The Adventure of Miko 60

The Adventure of Miko

Chapter 60
The First Layer, Again
Part 6


Author: コウタ


Translator: AYA Translation


“Naa, Master. I want to try something a little but, is that okay?”

Alisa suddenly asked Miko after she ate two fruits.

“Hn? What you want to try?”

“Ah, it’s one of my skill,  Woodcraft. Simply put, it’s skill to use magical power to process tree to make arrow or some wooden items.”

Alisa took fallen branch from the ground and use her skill on it. Immediately, the tree branch changed it shape and became one wooden arrow.

“Oo, that’s amazing skill!”

“It’s not such thing. At this time my skill is just the level of carpenter in the town. But it’s useless for hunting. I can make trap a little, and the best I can make is arrow. So, Master, it may be rude but, can you seal the branch in your card?”

Alisa mad asked Miko while looking at her quiver. Only 30 arrows can fit in that quiver.  And she already use half of them while capturing the tower this time. If they fight more monster after this, Alisa will be out of arrow when they fighting the layer’s lord. So Miko thought compensating a some cards  for that is a cheap price to pay.

“Alisa-chan I’m sorry I just realized that now. Are you want branch from these trees? How about take multiple branches and a whole trunk? Also, the arrow just you made, can I put it in my card?”

“Right, then I will make more of them now, after that please seal it and can please cut that tree?”

Alisa said that while pointing to a tree behind Miko. When Miko examined that tree, it’s showed “Tower Oak Tree” with extremely hard and difficult to process as explanation.

“Okay, dorya!!”

Miko cut off that Tower Oak in single slash. The tree collapsed with tremendous roar. Alisa used her crimson dagger to prune the branches. She piled the branches in a place and then started to work on them with her woodcraft skill. And there, the tree branches turned into wooden arrows. The number was 40.

“Master, is this good enough? It seems I use too much magical power just now. This tree is quite hard tree.”

“Alisa-chan, are you fine? We’re still having break here, so have a rest. I’ll take care the arrow you’ve made.”

Miko sealed the arrows that Alisa made in her two magi card. It was shown as “Tower Oak Arrow [20/20]” on each card. After then she joined to rest with the three.

“Even so, Yuuna-chan blood sucking skill taking most of the part of today’s tower capturing.”

“Hnn~ somehow, even if master said so, I can’t accept that…”

“No Yuuna-san, it’s as master said. And master also take most of it.”

“That’s right. However, there was problem after that in Yuuna-san case.”

“Yeah. it was my first time to use blood sucking. I never know it has effect like that.”

“I know, right~? Even with those monsters as opponent, that was clearly overkill. May be we unexpectedly have enough power to defeat the layer’s lord this time? But, Yuuna-chan, you absolutely can’t use it except when we have no other choice. When carelessly use it and collapse, I have to protect you and can’t fight anymore. At that time, someone may be at danger. You know right?”

“I Understand, master. At first place, I can’t use it without sucking somebody’s blood. I’ll only use it when it’s time to use it.”

After listened Yuuna’s strong intent, Miko made a sigh.

“Now then, it’s just my feeling though, it seems there are big monsters nearby.”

Miko spilled the words with serious expression. Even Alisa didn’t realized the enemy. But voice could be heard from their back.

“Ooo Missies, what are you doing here?”

“Don’t mind if we join you right?”

Two male explorers came to them with filthy face.

The Adventure of Miko

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