Yuri Empire – 001

Yuri Empire

1. Atros Online

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/1/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

Everyone, good job for 36 hours guild war endurance
As usual, this week’s [Aerial Castle (Atros)] Occupation Guild List will be posted.

Atros Northern Snow Mountain – Occupied by “Erticia”
Atros Northeast Icefield – Occupied by “Hien”
Atros Western Ash Soil – Occupied by “Leisure Chamber of Commerce”
Atros Western Grassland – Successful defense of “Kronos Gaze” (2nd week)
Atros Eastern Desert – Occupied by “Ascard”
Atros Eastern Islands – Successful defense of “Yuri Empire” (620th week)
Atros Southwestern Wilderness – Occupied by “Donbei Shokai”
Atros Southern Glacier – Successful defense of “Sagittarius” (1st week)

  1. Anonymous <God Beast Master>

Ooh. It’s changed a lot this week
Although it’s just a guild with a name you often see

  1. Anonymous <Valkyrie>

This week, the two northern bases were so fierce that it was fun to see from the side.
It was a melee with more than 4 guilds disturbed in both the snowy mountains and the ice field.

  1. Anonymous <Gokusho>

It was a weak guild that was conquered last week.
It seems like a duck and can be attacked by multiple guilds.

  1. Anonymous <Spirit Archer>

On the other hand, there are no guilds that attacked the “Yuri Empire” this week as well.
I understand

  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

There is no idiot attacking the castle that always comes out with 360 people…

  1. Anonymous <Swordsman>

A normal guild would lose 50 or so people if attacked late at night or early in the morning.
All of the Yuri Empire are NPCs, so almost full members will appear in defense battles…
Is there a job in real? If you attack in the morning or noon, only Gilmas will be absent.
Still, it is too hard to deal with 359 level 200 NPCs

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>

The siege side has a limit on the number of people that can be deployed. Only up to 4 raids = 96 people can be deployed.
Players are more than twice as strong as NPCs, but they are still overwhelmed by numbers

  1. Anonymous <Death Guru>

Nah, certainly compared to “players using p2w equipment”
“Ordinary subordinate NPCs” are less than half as strong.
The story changes because everyone in the Yuri Empire is an “NPC full of p2w equipment”

  1. Anonymous <Magician>

But I heard that the NPC’s ability score is only half that of the player.

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>

Certainly, the ability of NPCs is usually only half of players.
However, if you raise the NPC’s favorability to 1000 and give a “wedding ring (800 yen)”, the ability value of the NPC which given the ring increases according to the favorability.
If the favorability is about 50000, it will be the same ability value as the player.

The color of this ring changes according to the favorability, so it can be distinguished to some extent by appearance.
Immediately after marriage, the favorability is 1000, which is “golden”, and when the favorability rises to 10000, it is “green”. 50000 is “red”, 100000 is “purple”, and 150000 or more is “white”.

When this “white” is reached, the NPC’s ability value will increase to four times the initial value.
In other words, the NPC of the Yuri Empire is about twice as strong as the player.


  1. Anonymous <priest>

It’s a lie, you…
Tell me it’s a lie …

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>

By the way, the favorability of NPCs is extremely difficult to increase.
If you log in to the game every day, it will be “+5”, if you talk to an NPC, it will be “+5”,
If you form a party or raid with an NPC and fight together, “+5”,
A gift can be given up to twice a week, so you can increase it by “+20” x 2 times.

Therefore, the limit is to increase “+145” in a week at the maximum.
One year is about 52 weeks, so if you do your best for one year, it will be about “+7540”.
In other words, it takes about 20 years at the fastest to increase the favorability to 150000 or more.

  1. Anonymous <Samurai>

It’s amazing to log in to the same game every day for 20 years …
No, first of all, Atros Online, which has been in operation for over 20 years, is amazing.

  1. Anonymous <Spirit Archer>

The oldest players in this game are only those who have been playing for 20 to 30 years.

  1. Anonymous <Swordsman>

Well, wait, the wedding ring costs 800 yen, right?
Need almost 300000 yen to get married with 359 characters…?

