The Adventure of Miko 45 – 4 People Bath

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 45
4 People Bath

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As always Sokra was in the counter whenever the girls went to counter.

“Sokra-san, the bath please. Is there any room for 4 people?”

“Waai, bath isn’t it? Of course. It’s cost 500 luks though, is it fine?”

Miko give nod and took out 5 silver coins to the counter. After receiving the money, Sokra give 4 towels to them.

“Well then, please use room number 44. Enjoy your bath.”

Four of them went downstairs entered room 44  after they found it. The dressing room was about 4 tatami wide. Also the bathtub was spacious and could be comfortably used by four people at once. After take off their clothes, Miko and the girls headed to bathroom.

“Uwaah, as expected bath is the best way to heal daily tiredness. Now then, Yuuna-chan sit there, today too I’ll wash you.”

Yuuna sat down beside bathtub  like what Miko said. After pouring hot water to Yuuna, Miko took soap and wash Yuuna’s head.

“Yuuna, you can’t open your eyes, the soap will get in.”

Miko was smiling and having fun washing Yuuna’s head. Yuuna also didn’t show any sign that she didn’t like it, rather she seemed happy. And after Miko finished with Yuuna,

“Now, next is Alisa-chan, come here please.”

“Eh, no, but…”

Alisa made troubled expression.

“It’s fine, it’s fine, come here, hurry.”

Miko took Alisa’s hand and force her to sit down. And after took some hot water, she pour it on Alisa head, carefully to make sure the water not entering Alisa’s wolf ears. And then she started to wash Alisa’s head.

“No, Master, that place, please be gentle with it.”

What Miko do was cleanse Alisa’s ears. Even though she cleanse the back and base of the ears, but may be she use too much force Alisa make strained voice.

“Ah, sorry Alisa-chan, is it hurt?”

“Not, it wasn’t hurt, it just ticklish.”

Alisa answered while being embarrassed and dropped her eyes. Somehow her expression was very cute. And Miko who saw such Alisa almost lose control.

“Master if you going lose control again, there will be punishment again.”

Miko quickly to finish washed Alisa head in tears because Yuuna threat her.

“Fyuh, the, Shulyn-chan, come and sit here.”

Finished washing Alisa head, Miko called Shulyn who will be the last to wash. Miko pour hot water to Shulyn who nervously sit because she didn’t got used this kind situation. Because Shulyn had a long hair, Miko put her hair into her hand and start to wash it with soap. Compared the the other 3 hair, shulyn was the longest, so it take longest to wash. At times, the view of Shulyn plentiful breast was seen by Miko and almost make her out of control. But the gaze of serious Yuuna make her finish washing Shulyn hair and head without problems.

“Yeah, with this everything is finished.”

“The, next is Mater turn right? Please have a seat.”

Yuuna said that while having tube full with hot water.

Miko who happily accept that proposal quickly sit.

“Wee then Master, excuse me.”

With that words, Yuuna pour hot water to Miko’s head and after take soap in her hand, she start to wash. Her hand’s movement was so careful make it felt so good.

“Aah~~ Yuuna-chan feels so good, you’re good at this~.”

“Thank you very much. Now then, I’ll pour hot water again to rinse you up.”

After rinse Miko hair with hot water, Yuuna thinking about to was her body. And then,

“Yuuna-chan, let’s play washing each other today.”

Forbidden remarks was dropped by the master.

The Adventure of Miko

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