Yuri Empire – 063

Yuri Empire

063 Great Change

Author: Hatago Bunraku (旅籠文楽)
Raw: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n9799gr/65/
Translator: Lilia v3.0
Editor: AYA Translation


“The amount of ‘faith’ that Yuri collects is amazing.”

The garden of the “sacred area” where the fresh green is dazzling, which is becoming familiar to Yuri because she has visited many times. Lydina, known to the people as “Healing God,” said that while pouring tea for two people from the teapot into the cup.

“……Is that so?”

“Yes. Yuri is collecting almost the same amount of faith as I am collecting now. I’m sure it will surpass me in the near future. — Please.”

“Thank you”

Yuri receives the cup that Lydina has offered. The good scent of tea leaves brought out by boiling water immediately shook the nasal cavity.

“I haven’t done any missionary work in particular …”

“Every day, the citizens of Nildea — no, the “broadcasting” that Yuri provides to the citizens of Yuritania and Farrata is so effective.
By daily “broadcasting”, citizens can see the figure of Yuri, who is a politician and one of the pillars of God, and as she gets known to the human being, Yuri, seems to feel very close to them. ”

“Somehow, when I say that … I feel a little embarrassed.”

Yuri doesn’t know anything about each citizen, but everyone knows about Yuri’s face and appearance. What kind of tone Yuri speaks, what kind of things she likes, what kind of personality she has — there are maybe not few citizens who always watch “broadcasting” who know such details.

“In the end, the citizen believes in a god who can actually be seen by their own eyes and has the opportunity to know about the person, rather than a god who can’t be seen. The person who recommended Yuri to continue “broadcasting” every day is the rare owner of a keen eye. I think you should take good care of them.”

Rubetta and Ados were the two who recommended Yuri to “broadcast” every day. The two of them recommended it so much that Yuri continued to broadcast it every day “unavoidably”.

“Am I helping Lydina?”

“Yes. Thanks to Yuri for gathering a lot of faith, I am very grateful.”

Lydina answered Yuri’s question with a smile. If she would be happy to be a benefactor in this way. Indeed, the advice given by Rubetta and Ados to Yuri was probably correct.

“Honestly, if you just make a slight “miracle”, you still have an amount of faith that you can’t use up. If it’s about 3-4 times more, you can make a “great change”.”

“… What is that “great change”?”

“Oh, I need to explain from there first. Um — “great change” is a higher ability than “miracle” that God can exercise. Simply put,  it means “rewriting world’s rules””

Yuri was very surprised to hear Lydina’s words. Rewriting the world’s rules — she has no idea how much it can be done with just those words. She understands that it looks amazing.

“What does Lydina  want to do with that ‘great change’?”

“Yes. I’m thinking of introducing the system of “occupation (class)” that Yuri bring into this world.”

“… Eh? Occupation (class)? “Atros Online”?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Lydina responded immediately to Yuri’s words, which she asked too much to be surprised. On top of that, “Isn’t it cunning that only everyone in the Yuri Empire has two talents?”, Lydina continued with a smile.

“The current “vocation” system isn’t bad either. If you don’t like it, you can re-lottery. Still, it’s unfortunate that you keep re-drawing “vocation” until you get the profession you want. It’s not realistic. I think it’s okay for people to get more talent in the form they want. For that reason, I think it is not a bad thing to introduce “occupation (class)” into this world … Yuri, what do you think? ”

“As I said before, I have no intention of fulfilling my duties as a ‘God’, and I have no intention of exercising my rights as long as I do not fulfill my obligations. Asking me for my opinion as a ‘God’, I’ll be glad if you stop it. ”

“Oh, but I use a lot of the faith that Yuri earned?”

“The faith I have collected promises to be dedicated to Lydina in return for the grace I have received. I wonder how it is used by Lydina.”

She saved Yuri who was just going to die, and in this way she was able to spend time with everyone in the “Yuri Empire” in a different world. In order to reward the grace as much as possible, she decided to transfer all the faith she had collected to Lydina. Of course, Lydina has the right to decide the usage. It is not necessary to bother to listen to Yuri’s opinion.

“Well, I thought Yuri would say that anyway.”

Lydina said so with a slightly embarrassed look.

