The Adventure of Miko 43 – Preparation Finished at General Store

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 43
Preparation Finished at General Store

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Miko and her slaves went to the general store, the first store which Miko entered once she come to the town. The shopkeeper also still the same female worker as before.

“Welcome. Ah, customer the other day huh. Wait, who are there behind you?”

“Thanks, I came back. These girls? They’re my slaves.”

With Miko introduction, each of them give self-introduction.

“Well~, you really amazing. Less than 5 days since you become explorer and already have 3 slaves?”

“Half, it’s just course of event though. but , because they are good girls and will follow me, I need to take good care of them.”

“Well, you are really good master. Then, enjoy your shopping.”

4 of them tale look at bag corner first.

“Everyone, let’s have personal bag for each of us. It’s wate time if I need to take out knife or potion each time. Choose anything you like.”

The three slaves started to examine bags after listened to what Miko said.

“Ah, make sure you choose the type that not hindrance your movement.”

MIko also chose for her own, she took navy-colored waist pouch. It was little big, but the inner part was divided into multiple partition which make it convenient to store seal card.

“Master, we’re finished.”

The three slaves brought bags that they have interest at.

Yuuna chose a pair of small deep red bags. It was attached at both of her thigh.

What Alisa brought also a pair with camouflage pattern. However, hers wasn’t wear at her thigh but  at both side of her waist.

Meanwhile Shulyn pick the same as Miko but with light blue color. And in contrast of Miko’s choice which was lot of partition, Shulyn choice was because it could hold a lot of things.

“Well then, what everyone choose, an then, rank 1 potion, rank 1 mana potion, knife, and clean clothes, 20 each of them.

“Understand. I’ll calculate the amount of money so please wait a moment.
Umm, for all of the waist pocket 200 luks, rank 1 potion 600 luks, rank 1 mana potion 800 luks, 1000 luks, clean clothes 200 luks, so the total is 2600 luks.”

“So, this is the payment. Everyone, take your own share, take 5 of each item.”

Miko divide all of items into four with 5 items each part and give them to Yuuna, Alisa and Shulyn. They put the item to their own bag and equipped it. Meanwhile Miko put her items into seal card and put the seal card into the bag.

“Yosh! With this our preparation is finished. Let’s go home.”

“Thank you very much. We will be waiting for your return.”

Four of them left the general store and headed to inn.

“Welcome back Mikok-san, Yuuna-san, Alisa-shan, Shulyn-san. What will you do? Are you going to  take meal first?”

“We’ll take meal first. After putting our luggage, we will go.”

Four of them return to the room, remove their luggage and equipment, changed into tunic and short pants, they went to dining hall which attached beside the inn.

As always, whenever the door opened, the smell of alcohol drifted around.

“Really, only this place’s smell I can’t get used with.”

Four of them chose seat near the window which  have lighter alcohol smell, and then order menu.

The Adventure of Miko

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