The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon? – 01

The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon?

I give up on translating and editing this series… it’s too damn hard!
This work is interesting (at least for me), The story is good, but not on how it’s written. The author is like to use idioms, that’s fine for me. But repeated sentences (different words, same meaning), weird sentence structure, and use wrong kanji which messed everything up (just like my translation, lol) is killing me.
I’m done with it, I’d rather translating another series.

Chapter 1
The Sleeping Beauty (read: Demon King)


7 Brumaire, Year 438 of Continental History

Mirialia entered the cave that she found during her escape in order to avoid rain. When she used light magic to make the cave lighter, she found out that the cave isn’t natural cave. The rocks is evenly arranged and the ground is flat like it was created by someone.

“…this cave is not a natural cave.”

Mirialia who saw such sight immediately returned to get out from cave. But the cave entrance which she used a while ago, closed by smooth rock. While clicking her tongue she confirmed that she couldn’t get out from there.

“…There is no other choice except to go deeper. Even if I leave this cave, there no place for me to come back.”

After muttering so, she continued to deeper part of the cave. After a while, she arrived at a place that considerably large.

“… is it graveyard?”

In the middle of that place, there is a sarcophagus. While moving closer to the sarcophagus, she began to investigate it.

There is a magic circle written on that sarcophagus. Mirialia tried to decipher it but it seems that magic square is from the old time and quite difficult to be read. After she tried hard to read it she guessed that magic square is used to open that sarcophagus and need considerable amount of magical power (maybe to prevent robbery).

“If there is someone who eternally sleep inside, please forgive me who have disturb your sleep. I don’t have any choice, I will to open this sarcophagus even if it’s mimicry to trap grave robbery. If there is nothing in here, it will become my place to sleep eternally. Even though i will disturb your sleeping and it’s just my selfish desire, please forgive me. Then, I will open this lid.”

After confirmed magic square on sarcophagus and finished her talking to it, she put her right hand on magic square and concentrate her consciousness to pour magical power into magic square. Magic square began to respond her magical power and started to glow. The lid of sarcophagus is slid with squeaking sound.

Magical power that Mirialia released into magic square is too much and almost fell down, but she prevent it with some step. She returned her sight into sarcophagus after lightly shaking her head. Inside the sarcophagus, there a beautiful woman lying. Maria could only gasp by her beauty.

A woman with straight long glossy black hair, twin plentiful hills that look so soft were beautifully carved like a sculpture. Two beautiful long hands were wrapped around her waist. A black shiny seductive dress exposed her white skin. A beautiful woman who will awaken your lust just by looking at her is lying with her closed eyes. When Mirialia finished observing her, Mirialia’s blue sapphire eyes widened when she noticed folded black bat wings on that woman back.

“Snow-white skin, glossy black hair, and bat wings on the back… no way, is she Demon King?”

Demon king that Mirialia said is monster who have enormous magical power and appear many times in the past. It’s existance is feared since it will bring the world into vortex of chaos and destruction.

According to the legend, its appearance is glossy black hair, eyes with glittering bright color, snow-white skins and black bat wings extend from back. And the appearance of beautiful women in front of Mirialia is exactly like that but all legends said demon kings were men. Mirialia staring at that beautiful woman with slight embarrassment expression and approaching her face with hesitation.

Mirialia put her hand close to the beauty’s mouth while gazing that plentiful twin hills, but she couldn’t feel any breath from the woman nor see any movement from the plentiful hills.

(The color of her hair and skin, and bat’s wing on her back, they are certainly match with the characteristic of demon king who hold enormous power in the legend. But I never heard about female demon king. It was more that 400 years since the last true demon king defeated. At that time, the majority of demon race were destroyed. And handful race who self claimed as survived demon race alse destroyed 300 years ago. How to say it, demon king is merely past existence, that’s common sense. But now, the woman who lying in front of me has characteristic of demon king.)

When Mirialia staring at sleeping beauty with embarrassment, The closed eyes of the beauty slightly moved.


