The Adventure of Miko 50 – The First Layer Part 3

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 50
The First Layer Part 3

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The other three were surprised when Yuuna return to where they were waiting.

“Yuuna-chan fighting style surely nasty one. Well, you’re dhampir after all.”

“Yuuna-san, are you former assassin or something? You seemed really get used of it.”

“Yuuna-san fighting style is scary.”

Yuuna panicked when she saw the others moving away from her.

“Well, somehow my body seems move by it self. Everyone is awful, I’m not former assassin or something alike!”

Somehow she shrugged her shoulder even though she won her fight.

When they went to the place where Yuuna defeat frenzy cows, there were magic stones and lump of meats dropped.

“Owh, frenzy cow’s meat huh? What a good luck you have Yuuna-san!”

Alisa looked at the meat while drooling.

“Alisa-chan, we are eating frenzy cow meat yesterday right? Is there any difference?” Miko asked when she saw Alisa’s current state.

To Miko’s question Alisa answered with chi chi chi while waving her index finger.

“Listen well Master, originally meat from frenzy cow is just another meat, but when it’s about meat that dropped in the tower, the quality is at another level. Moreover, it was hard for normal explorers to maintain its freshness when they carry it, so usually they eat it on site by them self. That’s why edible monster’s meat from tower is rare and expensive, you will hardly found it.”

Bitter smile floated on Miko’s face when she looked at Alisa who was explain too passionately until her saliva came flying.

“If that so, then let’s bring it home today. With my skill there’s no problem with the flow of time. If that extremely delicious then I want to eat it too.”

There were “tower frenzy cow’s magic stone (3/20)” and “tower frenzy cow’s meat (2/20)” written on the cards when Miko seal them.

After checking everyone’s condition, they start to walking again. They keep heading to opposite direction of the spiral stair. Even when they keep walking for a while, they didn’t encounter any monster so they decided to walking until they meet something like wall that prevent them to go further. In there, they found a bottomless vertical cliff.

“This is the tower’s end huh. I can’t see the bottom and it seems dangerous if we fall, it think its really the tower’s end. Let’s start exploring from here on. Actually it will be easier if we splitting into groups, but we don’t know what is out there so let’s move together. Well, let’s take a break first.”

Said that, Miko took out 4 portion of emergency ration and give it to everyone. They were resting for five minutes while eating it.

After break, they continued their exploration. With cliff on their back and spiral stair at their front, they started to move left. Because it’s dangerous to getting too close to the cliff, they explore about 20 meters from cliff.

“Hei, with my appraisal, this grass showed as medicinal herb, what should we do?”

“Better to collect it, Master. Like meat before, the value of materials from tower is very different from the outside, usually it’s a lot better. So please collect a lot of it.”

Yuuna told Miko to use Magic Card Refining to make magic card from goblin magic stone and make 20 magic card with 20 items capacity. When she sealed medical herb in her magic card, it showed “tower medical herb (1/20)”. She immediately put it in her pocket and start to look for other materials.

The Adventure of Miko

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    1. it’s not chapter 50 part3, but The First Layer Part 3.
      The First Layer is divided into 5 parts, from chapter 48 to 52.

  1. Thanks for chapter.
    I curious from start, where Miko place all card she have? Are she can just take it in or out freely? Like make them materialize and make it vanished again?
    Sorry if my English is not good enough.

    1. She use waist bag (she bought it in earlier chapter), unfortunately, she can’t seal cards inside card. Even though I write it as card, the actual character is 札 (fuda) which mean bill (like ten-dollar bill) or note (like 10,000 yen note), so her card may be as thin as paper money.
      also that character is used in 花札 (hanafuda) which is Japanese card game. that’s why I use card.

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