The Adventure of Miko 59

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 59
The First Layer, Again
Part 5


Author: コウタ (KOUTA)
Translator: AYA Translation


After Yuuna and Miko finished hugging one each other, four of them continue continued to walk to their destination. They encounter goblins and kobolds on their way, but they can easily defeat them. And then they finally arrived at the place where some trees grown.

“Hn~ there is nothing huh. Did we miss it? Well, let’s get some rest here.”

Responding to Miko’s instruction, the three slaves getting relaxed while keep looking at their surrounding. When Miko look around between the trees, she saw fruit or something similar. It was a fruit that resemble apple when she looked at it closely. And when she use her appraisal skill,

Rupua Fruit

Very sweet and considered as very high luxury fruit. Because quickly rott, this fruit is not available on the market and the price is very high.

That was shown. After gathered some fruit Miko realized that there were a lot of them, maybe this time was this fruit season, there was sweet scent can be smelled on the surrounding.

“Hey, everyone, I have Rupua fruits here~!!”

When Miko called the three, Shulyn dashed with full speed while drooling. Because she ran at full power her breasts were greatly bouncing.

“Master, the fruit, Rupua fruit, where is it!?”

“Can you slow down!”

Miko retorted at once since Shulyn wasn’t like her usual self.

“Aaa, I’m sorry. I extremely fond of sweet things. Especially Rupua fruit, it was called dream fruit in my hometown. There was no one who sell it…”

Shulyn replied with reddened face. Thinking that was weird, Miko made a small smile and then give Rupua fruit she got to Shulyn.

“Here, you can eat it.”

When Shulyn heard Miko’s word, she was very happy but immediately made an apologetic expression.

“No, please it it yourself master. I’m fine just watching.”

When Shulyn turned her face away, Miko put her hand on Shulyn chin and raised her face.

“Hei! I’ve told you multiple time to not do that right!? I don’t know how much this fruit worth but for me, Shulin-chan smile is more precious. So, don’t hold back and eat it!”

Miko took knife from her silver card and sliced the fruit into one bite size. Shulyn a bit reluctant when Miko feed her but then she accept it.

“Aah, it’s delicious.”

Shulyn’s face was getting brighter every time she chewed the fruit. Seeing such thing, Miko also made warm expression. However, eating only one rupua fruit seemed didn’t satisfied Shulyn.

“Hn~ it seems one fruit is not enough huh. But Shulyn, try to look above you.”

When Shulyn look above her, there were fruits, a lot of rupua fruits were there.

“Master, are all these rupua fruits?”

“Hey hey! Calm down! You’re right, all of these are rupua fruits. So you can eat as much as you like. Also, with my skill we can gather them as much as we can and no need to worry about time. That’s why we can eat them anytime we want.”

“Waa~~ii!! Master I love you!!!”

Miko looked at Shulyn who skipping in joy with a warm expression.

(Her breast is really big~ I want to grope it again…)

But there were only pervert things inside her mind.

The Adventure of Miko

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