  1. Anonymous <Death Guru>

Moreover, all NPCs of the Yuri Empire are equipped with the highest class p2w equipment.
There is no doubt that it costs 20000 to 30000 per character.

  1. Anonymous <Gokusho>

If you are not good at it, the total billing amount will exceed 10 million.

  1. Anonymous <God Samurai>

To equip 359 NPCs with heavy-charge equipment
I don’t know how much gacha should be turned
Is the guild master of the Yuri Empire the oil king or something?

  1. Anonymous <Saint>

I want you to support my real life with NPCs …

  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

Me too

  1. Anonymous <Death Guru>

Equipment aside, it’s really hard for everyone to be an extreme level NPC

  1. Anonymous <Senior Alchemist>

10 times “reincarnation” is needed to make a high level character, and each reincarnation will reset the level to 0, or the level will not be capped into 200…
Raising 349 NPC to the limit is extreme madness…

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>

Because the initial level cap is limited to 100, and it adds by +5 for each additional reincarnation
There’s no mistake, the number of reincarnations required to reach level 200 is about “20 times”.

  1. Anonymous <Swordsman>

I feel like
I feel dizzy

  1. Anonymous <God Beast Master>

Moreover, NPCs cannot earn experience points by acting alone, right?

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>

Can not. Only when partying with players on the same map.
NPCs are designed so that experience points cannot be obtained.
The maximum number of parties is 6, so up to 5 people can be trained at the same time.
However, NPCs have 10 times more experience points than players to level up.

  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

[This part of the Yuri Empire is crazy]
・ All NPCs are “level 200” (total level up 3150 times required)
・ All NPCs are wearing “white” wedding rings (it takes 20 years at the fastest)
・ All NPCs are fully p2w equipment (tens of thousands of yen per person)

  1. Anonymous <Saint>

ト’-‘ | _

  1. Anonymous <Death Guru>

Seriously crazy
If she goes this far, the only thing we can do is respect it

  1. Anonymous <architect>

certainly it cannot be done without at least love.
I trained 5 characters for my party members, it was my limit

  1. Anonymous <musician>

Is the Yuri Empire all women? Master and NPCs?

  1. Anonymous <Spirit Archer>

Of course
It says “Yuri”. Can’t you read?

  1. Anonymous <Assassin>

The master Yuri-chan, who has many NPC girls,
Aside from the appearance, the contents are definitely men.

  1. Anonymous <Death Guru>

I’m 100% sure
A man is always happy with Yuri harem
The source is me

  1. Anonymous <Magic Warrior>

It’s still very great though…
How much love he gives to bring up 359 characters?

  1. Anonymous <Swordsman>

Moreover, all of them are equipped with p2w equipment …
Also want to be fed by a beautiful oil queen (at least in appearance)
At this time, the gender of the contents does not matter.

  1. Anonymous <Knight of the Holy Guard>

Rather, it would be better to grow it

  1. Anonymous <Rokusei Sage>



“Huhahahaha! Everyone will say whatever they want!”

Yuri, who was reading a series of posts on the “bulletin board” provided as an in-game function to kill time until the person she was meeting with came, couldn’t stand it and started laughing out loud on the spot.

Yuri is now in front of the church in the beginner’s town “Mirent”. The appearance of Yuri, who suddenly began to make a loud laugh in such a place, may have been reflected as strange.

Yuri noticed that people in the vicinity were looking at her with suspicious eyes, and hurriedly repaired her expression and corrected her posture.

(I’m supposed to be a “woman” biologically)

While maintaining a perfect poker face, Yuri leaks a small sneak laugh and mutters in her heart.

The bulletin board said, “It’s always a man who is happy with Yuri harem.” Unfortunately, I don’t think that’s the case.

Because, as proof of that, the guild “Yuri Empire” is a guild created by Yuri herself, who is a genuine “woman”.


  There is an online game named “Atros Online”.

So-called “third generation” VR devices — Playing with headset devices that have dramatically improved image quality and display delays, allowing you to experience a realistic virtual world, around the end of 2050 It is one of the VR-MMO-RPGs that started operation in Japan, and is one of the popular titles with more than 200,000 players at its peak.


