The Adventure of Miko 51 – The First Layer Part 4

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 51
The First Layer Part 4

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“Alisa-chan and Shulyn-chan haven’t defeat any tower’s monster yet huh…. Shulyn-chan is healer so it’s fine, but I want to see Alisa-chan real strength.”

Miko wasn’t talking to anyone, just mumbling by herself.

“Even though you said that, my skill is long distance attack. Oh, may it’s good for attacking them.”

There were two kobolds at the place where Alisa pointed at. They were eating something like fruit 30 meters away. Their appearance was a slim body with dog head and look very agile. They use either rocks or rusted knife as weapon.

“Are you sure? They seems very agile.”

“It’s fine, with my bow I can hit them from here. It should be fine as long as they can’t see anyone else.”

Said that, Alisa prepared her moonlight tree longbow and nocked an arrow. The arrow was shining.

“Ooh, is that longbow’s power?”

“Yeah, because it has sacred attribute. I think it also give the arrow wind attribute when shot.”

Yuuna use weak dark mist to hide Miko, Shulyn and herself so other monsters can’t found them.

Entering kobolds’ blind spot, Alisa shot sacred attribute embedded arrow to one of the kobold’s back head. The kobold raised a scream but immediately fell with an arrow stick on its back head. However, the second kobold noticed Alisa’  presence and coming for her with a knife. Alisa once more nocked an arrow and release it.


That kobold avoided Alisa arrow and jumped toward her. But Alisa dodge it, putting her bow back, she take out her crimson dagger and fight back.

“Chi! It’s very agile!”

Alisa aimed her crimson dagger to cut kobold’s hands or feet, but knife attack from kobold make her do things carefully. Gradually the speed of the kobold was falling down, finally she cut off the neck of kobold who was covered in wounds.

“Hah~ that was tough. Master, it’s over.”

When Alisa called, Miko who coming suddenly hug her. Alisa went panic with that sudden hug.

“… Alisa-chan, that was dangerous! Why you fight in such style? Don’t do something like that again. If it likely impossible, ask me of anyone else for help. You’re our comrade right?”

“… yes, Master. I won’t do that again.”

“Yeah, I’m sorry too. Just because I want to see how Alisa-chan’s real power and fighting style you have to hurt yourself. Shulyn-chan, please heal Alisa-chan’s wound.”

Miko move her sight from Alisa and ask Shulyn.

“Sure. let’s go Alisa-san, ‘blessing of heal, heal!’”

Shulyn chanting spell while making circle in the air with her white crystal long staff. Pale green light shine from her staff and wrapping Alisha. The light quickly healed Alisa’s wound.

“Woow, this is awesome! Shulyn-san thanks!”

“Shulyn-chan is amazing! We likely no need for potion if like this. ”But please be careful with your  magical power management. It would be very stupid when important time come but you have no magical power left.”

Miko praise Shulyn buth then warned her. And after confirming there was no problem with Alisa’s wound, they return to where Alisa defeat kobolds. There were magic stones and kobold’s fang dropped.

“This time kobolds’ fang huh? Usually it was used as weapon or accessory.”

While Yuuna explaining, Miko seal dropped item to her magic card. There were two magic stone and 3 kobold’s fangs.

After that, the three began walking to hunt down their next prey.

The Adventure of Miko

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