Yuri Empire – 062

Yuri Empire

062 Reward for “Kikyou”

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/64/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


There is an “audience room” in the palace of Yuritania. The “Throne Room” that was set up in the lord’s building of Nildea was later expanded by “Kikyou” in order to welcome messengers from other countries. On the other hand, the “Audience Room” at the Yuritania Palace is the most important room that was planned from the beginning of construction. Naturally, it is the largest, highest ceiling, most luxurious, and most majestic room in the Yuritania Palace.

The other day, when a messenger came from the Principality of Silesia, this room was not used. It was because Yuri herself did not respond because she did not feel the need to treat the messenger of the enemy country. The messengers of the Principality were in a separate room, and all they had to do was deposit a letter with her aide, Serikana. So — Today will be the first day that “Audience Room” will be used.

A throne made only of ultra-rare materials, relocated from the Nildea lord’s building. Yuri sits down in that seat, and 11 of the captains of each unit line up beside the throne. On the front side of the throne, 24 girls belonging to “Kikyou” were waiting for Yuri’s words while taking the courtesy of their vassals.

“— Captain of ‘Kikyou’, Meteora”


“Deputy Chief Etna, Chinon, Olympia”


“Terene, Cyrene, Daphni, Nisa, Bernina, Iguazu, Djenne, Chiloe, Philae, Potosi, Alice, Kotor, Tyr, Blois, Mystras, Caserta, Palmyra, Valletta, Merida, Lalibela”


“City construction in Yuritania, construction of villages in the south of Yuritania, work every day for two months — No, it’s been a month and a half in this world. Thank you for your hard work. Thanks to you all doing a wonderful job, not only the lives of the citizens of Yuritania, but also the living environment of the Yuri Empire has improved considerably. Thank you everyone ”

“We’re honored, my sister!”

It goes without saying that the children of “Kikyou” have had the greatest difficulty in the Yuri Empire since they came to this different world. Yuri talks about each person’s name and aims for the effort.

“The achievements of ‘Kikyou’ are enormous. I should reward your contributions as the landlord of the ‘Yuri Empire’. Feel free to tell me anything you want as a reward.”

“Reward …?”

“Yes. If you have something you can think of, you can tell me now, or you can take the time to think and request it later.”

“Ah … Then, there was something that everyone in Kikyo had said “we want to make it” for a long time. If the next construction schedule has not been decided yet, can we build it?”

The words of Meteora surprised Yuri not a little. As a reward for building a city, they said that they wanted to build another one — no, it may be said that it is a childish desire of “Kikyou” who is completely specialized in architecture.

“To build something, Is it okay for something like that?”

“Yes! But that … If it were to be made, it would be a facility that would require a great deal of help from my sister.”

“From me? What kind of facility is it?”

“Actually, We’ve always wanted to make a ‘Labyrinth (dungeon)’ with our own hands.”

“I see, ‘Labyrinth (dungeon)’…”

“Labyrinth (dungeon)” is a place that is very common all over the world in the game of “Atros Online”, and in short, it is a place like “Monster’s Nest”. Basically, there are many places like “underground caves”, and many monsters are spreading in a small area. It has a hierarchical structure, and only monsters that are decided for each hierarchy inhabit, so it is very useful as a place to raise the level intensively.

“When it comes to creating a labyrinth (dungeon), we have to not only prepare a place but also place monsters. So It will not be possible without the cooperation of my sister.”

“I see. I’m going to place the ‘Working Beast’ that I summoned.”



Yuri thinks it’s not a bad idea. Actually, Yuri had been thinking about whether or not a facility that could “safely raise the level” could be prepared.

In this world, if you ask a [priest] to treat an injury or illness at a religious facility such as a cathedral, you will be charged a high treatment fee. This does not mean that the cathedral is trying to make a profit. The cathedral costs a lot to train the [priest].