However, online games are not long-lasting.

The popularity of the game is declining quickly, and the change of game machines is also quick due to technological progress.

Two years have passed since the start of operation, and by the time the next “fourth generation” VR equipment began to be distributed to the market, the number of players had already dropped to nearly 10% of its peak.

Even so, “Atros Online” did not suffer from the end of service early.

Due to the drastic decrease in profits from players, it is almost impossible to promote the game, and despite the fact that the number of new players has stopped increasing, the remaining “10% of players” still love the game. That’s the reason.

Two years after the service started, the decrease in the number of players stopped like a lie, and even after a period of one year, two years, even 10 or 20 years or more, the remaining “10% of the Players” never left “Atros Online”.

If 10% of 200,000 players, that is, “20,000” players can be stably secured, online games can generate sufficient profits.

In the fast-growing online game market, “Atros Online” will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. How unusual this is should be easy to understand for anyone who is familiar with online games.

Moreover, in the last 10 years alone — it’s surprising because they say that the number of players is increasing little by little, not decreasing.

Surely there are new people who are interested in the fact that it is a “game that has been loved by players for a very long time” and are installing the game.

Of course, the increase in new players should be a pleasure for old players as well.

“Atros Online” has a content called “Guild War” in which each guild competes for a base called “Atros”. The other day, the guild masters of about 30 major guilds who have been actively participating in this “Guild War” for many years gathered and had a meeting. And as a result, it was decided that each guild would provide support for beginner players.

I – Yuri is also one of the guild masters who participated in the meeting.
The name of the guild mastered by Yuri is “Yuri Empire”.
It’s a powerful guild that always occupies one aerial castle (Atros) and regularly participates in guild war. However, the truth is a “solo guild” which only has one player, “Yuri”.
All the others, 359 of the 360 members belonging to the “Yuri Empire” are “subordinate NPCs” created and raised by Yuri.

“NPC” is an abbreviation for “non-player character” and refers to a character that is operated by AI, not the player, and acts automatically.
In “Atros Online”, each player can create up to 5 “subordinate NPCs” when the game is first started.
This subordinate NPC absolutely follows the player’s instructions as the word “subordinate” is included in the name. Therefore, the player can have the subordinate NPC accompany the character that he or she directly controls to participate in the battle, or the player can instruct them to perform independent actions such as collection and production.

In “Atros Online”, up to 6 characters can gather to form a “party”, so by carrying all 5 subordinate NPCs, you can actually enjoy party play even solo. It was also the biggest attraction of this game.
Online games are also games where you can enjoy communicating with others. However, it is not uncommon to want to play silently alone.
As a general rule, subordinate NPCs are weaker than the characters operated by the player, and there is a limitation that experience points can only be obtained when acting with the player.
Even with such a minus point, the subordinate NPC was a very convenient existence that could be freely carried around at any time.

Also, if a player purchases an item called “Additional Subordinate NPC Creation Ticket” that is sold for 500 yen, the player can increase the number of subordinate NPCs by one.
In “Atros Online”, you can form a “Raid” by collecting 4 parties, which is the unit of the number of participants in a specific dungeon or boss battle.
Therefore, there are many players who have created additional NPCs for 18 people so that they can form a raid for a total of 24 people with their own characters alone.
It will be up to each person to see the cost of 9000 yen required for that purpose as high or low.

By the way, in the case of Yuri, by purchasing this “additional subordinate NPC creation ticket” 354 times, a total of 359 subordinate NPCs can be registered.
It goes without saying that it costs a considerable amount of money.
The “guild” that can accommodate up to 360 characters is filled with only her own characters, as expected only Yuri could do this.

“I’m sorry, Yuri-san. You seem to have kept waiting.”

A town called “Levent” known as the “starting town” because people who newly play the “Atros Online” game always visit first. There was a sudden voice send towards Yuri who was standing right in front of the church in the town and reading the “bulletin board”.
The main voice is a male character who looks better with round glasses and shorter than Yuri, who is a woman, and has a wind spirit with four translucent wings on her left shoulder. It is an easy-to-understand privilege of spirit user (enist) class to be able to carry spirits in this way.

