The Adventure of Miko 42 – Shulyn Equipment

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 42
Shulyn’s Equipment

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“Wha!? Master, are you okay?”

Yuuna ruched in panic to Miko who suddenly crouched while having nose bleed. Alisa also immediately run to shopkeeper to get some clothes.

“Sorry, my bad, Shulyn equipment is, how is it, too dangerous. I can’t hold it.”

Shulin equipment was, a pure white silk robe, big enough to cover her arms. Even with such loose robe, her plentiful chest can’t be hide. At both of her wrist, there was bracelet made from copper. She also wore above knee skirt made from the same material as the robe. Her boots also made by knitting the pure white silk. Only the shoe part which made from sturdy leather.

“Master, Shulin-chan’s robe, skirt and boots are made from Holy Silk. I choose it because even though only have small sacred attribute, but just by wearing it could increase recovery magic or magic with sacred attribute. There are some longer skirts, but I think this length will give better movement.”

While listening to Yuuna’s explanation about the equipments, Miko use clothe which brought by Alisa to wipe her bleeding nose.

“Un, thank Yuuna-chan. Alright then, even though my excitement went overboard, with this everyone’s equipment is finished. Let’s go pay for it.”

“Excuse me, thank you for the clothes. About this two equipments, I think I want to purchase it as is. Also, is it possible to buy these equipments?”

From her magic card, Miko took leather equipment she get from explorer who confront her.

“Yes, we can buy them. It’s 1500 luks for one jacket and 1000 for pants, for total 7500 luks. Also, total amount for your equipments purchase is 9120 luks.”

Miko ive 1 gold coin and 20 copper coins.

“Thank you, this is the change, the amount is 84 silver coins, please confirm it.”

Miko sealed all the silver coins presented with seal card which she use for money and confirmed there was no mistakes with the amount.

“Certainly it’s 84 coins, sorry for troubling you.”

“No, no. I’m looking forward to meet you again.”

The four of them leaving the shop followed by the shopkeeper sight.

“Master, what we do after this?”

Alisa asked Miko.

“Hn… I’ve think of nothing but, Alisa-chan,can I have a minute?”

“Yes, what is it?”

“I think it’s fine fo you to talk like normally you used to be.”

The three of them were agaped with what Miko said.

“…kukuku, hahahahah, unexpectedly it was found out. It should  be completely hidden though. Good job for realizing it, Master.”

Alisa was held her side with laugh. There was no face of thanks or guilty on her.

“Well, because somehow it feels like unnatural. In front of me, or rather, it’s fine for you to talk like you used to be.”

“Kukuku, it’s really funny master huh. Well, if that case, I’m very grateful. I’ll do that.”

Alisa laughed for while as if she found something funny and a carefree smile floated on her face after that.

“Wait, is it really fine Master?”

“Hn? It’s fine right? Compared to unnatural talk of Alisa, her smiling now is cuter right?”

“Wha, wha, don’t call me cute.”

Alisa blushed by Miko’s sudden words.

“Well, if Master says so.”

I seemed Yuuna closed her eyes and accept what Miko want.

“Well then, general store next.”

So, four of them headed to general store.

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The Adventure of Miko

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