The recovery magic that can be exercised from the beginning by a person who has obtained the [priest] vocation can only treat very minor injuries. In order to heal more severe injuries or cure illnesses, it is necessary for the [priest] to gain sufficient experience points and raise the level.
In this world, the “experience value” itself can be obtained just by ripening daily work. The amount is very small, so if you want to intentionally grow your level, you still need to hunt monsters and earn experience points efficiently. However, the [priest] priesthood holder is very valuable, so we cannot let them do anything dangerous.  So when you want them to fight monsters, you have to have a number of escorts with sufficient competence and experience to ensure maximum safety.
Leveling up is not something that can be done overnight, but it must take dozens of days. So, of course, if you hire a sweeper whose ability is guaranteed for such a long number of days, a considerable amount of money will be required as a reward.
In other words, it costs a lot of money to train [priests].

The cost incurred must be recovered. If you do not do so, you will not be able to pay for the training of the next generation [priest], and you will soon lose the users of advanced healing magic. Therefore, the cathedral charges a large amount of medical expenses to those who come to ask for treatment of injuries and illnesses. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to get back the money you needed to train the [priest].

Before, when she heard that story from Ados’s mouth, Yuri thought this. In the first place, if the cost of training <priests> disappears, the cathedral will not have to pay a large amount of medical expenses from patients.

Yuri occasionally visited the cathedral because she became acquainted with the high priest Badantere. Talking to the priests who work in the cathedral, she found that they had a very pure ministerial spirit. The people who work in the cathedral are probably unwilling to charge the citizens a large amount for the treatment. If they didn’t need to collect money, they would want to make the cathedral treatment more accessible to the public.

“— Meteora”

“Yes, my sister”

“Formally, I’ll order Kikyo to build a ‘labyrinth’. I’ll leave it to you to choose a place to build it, so choose a good place within the territory of the Yuri Empire.”

“Thank you!”

“However, the first,  the difficulty of the “Labyrinth” to be built is relatively for beginners. It is not too wide, assuming that it can be used by those who have acquired the [priest] vocation in this world to raise the level. Also, I will leave the selection of the monsters to be placed to Kikyo. You can choose from my working beasts as much as you like. ”

“I understand, my sister!”

Yuri, who has been playing the “Atros Online” game for over 20 years, uses almost all the small fish monsters that appeared in the game as her own beasts, at least 20 each. Also, for very powerful monsters such as boss monsters that appear in the game, all the opponents that Yuri can defeat alone (solo) are now her beasts.

Therefore, it is possible to line up a large number of monsters that can be sufficiently established as a “labyrinth” with only the working beasts that Yuri can summon, and the monsters that play the role of boss can also be prepared at the back. It is a little worrisome in terms of magical power consumption to keep summoning too many working beasts. The measures themselves are not difficult. ――― At worst, she can take the means of taking magical potions every day.


“Yes, my Lord”

“When Kikyo completes the “Labyrinth”, please develop a [Lifesaving Barrier] with “Red Plum” all over the area. Then, it will be a place where you can safely raise your level.”

“I see, I understand ~”

At the request of Yuri, Hotaru, the captain of “Koumei” lined up beside the throne nodded and responded.

[Lifesaving Barrier] is a barrier that is effective when someone dies within the range, and can literally “save” that person’s life and evacuate to a designated place. You will never die within the range of the barrier, so you can raise the level “safely” without preparing an escort like in the conventional [priest] training.


“Yes, my sister”

“The construction of the ‘Labyrinth’ that Kikyo wanted was my own desire, so I’m going to ask you for another reward. Is there anything else? ”

“Well, uh … Is it okay for everyone to talk for just one minute?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter.”

With the permission of Yuri, 24 people from Kikyo will discuss on the spot. Apparently, they have various candidates for what they want to build in their brains. After waiting for about 1 minute as requested, it seems that the discussion of Kikyo came to a conclusion.

“Well, my sister was the place where she used to repel the kingdom’s army — the place where she was exercising [Starfall is now. Did you know that it is a beautiful lake? ”

“What? Is that so?”

Yuri asks Krone from the captain’s children lined up side by side.