“Alter-san. No, I just arrived here.”

Yuri bowed a little and said so, and a man called Alter also responded by bowing a little.

“You seemed to have a relaxed expression, is there something interesting?”

“Yes, please see. The posts on this bulletin board”

After telling that, Yuri will share the screen of the “bulletin board” displayed in the field of view so that it can be seen from Alter.
Alter is the only player Yuri has acquaintance with not only in the game but also in reality, that is, he knows that the person in Yuri is a woman.
Alter, who took about 2 minutes to read a series of writings, burst into laugh suddenly.

“Fufu … No, this is unavoidable. A whole yuri harem, no matter how you think about it, is the “man’s dream” itself.”

“For me, it’s just a ‘woman’s dream’.”

“I think this is far better than it was a decade ago, but unfortunately, even in today’s society, I cannot say that the understanding of the sexual minority has improved.”

It’s probably because they actually experience it in their daily lives. Alter’s muttering words seemed to have some mysterious weight.
The person in Alter is “a man who likes men”, and the person in Yuri is “a woman who likes women”. The positions of the two were exactly the opposite, but they were also in agreement in that they were the same “homosexual.”
However, while the person in Alter is an open man who professes to be “gay” around him, he actually lives with his partner. There is a big difference that Yuri lives every day while hiding the fact that she is a homosexual (lesbian), and she’s almost forty “single woman” who does not have a specific partner.

“…Well, let’s stop talking about real things. If we talk about it, let’s do it at a liquor table nearby.
So Yuri-san, could you bring me some items to support beginners? ”

“I have brought it. I will hand it over now.”

Display the “Transaction” window toward Alter in front of her, and Yuri arranges the items she brought in the <Inventory>.

There are 3000 “life potions” and 3000 “mana potions” at the lowest level, and 100 “magic bags” that increase the number of items that can be stored in the <inventory> by equipping them.

It’s a completely useless item for Yuri and Alters whose level has reached the limit of << 200 >> long ago. Still, it’s a useful item for beginner players who have just started Atros Online.

“This is … For the lowest potion, there is quite a lot of recovery.. As expected, there’s something when all NPCs under the control of production staff are available. ”

After the transaction was successfully completed. While checking the items in his <inventory>, Alter leaks the words as if he was impressed.

“Yeah, I’m proud of it because it’s made by my wife.”

Yuri replied with a happy smile to Alter’s words.
There is no doubt that she would not be happy that her bride was highly evaluated.

□ Lowest level life potion / quality [255]

By taking it, vitality is restored by “510”.

  • It is the most common spirit of life, and when you drink it, your vitality will be restored immediately.
  • Created by <Alchemist> Alma of “Yuri Empire”.

The quality value of an item is said to be “high quality” when it exceeds 80, and “ultra-high quality” when it exceeds 120, and the higher the quality value, the stronger the effect.
Considering that HP recovers only about 40 to 60 with the lowest level life potion sold in stores, the amount of life potion recovery that Yuri has now transferred to Alter is no longer that of the “lowest level”. Only a life potion that is two or three ranks higher has about the same amount of life recovery.
By the way, the quality value of “255” is also the upper limit in the game.

“Giving such a high-quality potion may increase the number of beginners who are interested in production.
By the way, is it okay to hand over these items from my guild members to beginners? I think it would be a good promotion for “Yuri Empire” if it was distributed directly there. ”

“Because we are a solo guild. It seems to be difficult for me to distribute it to beginners by myself, so I don’t want to do it. So I would appreciate it if you could distribute it to “Donbei Shokai”.”

Yuri mentioned the name “Donbei Shokai”, which is a guild whose master is Alter.
It is one of the famous major guilds, and it certainly achieved results in the guild war this week, and occupied one of the aerial castles (Atros).

“That’s right … If that’s the case, then no need hesitate to take care of it. Please forgive me if our guild members use it to promote “Donbei Shokai”.”

