they have interest in. Miko herself was choosing weapon with Yuuna.

“Hey, Yuuna-chan, what weapon do you think suit me?”

“Yeah, If I as enemy’s distraction, Alisa as support, and Shulin as healing role, I think the ideal position for master is as spotter who attract enemies with one handed sword. Because out of 4 of us, master have  highest stats and party leader.”

As Yuuna said, Miko chose one sword.


Ocean Ore Sword

One handed sword made of Ocean ore. Has water, ocean attribute.
1 gold coin.



“Hm… I wonder if it’s a bit too expensive.”

“I think it’s fine. We still have some magic stone, and from tomorrow we will starting to clear the tower. Normal explorer usually get about 500 luks each day, with master’s skill, I think we could get more than that. Because other people couldn’t bring anything home so they must choose wisely.”

Yeah, even if other explorer defeat a lot of monster, and no matter how much materials collected, there were limit on how much they can carry. But for Miko, there was almost no limit for how much she could carry. What Yuuna said is right.

“Well, like what you said, I’ll take this expensive weapon. It feels bad though.”

After Miko decided that she will take Ocean Ore Sword, Alisa and Shulyn present their chosen weapon.


Longbow of Moonlight Tree
Longbow created from sharped moonlight tree. Has  sacred and wind attribute.
50 silver coins


Crimson Dagger
Dagger with autumn-colored stone. Has fire attribute.
30 silver coins

Those were weapons that Alisa brought. The Longbow of Moonlight Tree was thin, and yet, glittering with light and give strong impression. Crimson Dagger was, like, it was higher version of Red Copper Dagger (Yuuna’s weapon). It should be enough for self defense.

White Crystal Long Cane
Long cane created from white crystal. The core created from sacred silver. Has sacred attribute.
80 silver coins.


Shulyn brought long cane as weapon. The surface made from clear white, transparent crystal, and metal for the core part.

““How is it, Master?””

“Well, yeah, let’s buy them.”

It seem there was no way for Miko to deny the weapons chosen by her cute slaves.

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The Adventure of Miko

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