Yuri Empire – 002

Yuri Empire

2. Horaiji Yuri

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/2/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


I — Horaiji Yuri is a homosexual “Lesbian”.
The first time I fell in love … I think it was when I was in the 4th grade of elementary school. The other party is a girl in the same class who sits next to me. I remember she was being a quiet child, like reading a book all the time during breaks. I often looked at the profile of the child who was absorbed in the book quietly from the side.

I learned “love” because I knew that I felt happy just by that.

When I reached the fifth grade of elementary school, there was a class change and the class was separated from that child. Then I noticed that I was in love with another girl.

After that, every time there was a class change or a transfer, and every time I was separated from the person I liked, I repeated a new love many times.

Sometimes I quiet children, sometimes active children. Sometimes I fell in love with a wise child, and sometimes I fell in love with a slightly stupid child. The tendency was inconsistent, and I fell in love with various types of children.

Even so, it was consistent that I always liked “girls”.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t like men. In fact, as a “friend” to play with, I would have treated boys without any distinction. Still — no matter how close you are. It was strange that I never had a feeling of “like” for the opposite sex.

The people I like are always girls of the same sex as me.

By the time I graduated from junior high school, I’ve  repeated more than 10 loves. (Oh, so I’m that kind of person), I naturally came to understand my own habits. Around this time, I had made a “confession” to a girl I liked several times. …… Unfortunately, there was no one who would accept it.

Furthermore, whether you become a high school student or a university student, you will constantly fall in love with various girls. At some point, I often “liked” multiple opponents at the same time. If you like two or three people at one time, you’re still a level of cute. At times, I even fell in love with more than 10 girls at the same time. When I arrived at this point, I couldn’t help but understand the fact that I was a “a caring person” before I was recognized myself as “homosexual”. To put it badly, it also means “dishonest”. From around this time, I often fell into self-loathing when sleeping at night.

Even if I knew it was a bad habit, I couldn’t control my feelings of liking multiple people at the same time. However, even though I knew I was a “dishonest” person, I couldn’t confess to the other person. I had no choice but to cover the feeling of “like” that was born in her heart and eventually gave up on telling it to the other party.

I, who acquired several qualifications while attending university, moved to the immediate vicinity of my parents’ house in Aichi upon graduating from university and began working as a garden designer at a landscaping company run by my grandfather. Although most of the employees were men, it was a workplace where I had little warmth. Given my bad habits, I was grateful because in such a place I would last longer.

In addition to being particularly pleased because his granddaughter came to his company, my grandfather gave me an extraordinary amount of salary, which was clearly disproportionate to new graduates. In addition, he was not dissatisfied with my work because he often saw me while I was working and educated me carefully.

It was around that time that I learned about “Atros Online”, a full-dive VRMMO-RPG, from a game-loving colleague named Arita who joined the company in sync with Yuri.



The next day, I left the company immediately after finishing the day’s work without any problems while enduring the drowsiness caused by lack of sleep. Today is Friday. My grandfather’s company will take a proper rest on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, so it will be two consecutive holidays from tomorrow. Of course, all the free time will be devoted to “Atros Online”.

(Is this week’s gacha lottery rate increase for knight-type equipment? I’d like to update the armor of Shirayuri’s children to the strongest equipment soon)

As with many MMO-RPGs, even in “Atros Online”, “superlative” equipment can only be obtained as a gacha prize.

I was equivalent to a so-called “whaler” because without hesitation spending about 60 to 70% of the salary I received into the game. Still, it is not easy to prepare equipment for 360 people including myself. I’ve been playing the game for over 20 years, and I’ve been charging a fair amount every month, so I managed to get all available “superlative” level weapons, armor, and accessories for 360 members.  However, the “strongest equipment” that can always be obtained only from the latest gacha could only be equipped by the captain’s child of each unit at best.

Since 359 subordinate NPCs belong to the guild “Yuri Empire”, it is internally classified by occupation (class) and managed as a total of 12 units.


24 knights who are good at both offense and defense “Himeyuri (Patia)”.
24 knights with particularly excellent defense ability “Shirayuri (Estia)”.
24 knights with particularly excellent annihilation ability “Kuroyuri (Nostia)”.

24 sage who specialize in range attack magic “Red Rose (Enclaise)”.
24 archers who specialize in long-range precision attacks “Yellow Rose (Nilclaise)”.
24 spiritualists who specialize in fighting against magicians “Blue Rose (Shcraze)”.

A 24 member swordsman unit that specializes in gambling “Sakuraka (Ouka)”.
A 24 member shrine maiden unit who specializes in barrier art “Red Plum (Kobai)”.
A 24 member saints unit who specializes in range recovery magic “Water Lily (Suiren)”.

72 member maid unit who specializes in support and intelligence “Nadeshiko”.
24 member work force who specializes in the construction of bases and barriers “Kikyo”.
47 member production unit that specializes in the production of armor and consumables  “Rindo”.

The captains and deputy captains of 10 units, excluding the craftsman “Kikyou” and the production manager “Ryuji”, are always equipped with the “strongest equipment” from the latest gacha. However, unfortunately, with my salary, the current situation is that the “strongest equipment” cannot be prepared for the other children. Of course, the equipment with the performance that can be called “pseudo-strongest”, whose performance is slightly lower than the strongest equipment, is equipped to all children …

It was the true intention that I wanted to spin more gachas if possible and provide all the children with the “strongest equipment”.