The production unit “Ryuji” has visited the place where the meteorite was dropped many times in order to collect the precious production material “Meteorite”. So Captain Krone should be aware of the situation at the scene.

“Yes. There was a huge depression in the land due to the impact of the meteorite landing. Apparently there was a water vein at the depression, and as Meteora said, the inside of the depression was clean groundwater. It was filled and is now a deep blue lake. ”

“Hey … I didn’t know. It’s pretty interesting.”

In the game of “Atros Online”, even if you activate a powerful attack magic such as [Star Fall], the terrain could not change. It can be said that the fact that the power of magic changes the actual terrain is a “real” part that was not reproduced in the game.

“So I knew that the lake was created. Does that have anything to do with the reward?”

“Yes. If you can forgive my sister, I would like to build a beautiful city in the area that makes use of that beautiful lake. Even if there is a river near Yuritania, the sea There is no such thing, and it seemed interesting to create a city where citizens can enjoy swimming. ”

“I see … You guys are thinking a lot.”

“I am sorry”

In response to Yuri’s words, Meteora bowed deeply.

I see, a beautiful city —. Creating a kind of resort city seems to be interesting.

If you wrap it in a [temperature control barrier], you can build a city that always keeps the “everlasting spring weather” regardless of the season. It would be a good idea to create a city that can be used as a “summer resort” or “cold resort” by people who can afford it, such as millionaires and aristocrats from other countries.

It might be good to think about it together with the case of “Labyrinth” mentioned earlier. If you have a [life-saving barrier], you don’t have to worry about losing your life, but if you are attacked by a monster, you will be injured and you will experience a certain amount of pain. Therefore, it can be said that challenging the “labyrinth ground” is an act with a correspondingly high risk. If there is a high risk, a high reward should be given. If the “labyrinth” is operated as a place where “earnings” can be made accordingly, successful people will gain great wealth. It seems interesting that those who challenge the labyrinth will build a resort city that is attractive as a “land of longing” that they dream of when they succeed.

Also, in places like resort cities, the purse string will be easier to loosen. It is not a bad idea to let the “brothel”, which is becoming unmanageable in Yuritania, be revived as a “luxury brothel” for the wealthy in the resort city. Even if that is not the case, the construction of the “Labyrinth Land” will be a good “bait” for the sweepers. The sweepers are the main customers of “Brothel”, so if they are there, the management should be stable.

(… In that case, it’s better to crush the “Sweeper Guild”)

Yuri doesn’t have any particular bad feelings towards the “Sweeper” who lives on the subjugation of monsters, but she thinks the “Sweeper Guild” to which they belong is clearly an enemy. It’s good to have a place called “Labyrinth” that is easy for sweepers to use, but she doesn’t like the benefits of the “Sweep Guild” organization. When creating a “labyrinth ground”, it would be better to remove the current “sweeper guild” from the territory of the Yuri Empire and prepare another new organization to accept the sweepers.

“Meteora. I think the idea you just mentioned, ‘creating a beautiful city using a lake’ is a very original and interesting idea.”

“Yes! Thank you, my sister!”

“But the idea was so fascinating that it became one of my own wishes, so I would like you to hope for something else.”

“Well, another reward?”

“Yes. I’m sorry to make you think many times.”

In response to Yuri’s words, Meteora looks a little embarrassed. Well, if you are asked to reconsider the reward many times, it will look like that.

“Um … Then, I have one request for my sister.”

“Something. Please feel free to say anything.”

“If we could create a city on the shore of the lake that would satisfy our sister, then we wouldn’t be able to spend a holiday in the lake city with everyone at Kikyo. Like that?”

Hearing Meteora’s suggestion, everyone in Kikyo screamed “Oh”.

“… Is that all right?”

“Yes! I want to spend time with my sister!”

“The selfless children… I see, let’s spend time together at that time?”

“Thank you, my sister!”

Everyone in Kikyo bows deeply. Apparently, the proposal is satisfactory for all the children of Kikyo. It was so cheap — and they were dear children for Yuri.

Yuri Empire

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