The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon? – Prologue

The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon?

It’s just teaser, I don’t really plan to translate it I just found out it’s interesting.
This series is heavy, really heavy.



7 Brumaire1, Year 438 of Continental History, Weissburg forest.

On 7 Brumaire, Year 438 of Continental History, One country disappeared from maps and from history.

The name of the country is Weissburg Earldom. It’s one of three hundred monarchies which belong to Holy Rhineland Union Empire. It’s a country of elves race who live in forest and good at magic and using bows.

A country with a castle set in a vast forest. Weissburg town with Weissburg castle in the center, assimilated small town and village in its vicinity and formed small country, that was In Floréal2, Year 438 of Imperial History. In particular, it has power among other monarchies in the empire. And appear in electoral meeting in order to elect the emperor of empire. There are 7 countries that act as elector. But suddenly it’s attacked by one of elector country, Rodina March.

The soldiers of Weissburg Earldom who focused on elves were in great surprise and struggling for defensive battle. In the familiar forest, they keep continuing resistance with magic and bow until large army surged and broke the defensive line. At 7 Brumaire, two months since the invasion is started, Weissburg castle is fell. With that, Weisburg earldom is ruined. The earl of Weissburg Earldom is useless corpse under the blade of surged army of Rodina March.

Rodima March occupied former Weissburg Earldom with large army who were guided by puppeted nephew of Weissburg earl. At the same time, hunt for remnants of Weissburg army who make intense resistant was started.

The soldiers of former Weissburg Earldom forces remnants were captured with force and utmost cruelty. Among them, the ones who have terrible eyes were female officer and female soldier of elves. White skin like smooth ceramics with gold or silk thread, beautiful golden or silver hair, blue or purple jewel-like eyes. Their beautifulness is known not only by surrounding country, but also the whole continent. Rodina and mercenary who joined in remnant hunting are attacking females remnant who captured.

Female officer, especially the ones with beautiful appearance became prisoner of war (That’s the title) were given to soldier’s superior, meanwhile the soldier bare their fang towards leftover female. The voice of their cried when get violent sexual assault could be heard in forest and Weissburg castle (Female officer and female soldier who became PoW, have the same fate whether carried away or left behind). In that place, only sadness was echoed.

In deep forest which full of echoed scream of raped elves, desperate situation between remnant and remnant hunter which multiplied the sound of war, somehow, there are some remnant that pass through the tragedy and scattered everywhere. One of them is the 3rd knight leader Mirialia von Vrauwalt. She hid her tired body in shade of trees.

She is wrapped in emerald green coated full body light armor, with ponytail hair gathered with silver thread, glittering blue-crystal eyes, beautiful and excellent in magic and combat technique, and called as The Blue Wind of Weissburg. Fatigue from fierce battle and escaping undermining her whole body. While she resting her body and frowned her face, she put leather bag containing water to her mouth, and poured a warm water into her throat to recover herself.

Although it was only small lukewarm water, it’s soaked her tiredness, after giving small sigh, Miliaria continue to go deeper inside forest.

The sound of war which faintly heard before, how is gone. Miliaria who noticed it slightly relaxed her focus. But she was aware that fatigue is undermining her body because when she relaxed, her eyebrows were pushed.

With body undermined by fatigue, Miliaria continue her journey alone. While she walking on and on alone, there is figure of cave entrance in front of her. To confirm the condition of the cave, she examine it from trees’ shade. There is no sign of single human nor animal in that cave.

“… Is it a kind of wndhole?”

When Miliaria murmur in puzzled, raindrops fell on her cheek. When Mirialia noticed it, she look at the sky and more raindrop fall between leaves and become downpour. Miliaria wa soaked by downpour and make a smile to laugh at herself.

“… It’s really suit me, defeated soldier who can’t protect anything.”

Miliaria stand up after murmured that, and while soaked by downpour, she continue her words.

“I could endure if only weather like this. If only this place is beast or bandit’s nest, it rather suitable for my shabby life’s end.”

Mirialia who murmured with self-derision and desperation turned towards the entrance of the cave with a bit awkward foot step and eventually her appearance disappeared into the cave.

After Mirialia entering the cave for a while, Rodina soldier who entering forest release magical wolves in order to hunted large number of remnants. One of the wolves catch Miliaria’s scent and follow it. But suddenly Mirialia scent is gone. Bewildered magical wolves are survey surrounding but entrance cave that ruina entered in nowhere to be found. The magical wolves are examined dense tree for a while and finally gave up then run away.

From here, it’s the beginning the story of two woman. Female elf soldier who lost her country and female demon king who awake from long sleep. This is story of that two people.

1. 2nd (or 10th?) Month of france republican calendar (24 Oct – 23 Nov), the author wrote Month of Fogs/Mist, Google-jiichan told me this.

2. 8th (or 4th?)  Month of france republican calendar (20 Apr – 20 May), Month of Flower raw is Month of Sakura

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The Escape Destination is Demon King Dungeon?

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