The Adventure of Miko 57

The Adventure of Miko

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Chapter 57
The First Layer, Again
Part 3

Author: KOUTA
Translator: AYA Translation

Looking for another hunting spot, Miko and the other walk towards a place when there are some trees growing. However, on their way, they encounter some troublesome monsters. It’s monster named “Gremlin”. This monster which commonly referred as devil race is different from the other monster, in some cases, some of them have magic skill. Their height is about 120 to 150 centimeters with big wings as long as their height. A 30 centimeters long horn grown on their forehead and their nails are 10 centimeters long. Its whole body is covered with green body hair. There are two of them, and when Miko examine them with her appraisal skill, they have “Darkness Magic” and “Fire Magic” skills.

“Hnn~ it’s my first time to see  monster that can use magic. What should we do?”

“If it Gremlin, then my magic will hardly effective. It’s also applied to them but, actually, because I never have fought with magic user, I don’t have any idea. I’m sorry.”

“Me too. Although I’ve seen monster that can use magic before, but I can’t use magic myself, I have nothing to say.”

“For me I have spirit magic so I can use light attribute magic. I’ve heard that when you use it on the devil race, they will lose their power.”

Miko thinking a bit when the three of them can’t make reliable plan.

“… hei, Yuuna-chan. Will you try to strengthening yourself with blood sucking skill? If I remember correctly, the blood sucking effect, beside to maintenance your life, when you doing it, it’s also give you strengthening effect right?”

Yuuna only nods in pale towards Miko’s proposal.

“… yes, that’s right. It has effect like that but, whose blood on earth I need to suck?”

“Hnn? It’s mine though.”

“… I understand. Let’s try it. The truth is I never try it before.”

After Yuuna agreed to do it, Miko take off her hard leather jacket, showing off her neck, and then call Yuuna to come.

“Yuuna-chan, you seem to be nervous, it’s just a try you know. You don’t need to absolutely win just because you sucking blood, so just relax. Your incredible speed will drop far down if you stay like that.”

Miko hugs Yuuna and try to calm her down by petting her head. While being pampered by Miko, Yuuna puts her mouth on Miko’s neck. That situation make Alisa and Shulyn watching their surrounding while blushing.

“Now then, master, itadakimasu♡.”

Said that, Yuuna thrusts her fangs to Miko’s neck. Tasting fresh blood that gush out from Miko.

“Nn, kuh, aah…!!”

Being sucked by Yuuna, Miko leaks out a mellow voice. And finally after one minute, Yuuna satisfied. Miko has rough breathing when Yuuna release her. She then takes deep breath to calm herself down.

“Now then, let’s defeat those gremlins.”

Miko unsheathes her Ocean Ore sword while looking at the gremlins. Beside her, Yuuna also takes out her Red Copper and Black Silver daggers.

“I and Yuuna will attack them, Alisa-chan support attack please, and Shulyn, I leave our recovery to you. Okay then, we’re going”

The three of them are silently nod toward Miko’s words.

“5, 4, 3, 2, 1, GO!!”

On her mark, Miko and Yuuna starting to run. They are running but,

“Wait a minute Yuuna-chan, you’re too fast!”

Because she strengthening herself with blood sucking, Yuuna dashing speed is completely different from when she fighting goblin before. And then when she arrives at the gremlins, not even give the gremlins chance to fight back, she tore them into pieces in an instant.

“Yuuna-chan(san), too strong…!!”

The three others murmuring the same words again.

The Adventure of Miko

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