The Adventure of Miko 44 – 4 People Meals

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 44
4 People Meals

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“Okay the, I’ll take Frenzy Cow roast beef and consume soup this time. How about everyone?”

“Pasta with minced orc meat for me, Master.”

Miko and Yuuna immediately decided what food they want, meanwhile Alisa and Shulyn still unable to choose. As expected, from standpoint of slave, eat same thing with the master was something unheard of.

“Hn? What’s with you two?”

“Err, isn’t it bit too much for slave like us to eat something like this….”

“That’s right. We’re just slave.”

“Ah, it seems I already getting used with master. Since she never treat me normally as slave.”

Yuuna could only make bitter smile seeing Alisa and Shulyn hesitation.

“I see, like that huh. Don’t worry. It’s true that you’re my slaves, but you’re also party member after all. That’s why just order anything you like.”

Yuuna bitter smile changed into amazement after heard what Miko said. And the other two had face that looked somewhat impressed.

“Then I’ll take Master’s words. I’d like to have Black Boar steak and salad.”

“Chicken karaage and salad for me.”

They wait for the food to came after the last two made their order.

“I have something to say for you two. I never mind that you two are slave or not. It’s fine, you can act like Yuuna-chan.”

Yuuna became bit awkward when Miko pointed at her.

“It’s Master fault you know. Because you did something like that when we’re having bath.  Furthermore you easily forgive me, mou, I no longer mind about that thing.”

Yuuna said such thing while bushing. Maybe she remember the thing about bath yesterday. Miko too, she raised her face while holding her nose.

“Thank you for waiting. Here is your order.”

Everyone received the food brought by waitress and started to eat.

“Ooh, it’s good to eat something else occasionally, this meat is delicious.”

“This minced meat pasta too, the meat is melting inside my mouth.”

“My steak also have good texture.”

“There are overflown meat juice from my karaage.”

4 of them heartily eating their food and finished in 30 minutes. After paying for their food, they return to the inn.

“Now, should we take a bath?”

The answer of the three girls for Miko’s question were,

“I already took it yesterday so I’m fine.”

“Me too, master. Please enjoy your bath.”

“I’m fine too.”

Miko was surprised as she listened to their rejection.

“Eh? Aren’t you supposed to take bath everyday?”

“Err… Master, originally, slave doesn’t take bath.”

Heard such thing, Miko make serious expression.

“I see. That was this world’s common sense right. However, it’s true that I brought you as slave, but our relationship is party member. So, don’t hold yourself back. The money we have now is earned by Yuuna and I, and starting tomorrow it will be earned by four of us. It’s not my personal thing, it’s asset of four of us, so don’t ever hold back.”

“I understand. That’s what Master wants right? Let’s have a bath.”

“I understand, we will come with you.”

“If you say that far, I’ll come with you.”

Bringing exchange clothes, four of them head to receptionist in order to take bath.

The Adventure of Miko

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