The Adventure of Miko 48 – The First Layer Part 1

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 48
The First Layer Part 1

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When four of them entered the tower, there was only meadow as far as they can see. There was not even small wall, but spiral stair could be seen, may be that was in the center of the layer. And behind them, there was a door. Only door with its frame alone without wall or anything.

“Uwaa, just like any***** door that used by cat robot somewhere. But, this world is really breaking the law of physics. From that appearance, there is no way it could be this wide inside!”

Her slaves had blank face when they saw Miko who was in fever alone.

“Well, let’s start to capture this tower’s first layer immediately. First, we need to confirm what kind of monster reside in this first layer. Let’s move to the opposite direction of that spiral stair.”

Looking at opposite direction of the stair, Miko started to searching for a landmark. After she found a tree that give a good vibe, she head there with her three slaves.

“Master, why we not headed to spiral stair? If we went there directly, we will immediately clearing this layer.”

“Well, that’s because our first goal is to earn money. Even though we want to capture the tower, we can’t go further than 5th layer. But if we brought monster material form or some plants from each layer, we can get the money right? That way we will capture the tower and make money simultaneously. If not we will become homeless.”

Miko explain, that in her former world’s creative works, some structural place like the towers was called dungeon. There were monsters inside dungeon as well as sleeping treasure that waiting to be found. Monster and treasure, that was something that can’t be separated.

“In other words, Master want to obtain that treasure?”

“Something like that. After all we need to capture this tower right? We must have less stress and having fun.”

Miko started to walk again after said that.

(Normally there’s no way to think of having fun capturing the tower. Especially when everyone is newcomer)

Yuuna chase Miko, keeping her words to her own.

“Master, enemies spotted. Left front direction. Some cluckers there. Your order?”

Alisa who walk behind Miko sense enemies presence and asked. Miko only keep her smile and draw her ocean ore sword.

“For now, I’ll go alone. I need to confirm how much I can handle the monster in this layer. Everyone else please look it some safe place.”

Said that Miko run toward direction where Alisa pointed at while Yuuna and the other when to hide at the place where they won’t become nuisance to Miko.

After running about 100 meters Miko finally found the clucker flock. The number was five.

Clucker appearance was a big bird. It was big enough for human to ride. However because of their size they can’t fly. It seems the only movement was running on the ground. They were gluttonous omnivore, they eat anything from human to monster in one gulp.

Miko thrust her ocean ore sword to that flock and cut the neck of one of them. As result, the whole flock started to make a fuss but Miko ignore that and cut the second one. When she tried to go to the third, the cluckers were already ready to fight back so she can’t carelessly jumped in.

Little by little, Miko starte to fill the gap but the cluckers were in advantage with their number and position which was surrounding Miko. Both of side keep an eye to one each other. But that equilibrium collapse once Miko entering one of the clucker’s blind spot. Miko suddenly turned around and slash her sword. Even though that clucker can avoid Miko’s attack its posture was crumbled and couldn’t avoid Miko’s next attack. The third one had fallen.

Seeing the situation, the last two cluckers were escape as fast as they can when they understand that they can’t win. Miko didn’t chase them.

“It’s not really problem if only this far. It seems it’s gonna be fine for everyone to fight.”

After confirming Yuuna and the other’s position, Miko gesture them to come and returned where the body of cluckers located.

The Adventure of Miko

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