The Adventure of Miko 58

The Adventure of Miko


I fell this thing getting longer and longer…

Chapter 58
The First Layer, Again
Part 4


Author: コウタ (KOUTA)
Translator: AYA Translation


~Yuuna POV~

Ah, after all, Master’s blood is delicious. And I can feel the power surge from the depth of my body too.


I hear master starts to count.·


Master’s voice getting slower and firmer.


It seems the enemies movement is very slow.


Aaah, master, please hurry.


I prepared to rush at anytime.


At master’s mark, I rush out at full throttle. But even so, the enemies’ movement is very slow. Normally they will already noticed at this time.

“Wait a minute Yuuna-chan, you’re too fast!”

I could hear master’s voice from behind. However, at that time I already at the gremlins’ location. First, to make them can’t move, I cut off their legs joint. It seems they finally realize my existence. But at the time they showing their reaction, I already cut the wings of one of the first one. And when the second one turns its face towards me, I move to its back and cut its wings like the first one. After two of them have me in their sight, they try to move their hands to capture me. Those hands are very slow so I cut them at their base.

And when I finish them by cut off their head,

“““Yuuna-chan(san), too strong…!!””” I heard that from distance.

~Return to normal POV~

Yuuna returns to Miko and the other while bringing gremlins’ magic stone and materials. However, the surprise haven’t erased from their face.

“Master, Alisa-san, Shulyn-san, I’m back. Why you have expression like seeing something outrageous?”

“…Yuuna-chan, what was that?”

Miko finally manages to make a question. In other hand, Yuuna is like,

“I’m sorry, I not really understand myself. After I get blood from master, I got a lot of power, and when I realized everything became very slow, I defeat those gremlins.”

And gives gremlins materials to Miko. At the time Miko receives it, Yuuna loses her power and collapse.

“Yuuna-chan, what’s wrong? Are you fine?”

Dropping the materials, Miko immediately catches Yuuna in her arms. It seems she’s unconscious.

“What happened? Why she suddenly collapse?”

“Yuuna-san, is she fine?”

Wile Alisa and Shulyn also worry about Yuuna., Miko use her appraisal skill to look at Yuuna’s status to find what is wrong.


Unconscious state (Reason: blood sucking recoil)

It seems the effect of using blood sucking to raise the skill is tremendous, but after that there is after effect like this. This time she is only unconscious, but who knows what will happen next. Miko decide that like Shulyn’s element + spirit magic, she will only use Yuuna’s blood sucking skill to increase status when there is no other way.

Shulyn takes care Yuuna’s condition until she wakes up meanwhile Miko and Alisa patrolling their surrounding. Luckily, there is no monster attack them for one hours.

“… where is this…”

“Good morning Yuuna-san. Everyone, Yuuna-san wakes up.”

Miko and Alisa who patrolling immediately return when Alisa calls them.

“Yuuna, are you fine? Do you feel any strange feeling with your body?”

Too much worry, Miko asks Yuuna’s condition while crying. Seeing that, Yuuna gives answer while smiling.

“Master. Thank you for worrying me. I’m fine.”

“Yuuna-chan, we will only use that blood sucking to increase status at dangerous situation. We won’t use that in normal fight.”

Yuuna is surprised by MIko’s decision.

“Why? Isn’t it easier for master if you use my power?”

Miko came closer to Yuuna, and slap her. Yuuna could only put her hand on her cheek which Miko slap.

“… I’m sorry that I suddenly slap you. But Yuuna-chan, you were fainted just now. Do you understand how much we’re worried? If I do something like that, what will Yuuna-chan do?”

“I will stop it with all my power. I’m really sorry master. Alisa-san and Shulyn-san too, I’m sorry made you worried. I’ll be careful from now on.”

Yuuna hanging her head down and drop her shoulder, but she firmly expressing her feeling. Hearing that, Miko hugs Yuuna with wide smile on her face.

“Thank you. I really happy with Yuuna’s feeling. From now on, please treasure yourself, and the other party members.”

“Yes, master!!”

A smile floating on Alisa and Shulyn’s face when they see Miko and Yuuna strongly hugging one each other.

The Adventure of Miko

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