(… I wonder if I should at least make the dinner cheaper so that I can use it for gacha charges)

In terms of equipment, even though I give preferential treatment to the captain’s and deputy captain’s. I intend to love all 359 wives who belong to the guild without distinction.

If the meal fee is cheap, there is a possibility that I can turn the gacha once or twice more and improve the equipment of my wives. Then, it was natural for me to prioritize the child I loved over the satisfaction of dinner.

“— Horai-ji-san”


I, who can enter a ramen shop, a yakiniku shop, or any other shop with “one person” without hesitation, wondered which beef bowl shop to go home today. When the name was suddenly called, so I stopped. When I looked over, I saw Arita, a male colleague who wore work clothes.

“What a coincidence. Did you just leave the company?”

“Ah, yes. Yes, but Mr. Arita — Oh, yeah. Today’s exterior enforcement site was just near here. Is that also the end of work?”

While I only design landscaping, Arita is a landscaping engineer who does the landscaping work itself. Therefore, unlike me, whose main design work is done at the company, Arita has a lot of work on site. Even if I work for the same company, I often don’t meet for a whole day. So it was just a coincidence that I was able to meet on my way home from work.

“Yes, the whole process has just finished and it has been disbanded. I was able to meet you, and would you like to have dinner with me?”

“Oh, are you sure you want to invite me? I hope your boyfriend doesn’t get jealous.”

I was saying that with a smile.
Arita also smiled and scratched the side of his head several times.

“Actually, my companion was on a business trip. Today I was alone.”

“I see. I don’t mind eating, but … I only go to cheap places, right?”

“I know. You want to spend your money for your wives, not for yourself, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Arita, who has a lot of work in the field, often meets in the game rather than in the company.

In other words, Arita, who is in front of me, was one of the the other party “Alter” that I had just met on “Atros Online” last night. Arita in front of me is a “gay” man, and just as I was a “lesbian” woman. Even though they are of different genders, they are the same homosexuals, and I have always interacted with Arita, both public and private. I have eaten with Arita’s boyfriend several times, and I also exchange messages with my smartphone app on a daily basis. So, of course, I already knew that Arita’s boyfriend was on a business trip. The previous lines were all just made fun of Arita with the knowledge.

“Is it okay to have a nearby family restaurant?”

“It’s good. I just wanted to eat Doria with a Milanese feel.”

“… At least let me have a drink bar.”

Arita told Yuri, who gave an inexpensive menu without hesitation, while pulling the edge of her lips. Of course, I wouldn’t hesitate if he would give me a favor.

I talked with Arita about my work while walking toward the family restaurant. I, who is always staying in the company, have many opportunities to meet with the client directly to see their opinions, and on the contrary, Arita goes out to work on the spot, so there are many things to notice in actual implementation. Therefore, it was indispensable to closely collaborate with each other on the impressions and knowledge gained from each other regarding the ongoing projects.

―――― The black one-box car got on the sidewalk just in the middle of talking with Arita.

It was already at night, but the lights weren’t turned on, and even though it was a one-lane road, the car was approaching the sidewalk at an incredible speed — in front of me.

Reflexively without thinking about anything. I pushed Arita’s body walking next to me. I know well about Arita and Arita’s boyfriend. I know how happy they are, even though they are gay.

Then — Arita should not have an accident in this place.

In an instant, I thought so, and my body was moving freely.

It is said that human beings can exert incredible power only at dangerous times. I’m sure it was true. I, who should be powerless, was able to push out Arita’s body, which is 10 cm taller than myself, with astonishing force. Then, I was the only one standing in front of the runaway one-box car.


Arita’s voice calling Yuri’s name disappeared as if it was cut off. All of the field of vision became pitch black, and only unpleasant noise similar to ringing inside my head began to be heard. I didn’t feel any pain unexpectedly, and I clearly understand.

(This is death)

It feels like something is peeling off from me, which I have never experienced before. Even if all five senses were cut off, only those senses were strangely clear.

(Well, rather than Arita-san, who has a partner, I’m the one who should die since I’m alone.)

In the sinking consciousness, I quietly thought so. It was an action without second thought, but I still have no regrets about what I did.

(— Oh, but if possible, a little more. I wanted to be with them)

What comes to mind at this time is the faces of 359 girls that I love.

I’m not afraid to die. The only thing that was painful for me was being unable to meet them anymore.

《―――― Let’s make your wish come true》

I felt that someone’s gentle voice was heard in my ears, which should have already been cut off.

Yuri Empire

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  1. I feel like there was no need to mention their homosexuality so bluntly so often. I understand that it is one of the important points about characte, but it mentioning so often felt unnatural. For example that bit: “I know how happy they are, even though they are gay”, bringing up their orientation again in the face of death sounds kind of forced.

    1. Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that. Feels like it is more of a stab at it, like “they’re happy, even though they’re gay”. There’s been a couple of other times it’s been thrown in like this too.

  2. Thank for the chapters ^^

    (… I wonder if I should at least make the dinner cheaper so that I can use it for gacha charges)

    ………After some flashbacks and PTSD

    Death to Gacha game! Death to Gacha creator! ∪ヽ(●-`Д´-)ノ彡☆

  3. “I was equivalent to a so-called “whaler” because without hesitation spending about 60 to 70% of the salary I received into the game.” My guy, that’s called a Leviathan. Not a Whale.

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