Yuri Empire – 044

Yuri Empire

044 Saintess

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
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Yuri and the other move to the reception room in the lord’s building. Compared to the previous “Throne Room”, the room is quite small. There are only 6 guests on the other side, so there is no need for a large room.

In the reception room, two sofas for three people are lined up across the table.

Yuri and Badantere high priests sat on the sofa on one side, and Saintess Estoa, Leonard high priest, and Roan high priest sat on the other side. Three of the Holy Knights stand behind them.

“Yuri-sama. This is the case of the Principality of Silesia, but… was it really good that you received it as a “declaration of war” from the other country?”

“Yeah? What does that mean?”

Yuri tilts her head because she doesn’t understand the meaning of the words asked by Estoa. The high priest Badantere explained instead.

“Here, Nildea was originally a city in the Kingdom of Eldart. The kingdom will soon launch an invasion to Nildea, as they will forgive that their city is taken away.”

“Yes, I know that …”

“In other words, Estoa-dono is worried that the ‘Yuri Empire’ will be at war with the kingdoms of Eldart and the Principality of Silesia at the same time.”

“—ah I see”

It was explained so far, and Yuri finally understood.

War is the ultimate “diplomacy” for the nation, and if it loses, it is also important for the survival of the nation. So it’s only natural to make the utmost preparation to minimize the chance of defeat.

The city of Nildea is adjacent to both the Kingdom of Eldart and the Principality of Silesia, so if you wage war at the same time, you will have no choice but to face two fronts. At that stage, the “defeat” of the war would be confirmed.
―――― Normally, though.

“Fufu. Thank you, Estoa”


It’s a happy thing to have someone worry about it.

Too happy, Yuri gently stroked Estoa’s head. Estoa was left at her mercy, with a slightly surprised expression on her face.

“Don’t worry, the Yuri Empire is stronger than you think.”

“Sure, that dragon who delivered the letter seemed to be very strong …”

“Fufu, that’s right, that’s right.”

In fact, the dragon Ladra Gruff was one of the strongest dragons. Even if the Kingdom of Eldart and the Principality of Silesia attack at the same time, if there is Ladra Gruff, it will be able to disperse with a margin. However — the fact that Yuri uses her as a working beast, is proof that Yuri is stronger than Ladra Gruff even when she is alone..

When she was talking about that, the door of the reception room was suddenly knocked. Maybe she brought what Yuri had asked for. As soon as Yuri called “come in”, Partita, the captain of “Nadeshiko”, came in.

“Excuse me. I brought tea and sweets.”

“Thank you, Partita. Please provide it to our customers.”

“Yes, immediately”

Partita has a dexterous hand, arranging tea and sweets for 5 people on the table.

By the way, the sweets are like chocolate tarts. It’s a simple confectionery made by pouring chocolate cream into tart dough, hardening it, and then sprinkling it with powdered sugar. As for Yuri, she likes these simple things more than elaborate sweets.

“Yuri-sama, is it okay to get more of this?”

“There are so many, so please do it.”

Yuri unintentionally smiled at the words of the high priest Badantere, who had no hesitation.

The meals and sweets served in the “Yuri Empire” are all cooked by the Euro of “Rindo” alone. When she makes sweets, she makes hundreds of them at once. Euro says, if she has “Nadeshiko”, she can keep it fresh and indefinitely, so it seems easier to mass-produce it all together. So it’s okay to think that sweets are basically in stock.

“Oh, it’s delicious … It’s the first sweet I’ve eaten, but the elegant sweetness is wonderful.”

“If you like it, I’ll be happy too.”

Yuri responded to Estoa’s words with a smile.

The skill of craftsmen is clearly shown in sweets using chocolate. If you make it poorly, you will get a bad taste and texture, and if you make it well, you will get a very elegant taste and texture. And, of course, the sweets that Euro makes are the best.