“Yes, please do not hesitate to use it. Certainly, “Donbei Shokai” still has some room for guild members and it would be welcome for those who wish to join.
My guild is already full, if a beginner has interest in my guild and says “I want to enter”, I will be in trouble. ”

“Ah. I see, that might be the case.”

Alter, who received Yuri’s words, immediately responded with a broken face.
“Yuri Empire” is an individual guild that exists only for the guild master Yuri.
The number of guilds that can belong to up to 360 people is occupied only by Yuri himself and Yuri’s “wives”, and there is no room to put someone else in there from the beginning.

“Then I’ve done the work, so I’m going back to the guild home.”

“I understand. Please give my best regards to your wife.”

“Needless to say”

After answering Alter’s words so quickly, Yuri leaves the church.

The president has told me to come to work a little earlier tomorrow. I don’t have much time to play Atros Online because I want to be in bed at the latest tonight by the time the date changes.

So I’m sorry for Alter, but I wanted to go back to my guild as soon as I had done the work.

Yuri’s time logged in to “Atros Online” is all for spending time with her wives (everyone) of “Yuri Empire”.


 Using the transfer point in the center of the town of Levent, Yuri will move to the aerial castle (Atros) in the Eastern Islands.
This aerial castle has been occupied by the guild “Yuri Empire” for more than 10 years. The perception that it was a base to compete with other guilds was lost, and now it has changed to the perception that this aerial castle is their guild home.

“”Welcome back, master””

When opening the heavy door and entering the aerial castle, two maid girls standing in the hall recognized the appearance of Yuri, immediately said so and bowed deeply.

Innocent girls with two cat ears standing from behind the white brim. The girl on the left had clear purple round eyes, and the girl on the right had slightly too long bangs that completely covered her eyes.

“I’m relieved that you’ve returned safely”

“Thank you, Caprice. Thank you Novlet. Is there anything today?”

“Yes. There are no visitors today, and we do not have any package or messages.”

The girl with clear eyes on the left is Caprice, and the girl on the right is Novlet.
Both of them are “subordinate NPCs” raised by Yuri from level 1, and they are also “bride” who are married to Yuri in the game. As evidence, the ring fingers on the left hands of the two girls were fitted with a beautifully shining pure white ring.
Both Caprice and Novlet are characters with extremely high abilities despite their cute appearance. The professions of the two are the highest-ranking maids, God Warrior “Tetra”, and the level has naturally reached the upper limit of 200.
Originally, maid-type occupations do not have that high fighting ability. Yuri generously gives rare items and chargeable items to her “wife”, so even if both of them are fighters of the same level, they have enough fighting power to beat them.

“Yes, I understand …. Both of you, closed your eyes.”


Yuri gently kissed the lips of the girls who closed their eyelids while facing slightly upward.

In “Atros Online”, basically, regardless of whether it is a PC or an NPC, you can only touch the body of another person’s hands or arms.
The message “Warning: Harassment” appears just by touching the other person’s shoulders or back, and a mysterious repulsive force is generated on the chest and buttocks so that they can never be touched. Of course, it is usually impossible to bring the lips into contact with each other.
There is one exception to this. As a game system, it was allowed to “kiss” only once a day only when the partner “NPC” who was “married” to the player.
Of course, even if you are married, you can’t do anything more than kissing. In a VR game with high reality, it seems to Yuri that even one kissing act is sufficiently epoch-making.

“Thank you Master…”

Both of them took about 20 seconds to enjoy the kissing time slowly. Caprice expressed her gratitude with a sweet voice, with her cheeks blushing and her eyes fluttering.
Even if you know that it is a reaction programmed as the AI of the game. After all, Yuri was happy to get such a reaction back from her kissing.

By the way, Yuri is naturally married to all the 359 girls under her control, who belong to the “Yuri Empire”.
So she meets and greets all 359 girls and exchanges kisses with them. It’s a daily routine that Yuri never misses, and at the same time it’s the greatest fun of the game.
That’s why Yuri spends tonight as well — until the last minute when she has to sleep in preparation for tomorrow’s work, visiting and interacting with the girls in the game that she loves.

Yuri Empire

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