The Adventure of Miko 41 – Alisa Equipment

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 41
Alisa’s Equipment

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The shop owner surprised seeing how quick Miko make decision.

“You, are you fine with this!? At first I thought you just some with some hobby, but to buy good weapons like these for slaves, normally it just unthinkable.”

“Well said. But, more or less, I’m their owner, I’ll be troubled if they die right. Just by this amount, it’s just cheap investment.”

Somehow, the shop owner shedding tears after heard what Miko said.

“To think there is explorer like you remain. Well, as long as you in this city, if you need maintenance for your weapons, come here, everything will be free.”

After listening to the owner’s grateful words, miko left the weapon shop and headed to armor shop.

“Well then, Alisa-chan and Shulyn-chan, pick yourself some armors, we will wait here.”

Miko and Yuuna sat on the small sofa which installed in the shop while waiting for the girls to finish choosing their armor. It seems Alisa was the first one who finished choosing hers.

“Master, how about this?”

“Hmm… certainly I told you to choose it yourself, but are you forget what our purpose is?”

What Alisa brought was paper armor with emphasis on it’s appearance. Miko ordered Alisa to return and chose equipment which fit for explorer with her. Meanwhile Yuuna went to Shulyn.

“I think it’s good. Well the, try put it on.”

Miko brought some equipments and ask Alisa to try it. After finished wearing the equipment, Alisa came out from dressing room.

“Master, how is it?”

The figure of Alisa was, her innerwear were tunic and short pants, and for outerwear, there were Snake Scale Vest and knee length Snake Scale Skirt, both of them were created from semi-transparent red snake scale, make clothes under them still visible. She also equipped with elbow-long Bronze Guard which is exclusive equipment for archer. She also wore Snake Scale Boots which also made from scale. Everything was lightweight equipment, and since the equipments were transparent, it’s enhance Alisa appearance.

“You understand, Alisa-chan? I understand that you care about how you look, however, it’s equipment to protect yourself. Next time, I’ll angry if you doing that again. Protect yourself, make that your first priority. Also, please think carefully about your role in this party and what weapon and equipment you need to choose.”

“I understand, master. I’m really sorry.”

Scolded by Miko, Alisa dropped her shoulder.

“Hei, don’t be so depressed. The first equipment also cute you know. Next time when we have lot money we’re gonna buy it. Let’s wear it again.”

“Un, I understand. Thank you very much master.”

Miko make small nod when she saw smile returned to Alisa’s darkened face. And then the two of them went to where Yuuna and Shulyn choosing equipments. At that place there were lot of equipments for magician such as big robe lined up.

“Hei, Yuuna-chan, Shulyn-chan, did you finish choosing equipments?”

When Miko looked for them, she found Yuuna in front of dressing room.

“Ah, you’re here, Yuuna-chan, did Shulyn finish choosing her equipment?”

“Ah, Master, yes, now she’s trying to wear it. It will decrease her movement but I think this equipment will increase Shulyn strong points.”

Yuuna threw up her chest with full of confidence. Of course, the way Yuuna did made miko tried her best to hold her nose from bleed. After such exchange, Shulyn went out from changing room.

“Yuuna-san, ah, Master here too. How is it? How is this equipment?”

Seeing Shulyn appearance, Miko could only crouched down holding her bleeding nose.

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The Adventure of Miko

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