The Adventure of Miko 52 – The First Layer Part 5

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 52
The First Layer Part 5

Translated by AYA Translation

Miko and the others immediately encountered other monsters after walking for a while. It was bee with half-size of human named “Giant Bee”. There were ten of them coming. When look at them, there was long needle as big as human arm protruded from their huge body’s end. On the tip of that needle, deadly poison that could kill human in one hour was secreted.

“Hey, what should we do with that?”

“Well, I think it will take long even if Alisa-san use her bow to take them down. For melee like master or I, whether we use sword or skill I don’t think that would be effective.”

When neither Miko nor Yuuna found any plan to fight, Shulyn uttered her idea.

“Ano~, I think I can do something with my element and spirit magic skill.”

“Element and spirit magic?”

“Yes, with my element skill, I can use magic with any attribute, but the power is lowered. Basically, the power of magic I can use is one level lower than element skill level.” Shulyn said while puffed her chest.

There was no choice for Miko except pin her nose when she saw Shulyn’s shaking breast.

“…it’s good you have such skill, but can you defeat that?”

“That’s when spirit magic turn to shine. Spirit magic is magic that allow the user to borrow the power of spirit in the world. So, if I use spirit magic to boost my element skill, even at my level, there is possibility that I can deliver ranged attack to a certain extent.”

When Shulyn raised her staff, Miko make little thought.

“I understand, first, Shulyn-chan will defeat them as much as possible with ranged attack, then I and Yuuna-chan also will attack with sword, and Alisa will make long distance support attack with long bow. Everyone understands?”


Shulyn immediately raised her staff and started to chant.

“「oh scattered fire spirit in the world, answer my voice and extol my magic! Flare Bead!」”

Her white crystal staff was shining, creating about 20 fist sized fireballs in her surrounding.

“Please go.”

At the same time Shulyn speak, massive amount of fireballs flying toward the flock of giant bee. When the fire balls hitting giant bee, some of them were falling down.

“Let’s go Yuuna-chan.”

“Yes, master!”

Miko and Yuuna dashing toward fallen giant bee and Alisa knock down flying bee with her long bow. When Miko arrived at giant bee location, only 7 of them left. Miko cut them off with single strike, and Yuuna moving her hand like she was dancing. And so, the flock of giant bees was annihilated in one minutes.

“Yeah, after all, long distance support attack is the best role for Alisa-chan. Please support us like this time from now on.”

Praised by Miko, Alisa blushed and avert her eye. And beside her, there was Shulyn breathed heavily.

“Shulyn-chan, it seems that skill consume a lot of magic power right? From now on please focus on recovery, and save that skill for emergency. For now, here, drink this mana potion.”

Miko gave rank 1 mana potion to Shulyn and after seeing Shulyn drink it, she went to seal drop item from giant bee. There were, 6 tower giant bees magic stone,  8 tower giant bees stinger, and 6 tower giant bees thin wings.

“How was it Yuuna-chan? Somehow we can understand everyone’s role in this party.”

Miko said then when she return to Yuuna’s side.

“Yeah, but let’s stop exploring for today. It seems everyone is mentally tired. As for our first time exploring, I think we are doing too far.”

As Yuuna proposed, the four of them stop their exploration and return to Latia town.

The Adventure of Miko

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