The Adventure of Miko 49 – The First Layer Part 2

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 49
The First Layer Part 2

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“Everyone seems to be fine with this layer. From now on everyone will join the battle.”

Even though Miko talk to them with bright face, the expression of three of them were stiff. When she thought that was weird,

“Ano, master. Originally, clucker is a monster where you need 5 people to defeat one. Not with beginners like us. And how can you cut clucker’s neck with one hit?”

“That’s no good Alisa-chan. May be, master’s status can’t be compared with someone who have the same rank. I’ve see it once and it was nothing like normal status. That’s why you can’t just make retort about it.”

Yuuna and Alisa’s words stabbed Miko’s heart. Certainly Miko’s status was out of standard and just like a goddess status. But,

“Hey, you two, It seems I hear you two talk about me like I was a monster, is that only my imagination?”

Miko is just a girl. Of course she will angry if anyone talk about her like that. And furthermore, it was talked in front of the person herself.

“Shoo fee aasaaa. Aaa shaa reee.”

“Eee huuu eee huuu, aa shaa ree, aassaaa.”

With her both cheek being pulled as hard as they can, the two of them were begging for forgiveness with teary eyes. After a while, Miko let off her hand and left Yuuna and Alisa’s cheek bright red.

“Really, even me will be angry you know. Because I just normal girl don’t treat me like I was a monster.”

Miko was sulking a bit but immediately surprised when she saw what Shulyn brought.

“Master I’ve brought the clucker’s materials.”

What she brought was magic stone which almost as big as hobgoblin’s and something like bird wings.

“Eh? Shulyn-chan, what about the other material?”

“Eh, Master? Originally in the tower, no material dropped. Usually only magic stone but on rare occasions, some part of the monster also dropped like this.”

“Is that so? Never know about that. But we can sell magic stone right? Then that’s not a problem. Yosh! Everyone, let’s defeat some monsters!”

Miko seal material that Shulyn brought in her magic cards. There were “tower clucker’s magic stone (3/20)” and “tower clucker’s wing (2/20)” written on each card.

Miko started to search next target while the three of her slaves following behind. Relied on Alisa’s nose they wandered around first layer and after a while, they found three frenzy cows. Frenzy cow could be said was water buffalo. But unlike their usual docile nature, this one was very hostile and attack without mercy. Their weapons was a pair of horn with 50 cm of length. They use it by rushing forward to their enemies. Their attack have enough power to penetrate ordinary armor so it could be dangerous.

“Master, next is my turn.”

Yuuna draw dagger from her waist and headed toward frenzy cows. They were realized Yuuna getting closer and started intimidate her. Ignoring frenzy cow intimidation, Yuuna jumped to the furthest one. While riding on the back, Yuuna cut off artery on its neck and defeat the frenzy cow. Using defeated frenzy cow as foot hold she jump to the next frenzy cow. Because the second one was just turn around  and still not ready to attack yet, Yuuna approach its head and thrust her two dagger into both of frenzy cow eyes. Make it scream and die in agony. In that time the third one rushed towards Yuuna. Even though she parred the horn with her dagger the blow force her to make some distance.

“Dark mist!”

Yuuna use dark magic “dark mist” to make smokescreen and steal away frenzy cow’s sight. Yuuna once again jump and riding the third cow which was confused because lost its sight. Like the first cow, she defeat it by cut off blood vessel on its neck. Yuuna close the curtain with a victory.

The Adventure of Miko

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