Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 10

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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Hard work

The library of the magical school was on the level that it was no longer could be called a library.

There were dozens of bookshelves lined up, all of which were packed with books and overflowing with knowledge. The books on the surface were just a tip of the iceberg, and a large number of books were also stored on the closure, but of course Ferris did not know such a thing.

Rather, she did not even know the existence of a book itself, so she was wondering if it was something like warehouse from a while ago.

Alicia brought a thin paper bundle and show it to Ferris.

“This is book, you know book, don’t you?”

“I don’t know!”

It was a cheerful reply.

“Well, the book is thing that record the words we are talking so that we can read it later anytime.”

“Is it pickled word …?”

“Pickle…? Well, may be something like that. So, if you have a book, you can give the knowledge to the people even in hundreds of years in the future, and on the other hand, you get the knowledge of people in the past.”

“Hoooo …. It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

When Alicia told that, Ferris suddenly thought that the library was a wonderful place. This was a treasure box. It was a treasury of knowledge.

She was excited about what kind of knowledge were hidden in this many collected books. Surely there were a lot of things that Ferris didn’t know.

“I want to be able to read books soon! Teach me the letters!”

“Well, let’s start with this page?”

Alicia opened a book.

Thirty small patterns were lined up there.

“This is a letter – alphabet, each of which is assigned a sound, and we make a sentence by combining this alphabet. This is A, this is B, this is C, D, E, Ketra (?)(raw:ケトラ), F …”

Alicia pronounced clearly while her finger pointed to the letter.

After reading all thirty pieces, Alicia looked into Ferris’ eyes.

“What do you think? Let’s try remember about 10 alphabet for now.”

“I already remembered it!”


“I already have remembered everything!”

“Such … … I have only read it once … No way …”

“Well, I will read it! Please let me know if I made a mistake!”

Ferris pointed at the alphabet noted in the book one by one while pronounced it. Alicia’s eyes were steadily widened more and more every time.

When Ferris finished read all thirty pieces, Alicia breathlessly exhilarated.

“Awesome! Awesome Ferris! It was the first time for you to saw alphabet, wasn’t it?! Why can you remember?”

“No, I can remember somehow”

Ferris didn’t know how can she remember. However she felt that she already familiar with it since long time ago.

After remember the character, next is knowledge. Ferris was aware that herself was lacking of knowledge.

“Um … Alicia-san. Are there any recommended books to pass the test? First of all I will remember the words, then, if I can remember the simplest things in order, I will be saved ….”

“Well … … let’s see!”

Alicia went around the library and gathered a word dictionary, a beginner’s book of magic, a advance reference book, etc. all at once.

For Ferris who restlessly followed from behind, she carefully selected and put together good books.

Ferris was now like a sponge that absorb knowledge as much as possible. While thinking like that, Alicia secretly added advance reference book.

Alicia herself in the middle class were not studying that book yet, but perhaps Ferris will understand.

“Starting with this word dictionary, If you study these 20 volumes from left to right, I think you can catch up with everyone.”

Alicia showed the books on the desk.

“Thank you! I will do my best!”

Ferris proclaimed with her exciting heart.

——————————————————————– ——————-

As she said, Ferris tried hard.

She tried hard enough to die.

She always carried dictionaries and textbooks, and read it all the time.

Continue to pour information into her head whenever she had break, when walked, even when she ate.

As soon as the school was over she immediately flew back to the dormitory, stayed in the room and read the books.

That test study was not painful for Ferris.

Rather, it was an exciting experience that she has never had before.

Because she was woke up by huge amount of knowledge that she didn’t know.

Understanding. Discovery. Surprise. Impression.

The brain cells are stimulated, the blood of the whole body boiled, and the heart beat so fast.

The foundation of magic, its usage, training methods, concepts, and advance technique, passed through the eyes and spreaded through the body.

“Ferris? I got you a dinner from the cafeteria? Shall we break and eat?”

Alicia called Ferris who read a textbook, but Ferris seems to be unable to hear because she is too obsessed.

She clenched the textbook tightly with both hands and blink her eyes some times.

I never see someone who like study this much”

Alicia with small laugh brought late night snack sandwich to half opened Ferris’ mouth.

Ferris who was immersed in study to the point of forgotten any meals, seems to be starved, reflexively chewed the sandwich.

“Nom nom nom! Nom nom nom.”

Alicia thought that such kind of care may also be enjoyable, looked at Ferris’ appearance which look like a starving kitten.

——————————————————————– ——————-

“Eh …… You want to take the test already? Is it fine?”

Lotte-sensei asked Ferris.

The grace period given for studying was a month, but only a week has been passed. Even so, Ferris said that she would like to take a test even now.

Naturally the teacher is surprised. Because when she talk about the time of test from Ferris, she thought that extension of the period was cut out.

But Ferris says.

“It’s all right! Somehow, I’m afraid that I will forget everything when I wait too long… I want to recover Alicia’s honor sooner than anything else!”

“Oh, well, I’m fine with that. So, please follow me.”

Lotte-sensei smiled.

The content of the test is overview of knowledge from first class to middle class. Attributes, technique, and strengthening of magic, histories related to magic, organization name and so on.

In a closed classroom after school, Ferris alone starred at answer sheet while being monitored by Lotte-sensei.

And from the outside of the classroom a lot of Ferris classmates stuck to the windows and watching the state of the test.

Although Ferris somehow felt uneasy, she can’t let herself lost concentration. This is for the sake of Alicia’s honor.

On the final day of the test, Ferris handed over the last answer, Lotte-sensei stroked Ferris’ head.

“Thanks for the hard work, You really worked hard, the result will be announced tomorrow  morning, so you can sleep soundly today.”


Ferris nods big and went out of the classroom. She was afraid that she can’t sleep tonight due to worries, but she decided to give her body some rest for the time being.

And Janet, who was watched the test with her classmates, is getting shy while came to Ferris.

“Ah, that, Ferris, I have something I want to talk to you, but …”

“Eeh? What?”

Ferris who did not anticipate to be spoken to by Janet gave a blank expression.

Janet tried to see Ferris while flickering his fingers.

“Well, it is a lot of … … before this, but …. me, that … … to Ferris …”

Janet wanted to apologize, Janet wanted to say it. But no words came out of her throat.

It was embarrassing to apologize before a lot of classmates, and it was also difficult to said the words honestly.

“Nothing, nothing! I am looking forward to the results of tomorrow! At best, prepare for packing!”

――Oh no, I said a terrible thing again! I’m idiot! I’m fool!

While leaving the spot with that speech, Janet was repeatedly hitting her own head. Students in the hallway were looking at Janet strangely who was doing such thing.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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