Hungry Saint and Satiated Witch – 049

Hungry Saint

049 [Healing Fountain] Rest Area -Eastern Country Flowing Somen-

Author: Kaeruda Ameko (蛙田あめこ)
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation

Merril Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon”, 2nd floor entrance.
The temporary rest area near the [healing fountain] was surrounded by warm heat.

“It’s kind of hot. I’m sweating.”
“Ah, I think the fire dragon on the 3rd floor is in estrus. It’s been about half a year since they had the eggs taken before.”
“Ee, estrous…!”
“It’s the providence of nature, Emilia. Why is your face bright red… are you shy?”

The cheeks were poked by Abigail, and her face was burning hotter.

“Oh, oh, I’m hungry. Let’s have lunch, Abigail-san!”
“Well, let’s get hungry.”
“When we ate rice together in this place before, the fluffy egg sandwich was delicious, isn’t it?”

Emilia spills a smile, remembering the taste of egg sandwiches. But …

“… Or rather, Abigail-san brings bento right?”
“Yeah. Because I knew this [healing fountain] would be the first resting place… we will use this.”
“This is… what is it…? A pipe made of plants?”
“This is an eastern plant, and it’s called bamboo. The other day, I asked the takoyaki ball shop at the bazaar about it… this is how to use it.”

Abigail assembles a vertically split bamboo. In a blink of an eye, something like a slide is completed.

“And here, the fresh water that springs from the [healing fountain] flows …”
“Wow, it’s amazing! Water is flowing on the slide … Hmm, it’s cool just by looking at it …”
“Um. I can freeze the surrounding area with my authority, but … the cool water that flows in the heat is also tasteful.”
“John, that’s great. Give me some small chunks of ice.”
“Wan! It’s easy!”

A shard of ice generated in the air with a high noise, the ice rolls in the cool glass bowl that Abigail had in her hand.

“Okay. Float ice on this tsuyu soup… and a lot of Eastern herbs here.”
“Wow, It’s a vegetable that grows in the corner of the field. I thought it was a rare vegetable.”
“Um, the owner of the takoyaki ball shop gave the seeds. This is myoga, and this is oba.”
“It smells nice!”
“Okay, it’s the time. Emilia, take this hashi (chopstick). I’ll put boiled somen into this water…!”
“Wow, wow !?”

Somen flows down in the slide of Take.
Emilia hurriedly scoops it up with a hashi. Soak white noodles chilled by [Healing fountain]  water in Tsuyu soup and then…

“How is it Emilia?”
“Wow, it’s amazing! I feel like I’m getting cooler by slurping it! Myoga and oba also have a very nice smell. It’s crispy… I can eat it…! ”

Slurping the flowing somen noodles.
Slurping the flowing somen noodles.

“Ehehe, slurping is fun and delicious …”

Emilia makes a big smile.

In the meantime, the adventurers who were camping around there began to rustle.

“Ah… I can’t do it because it’s hot. Hey. That … [Saint Emilia] Isn’t it?”
“That means the one with a big brim hat is… [Universal Great Witch] Abigail!”
“What are they doing …?”

Adventurers approaching slowly.
Emilia shouts “Ah”.

“Why don’t you all eat together? It’s smooth and cold and delicious.”

The words made them scream.

“Well, is that okay?”
“Ah, I don’t mind. I’ve boiled a lot of noodles to satisfy Emilia. There are a lot of Tsuyu soups… You have to use your own bowl though.”
“Of course! Wow, it’s an honor to meet you before exploring the deepest part.”
“Oh, then I’ll let the somen flow!”
“Maybe this is a ritual of “Nagashi Somen” in the eastern country, isn’t it? Amazing!”

Smiles return from the faces of the adventurers who were frustrated by the heat emitted by the fire dragon on the third layer.

“John, give me a lot of ice!”
“I knew”
“Well, this dog talks !?”
“I’m not a dog. My name is John!”
“John, awesome!”

A friendly meal.

Until now, Abigail has kept away from interacting with people, saying, “I’m afraid to be left alone again”. — however, somehow it’s really relaxing to get together and share a smile.

“Really, thanks to Emilia.”

Abigail smiled at Emilia, who smiled and sipped somen in the middle of the harmony of people.

By the way, the [Healing Fountain] Nagashi Somen is mainly made by the takoyaki ball shop, and it is a specialty of the Merrill Ancient Labyrinth “Dungeon” as a proof of cooperation between adventurers

Hungry Saint

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