Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 13

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 13
Let’s Bring Linde Back to School Part 2


“Eh..? Linde wasn’t coming to school since that duel?”

I was shocked by what Myurei-sensei talked about.

It seems since Linde lost to me in that duel, she absent from her class.

Ah, that’s right, there was one empty seat in classroom but I never thought that was Linde’s.

How should I put it, the one who I defeated in duel became my classmate?

“Well since she was defeated like that~ furthermore having the table turned by normal person. It can’t be help if she won’t come to school anymore.”
“It’s not only that. Linde had such personality right? Because there is high level of skill, she tend to look down her surrounding and being disliked. Then she lost in that way. Surely that make her don’t want to come to school again.”

I’ve done bad thing to Linde.

Maybe it was her bad for challenging duel, but though it was unintentional, I knocked her down in single strike.

This guilty feeling is bad…

“And then, why you discussed it with me who is the culprit?”

It was me who caused her to not coming to school, so if I do that, I think it will be counterproductive.

“For teacher like me, it’s difficult to say, but Linde had no one that she could call friend. If it was you, I think you could become her friend.”
“Why you think so?”
“Just my feeling.”

Is that so.

Feeling my amazement state, Myurei-sensei continue her word in hurry.

“I’t not only that. How to say it, you have charm… etto, I don’t have such preference, so don’t look at me with such expectation.”

Cih… I was planning to get her since she is beautiful though.

…right, it’s not the time for playing.

“It’s like that. What I want to say is that you have talent to getting along with anyone. There is such atmosphere.”

Getting along with anyone huh?

On the contrary, when I was in Japan I was hated by everyone.

“Somehow there was I-can’t-accept-that face. It can’t be helped, I’ll tell you what I think. In short, your atmosphere is same as Ruina when she was student.”

The same as Ruina when she was students? What’s that mean?

“She was very popular when she enrolled. There were a lot student around her every time. Just being beside her, everyone is full of spirit. She is such existence. Ruina is liked by everyone.”
“Stop that Myurei-sensei. Don’t praise me too much. You won’t get anything from me.”
“I just said the truth.”

Surely I understand that.

When I met Ruina for first time, I thought she was very cheerful girl.

That cheerfulness is always helped me.

Maybe I love her because she is like that.

Well, let’s put that aside.

“It’s not like I have charm like Ruina.”

I said it myself, I not so cheerful, and my communication power is not high.

And I’m not as cute as Ruina.

Myurei-sensei intensively glaring at me.

“Where was the one who made a whole class blown nosebleed and knock them down at her first day of transfer? Even I got… ehm, I thought surely charm (Fascinating Magic) was used.”

That maybe effect of <Harem Queen> but I won’t say it now.

“Well, anyway, Nagi. I want you to bring back Linde to school. Even If you can’t do that, I won’t blame you. At least, can you become her friend? It’s miserable for a teacher but, I beg you.”

Myurei-sensei lowering her head to me while saying that.

Then, how should I answer it?

“I understood. I will become Linde’s friend and bring her back to school. I’ll use my full power to make a fun school life for her.”

It’s also my fault that Linde not coming to school, and I also want to get closer to her.

Above all, I don’t want Linde have painful feeling like me when in Japan.

I also don’t have any friend in Japan, rather, I was hated.

Abandoned by parents.

The one who being isolated in loneliness, only the past me is enough.

“Yosh, It’s decided! So, Nagi-chan let’s come to Linde’s place! Let’s hurry.”
“Let’s go.”
“Hn? You want to go now? It’s already late night, tomorrow is fine.”
“Well, there is nothing to do in this early time. And I want to make Linde feeling better quickly.”
“You two…”

I and Ruina immediately move towards inn’s entrance.

I don’t know whether I could do anything or not, but I can’t leave a girl who being isolated in loneliness.

Wait for me, Linde.

“…Do you know where Linde lives?”


We fell down when heard Myurei-sensei’s words.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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