The introduction of “occupation (class)” has no merit for Yuri and everyone in “Yuri Empire”, but it will be a kind of gospel for Yuritania citizens.

“… After all, it seems better to prepare “Labyrinth (dungeon)” early.”

If they can get “occupation (class)” in addition to “vocation”, more people will want to grow their level. In that case, the demand for facilities like “Labyrinth (dungeon)” proposed by “Kikyo” the other day should definitely increase.

“Oh, are there any plans to make a ‘Labyrinth (dungeon)’ in the Yuri Empire?”

“-I wonder if you have read my heart now?”

“No? It seems that you were saying what you were thinking normally?”

Lydina pointed out that while giggling and laughing. Yuri was embarrassed and her face became hot. She doesn’t usually think about things in facial expressions or words, though.

“If you plan to make a ‘Labyrinth (dungeon)’, I would like you to make it available not only to the citizens of the Yuri Empire but also to the people of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun.”

“I don’t mind that … but is it necessary?”

“Of course it is necessary. It is the same in every country that we are struggling to raise the level of [priest]. Altorius will surely thank Yuri.”

The “Altrius” that Lydina said is probably the “Pope of Altorius” of the Holy Land of Nimun. Yuri doesn’t mind helping allies.

“Oh yeah. I remembered about Altorius. If you like, would you please take Altorius with you when Yuri goes to the Principality?”

“In the Principality …? Will Pope Altorius also attend the Principality’s evening party?”

“Yes. Since the Principality invites people from neighboring countries to the founding festival every year, invitations are also coming to the Holy Kingdom of Nimun. As usual, I think that invitations are also being sent to the Kingdom of Eldad. ――― Maybe there are no participants from the kingdom because of someone”

“Ah, aha …”

In response to Lydina’s words, Yuri twitches the edge of her lips.

The current kingdom is in a state of destruction, and it is not in a state where it can be distracted. ――― Of course, the cause is the Yuri Empire, which “processed” the kingdom soldiers into skeleton soldiers and sent them back.

“When it comes to moving from the Holy Land to the Principality, it takes a week for a carriage to make a round trip. It seems that Altorius didn’t like that and intended to decline this year because he has no time? ”

“Hmm … I don’t mind sending it, but there’s one problem.”

“Oh, what exactly is the problem?”

“I’m going to sell a fight to Principality. If I act with me, Pope Altorius might get caught up in it, right?”

This time, the Principality sent an invitation to the evening party to Yuri. On that day, as a result of the information about [Star Fall] that wiped out the kingdom’s army in an instant was brought back by the Principality’s repulsion, the Principality side said that it is not preferable to turn the Yuri Empire into an enemy.

―――― Even if the other party changes to a harmony route, Yuri has no intention of responding to it. When Yuri’s beloved children were insulted as “weak graduates”, the Principality was clearly recognized as “an enemy country to be destroyed” in Yuri.

“Then, it would be convenient.”

“… What?”

“You used to have your subordinates read the contents of the letter when you received the letter from the messenger of the Principality, and there was also Estoa in the same place.”

“Yeah, yeah. I’m sure she was there …”

At that time, Yuri responded to the messengers of the Principality and the Holy Land at the same time in the “Throne Room”. And since the saint Estoa was a messenger on the side of the Holy Kingdom of Nimun, it was natural that she was in the same place.

“Therefore, the contents of the letter from the Principality are also transmitted to Altorius via Estoa. When he was told the contents of the letter that greatly insulted Yuri, one of the pillars of God, it seems that Altorius, who has faith, was very angry. ”

“…? Pope Altorius is furious …?”

Although she had only met once, Pope Altorius, whom Yuri knew, was a gentle person who seemed to be a mass of good intentions. I can’t imagine that person being “furious”.

“Fufu… I’m not reading your heart, but I can understand what Yuri is thinking. That’s why Altorius is an angry person when he gets angry.”

“I can’t really imagine it …”

“Ah, then if you go to the Principality with Altorius, you might see that side of him. If Yuri sells a fight against the Principality, Altorius will be happy to raise his fist to them.”


The Pope, who looks like having a gentle and sincere personality, raises his fist toward someone. She couldn’t imagine the scene no matter how she struggled. Yuri was just confused by Lydina’s words.

Yuri Empire

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