When Yuri cut the cake with a fork and tasted it, happiness could immediately be felt in the heart. Especially the tart dough biscuits that kept in a “crispy” state. Over time, the dough became “moist”, which is not bad at all. After all, it seems that “crispy” dough has justice in the sense that it adds a pleasant texture to chocolate cream.

Yuri enjoys the second bite while feeling happy. On the other hand, Badantere High Priest was in the second serving.

“I’d like to ask Estoa something.”

“Oh, yes. What is it, Yuri-sama?”

“I’m sorry for not knowing, but I don’t know anything about ‘Saint’. I wonder if you can tell me.”

This afternoon, Yuri was taught various things about the Holy Land of Nimun by Rubetta, Ados, and High Priest Badantere. After all, there is a lack of knowledge about a lot of things. In fact, Yuri had not been taught anything about the “Saint”.

There is no choice but to know, Yuri obediently asks the person to teach.

“Saintess is one of the positions that only works in the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, so I think it’s natural that Yuri doesn’t know.
Um … If you become a person with a certain amount of faith, you will occasionally have the opportunity to interact with God through prayer. At that time, a person who volunteers and is recognized by God or is nominated by an oracle will get the position of “Saintess”. Oh, in the case of men, it’s a “saint.”
Saintess and saints have the role of correctly spreading the teachings of God that they are in charge of in the Holy Land of Nimun. Since I am the Saintess of the healing god Lydina, I usually travel to the cities and villages of the Holy Land of Nimun in order to spread the teachings of Lydina to the people. ”

“I see… So, there is no one in charge of me yet, right?”

“Yes, that’s right. According to Lydina, only the gods in the “sanctuary” can talk through prayer. Yuri is still active in the lower world. No one has been able to interact with Yuri-sama, so of course there are no saintesses or saints in charge of Yuri-sama yet.”

“Sure, I’m hardly in the ‘sanctuary’… then I don’t think there’s a Saintess or Saint in charge of me.”

Yuri goes to the “sactuary” about 2-3 times a week. Each stay time is only about 3 hours or less.

“In that case, I think it’s okay to be nominated by an oracle. No priest in the Holy Kingdom of Nimun will refuse being nominated directly by God.”

“Is that so? Then, will Estoa become my “Saintess”?”

“Wow, am I !? It’s an honor, but …”

If she was asked to choose one as her own saints, the first thing to think about was the children of “Water Lily”. But since it is a relationship with the Holy Land of Nimun, she should appoint a child from that country. And because it’s Yuri, of course, she would choose women over men.

“Can anyone who is already the ‘Saint’ of another god be nominated?”

“Umm, maybe… I don’t think there was such a rule. There is no precedent.”

“Then I’m glad if you take it. I don’t know you, but I know Lydina. If you’re chosen by Lydina, I can believe there’s no mistake.”

“Oh, thank you. I am very happy that you can trust me. Um … Since it is a rule, is it okay to nominate me again in “Oracle”? If you do so, I will be happy to accept it. ”

“Yes, I understand. Let’s ask Lydina how to deliver the “oracle” the next time I go to the “sanctuary”.
Because I wasn’t told to say “don’t say it”, I’ll be honest, It’s a contract with Lydina that she can use the faith I’ve collected as she likes. In other words, it will eventually benefit Lydina, so I think it will fit your role now. ”

“Well, is that so …?”

“I’m not lying”

In fact, Lydina manages the faith collected by Yuri and uses it without permission. For Lydina, it is said that it would be very helpful if she could use about 30% to 50% of the faith that Yuri collected. After all, “faith” is a resource that Yuri doesn’t care about, so at present, 100% is left to Lydina.

By the way, it seems that the faith of Nildea citizens is unexpectedly strong, and the total amount of “faith” earned by Yuri is more than double the amount initially expected. Thanks to that, as Lydina who can use all of them, it is no longer necessary.

Yuri Empire

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  1. If that saintess called Yuri the goddess of love, that means she was most likely told so by Lydina. Guess Yuri’s night with Lydina was a success.

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