When Mirialia gasped air, the eyes moved again. The eyes which tightly closed slowly opened. Pupil with radiating color showed up.

(…sparkling, lapis lazuli colored eyes, as expected, the true demon king?)

Mirialia’s sight unintentionally met with the beauty’s. Because just woke up, the beauty saw Mirialia faintly meanwhile Mirialia saw the beauty with rigid.

(What a beautiful eyes, it’s like pull me in. Maybe I’ve already captured? After all, it seem my fate as defeated soldier will end here.)

Mirialia felt her crisis situation when she saw the beauty’s eyes are getting brighter. Well, even now her situation didn’t improve even slightly, so prepared for the worst.

The beauty’s bright lapis lazuli colored eyes which faintly see Mirialia at first now getting sharped. And the beauty saw miralia with those eyes.

The beauty’s bright lapis lazuli eyes and Mirialia’s blue sapphire eyes were reflected each other. When Mirialia admired by the beauty’s charm and sensuality, the beauty opened her mouth.

“You, did you the one who wake me up?”

“I didn’t do anything special, but, I’m the one who pour magical power to the magic square and open the lid of this sarcophagus.”

When Mirialia heard voice of the beauty, she answered with low voice. And then the bauty give a small laugh and raised her upper body.

The beauty seductively showed her cleavage with her dress and shake her plentiful twin hills. While raising her upper body she slowly stretch bat wings on her back. When Mirialia saw wide opened bat wings, she ask.

“…Black hair, white skin, bright eye color, and bat wings on the back, are you demon king?”

“…Ah yeah, there are some people who call me like that. Asking such question means, it’s not like you know who really I am and want to utilize my power right, elf-san? ”

Mirialia give a dry smile and answered the beauty’s words.

“…I’m just a defeated soldier now. I found this cave in the middle of escape. I could enter but couldn’t get out so I go deeper and found this sarcophagus. Because of of my selfishness I opened the lid to found out if there is anything inside.”

“…Oh, if that case, you are a grave robber right? Furthermore, demon king’s grave robber.”

The beauty responded with amusing tone and loosen cheek. Mirialia nodding with self-derision and answering back.

“Certainly it’s like that. Even though I was defeated, not only opened the grave but also disturbing your, demon king’s, sleep. I’m ridiculously fool.”

The beauty have amusing look at Mirialia who laughing herself in self-derision. She open her mouth when Mirialia stop murmur.

“…It’s so funny to be woken up by a woman like you. Your name, let me hear it, you grave robber elf.”

“… I am Mirialia von Vrauwalt. The leader of third knight of Weissburg Earldom army, but now I just defeated soldier and grave robber.”

Mirialia answer the beauty’s question in a quiet tone. The beauty who received Mirialia’s answer, opened her mouth with a smile.

“Well, nice to meet you, Mirialia von Vrauwalt, my name is Iris. If said in your words, I’m demon king.”

The beauty, Iris the Demon King, gave her name with embarrassment smile, and Mirialia felt that her body stiffen when heard that name.


When Mirialia have encountered demon king Iris, one part of Rodina remnant hunter army began to built tent in order to avoid rain near the cave where Iris have slept.

The wolves which give up on searching Mirialia come back to Rodina soldiers who rape captured elves during remnant hunting.

When the magician who controlled the wolves know the trace of Mirialia from the wolves, immediately he told the commander. The commander told his men that there is presence of new rape target, and move when the rain stop.

Remnants hunt army started move to catch Mirialia while dragging the elves who became PoW. They who have won didn’t know, that demon king was awaken. They who unlucky didn’t know, that their target, Mirialia have met with awoken demon king. And The stupidly didn’t know, what waiting for them is hell.


When escaping, Mirialia lost in suspicious cave. Since she could not go back, she went further. In that place she woken up a beautiful woman. The elf who lost her country and escaping encountered with a beauty, that beauty is continue sleeping and forgotten by history, The Sleeping Beauty (read:Demon King)

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The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon?

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