Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 10

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

There were mistakes in chapter 9 translation. It’s not the received damaged is transferred to barrier, but the one who received damage is transferred outside barrier. and more…
Next chapter, we will meet the Goddess.

Chapter 10
Duel Part 2 ーーーAnd I Got to Attend Magical School


“Nagi-sama, Irene-sama, here is black tea”
“Thank you”

After the duel ended, I and Irene, who is actually Ruina, were guided to a large room inside Akade Academy ーーー a faculty room.

Eh, what about the fight?

It ended before it can be called magical warfare.

I want return to excitement before duel.

The story goes back to the beginning of the battleーーー


“Let’s start with small test first, let’s see how strong your ability is.”

After said that, Linde release  <Fireball> with a chant.

It’s a memorable magic that Ruina used to help me.

There are some of fireballs coming at me with considerable speed.

I think for a second.

Linde said small test first right?

If that so, then there are three strategies that could be easily deployed.

① Avoid it
② Guard with defensive magic
③ Magically attack

① is out of the question. To be honest when I think about my physical ability, I do not think that I can avoid that magic splendidly.

It will be easy if I use transitional magic, but Ruina said that I should not use it as much as possible.

② I do not know the power of Linde’s <Fireball> but I am scared when thinking f my guard failed.

May be I’ll be fine since I have <Magic Resistance> skill, but scary things are scary.

Therefore my choice was ③.

The chosen magic is also <Fireball> but without chant.

I made as many fireballs as Linde’s and bumped into hers.

My fireballs heading towards Linde’s with high accuracy.

Magic control that I gained through practice with struggle to the death.

I will be in trouble if this one is a miss.

And the moment my fireball hit Linde’s fireball ーーー something unexpected happened.

The fireball that I fired in order to stop Linde’s fireball, swallowed her fireball and flew towards her.

I and Linde look at that state with widened eyes.

And the moment my fireball reached Linde ーーー a big explosion occurred.

I was blown by wind pressure but somehow managed to keep my posture with flight and wind magic.

Linde was somewhat dumbfounded at a place little far from training ground, probably outside the barrier which referee mentioned before.

Thus the battle between me and Linde was ended.


The story returns to the present.

“Even so, I was surprised. Unexpectedly Nagi-san’s fireball has power to that extent.”

Phil-san muttered while sitting at luxurious chair inside headmaster room.

Surprisingly she is not just teaching staff, but the headmaster.

“I already said it, because Nagi-chan is supposed to have high magical and mental power, please be considerate.”

Ruina looks at me with a long glance while drinking tea.

Even you said such thing….

“Even though I’m not that scared when thinking if I can’t make counterbalance, I still can’t going easy.”
“That’s a problem for Nagi-chan. It was good that your interpersonal fight is a duel. I think I need to say thanks to Linde.”

Surely, if I didn’t do that to day, maybe someday I will kill someone with my magic.

I have to memorize how to control my magical power quickly.

Besides, I know too little about magic.

… OK, I decided.

“Phil-san, I have a favor to ask”
“What is it?”
“Please put me in this Akade Academy”


Ruina was spouting out black tea while looking aside.

“Guh! … Nagi-chan doing abrupt again”
“… Can I ask the reason?”

Phil-san seriously looks at my face. Her sight was sharp.

“I learned of the danger of magic in today’s duel, I might end up killing people with my magic someday and I want to learn magic to prevent it.”
“Indeed. But, if like that, isn’t it will be better if you were taught by her? Irene-san.”

Phil-san say so and wink to Ruina.

“Ah-ha, was I found out?”

Ruina release her concealment magic and returns to the original beautiful girl with blond hair.

“As expected of Phil headmaster. There are not so many people who can see through my concealment magic.”
“Even though like this, I still serving as headmaster of the best magic schools, such thing is piece of cake… well, that’s the story… Then, Nagi-san, how about it?”

Phil-san turn to me again.

I quietly shook my head.

“It’s not good. Before this duel, in a week I was taught by Ruina, but from that what I know only that Ruina is genius in magic. She is not suitable for teaching people.”

Ruina’s explanation was too intuitive and honestly I didn’t understand.

She is like baseball coach, Naga◯ in Japan.

“That was right. This kid was like that since long ago. She can handle high level magic with only by sense and without theory. So she can not teach other people.”
“…I was curious since before, Are Phil-san and Ruina acquaintance?”

I do not think they just met today when I heard conversation between them.


“Out of acquaintance, Ruina-san is this school alumni. She is prodigy girl who entered at age 12 and only take 1 year to graduate as top student. It was a big topic at that time.”

Entered the best magic school at age 12 and graduate as top student with only 1 year.

As I heard that, I realized Ruina’s greatness again.

Very cute, lolita with big tits, good personality and also genius in magic.

Apparently the heaven seemed to give Ruina two or more.

Thank God.

When I thanked God I noticed that Ruina and Phil-san was looking at me as if they were seeing a strange person.

Eh? Did I do something weird?

“… Nagi-san is a weird person right?”
“This kind of feeling is usual. Well, that alse good point of Nagi-chan.”
“Let’s return the story for the time being …. I understand Nagi-san’s thought. I will approve your enrollment. There is no problem with your ability. However, the period is only for 3 months.And since now is in the middle of semester, you will entering as transfer student. Is that okay with you?”
“Yes, that does not matter.”


Ruina poked me when the story is settled.

“Ruina, what’s wrong?”
“… Nagi-chan … It is fine to enter the academy, but what about entrance fees and tuition fees?”

Oh, no! I was not thinking about money.

I can not waste it because I haven’t found a way to earn money yet.

When I was having cold sweat, Phil-san said something.

“How about make Ruina-san as temporary teacher here?”
“Is that fine?”
“Ruina-san is figure that admired by students of this school.  I think it’s a cheap price because it will help to improve their motivation. Lately inside this school become so monotone, so now is a  perfect time.”

Phil-san says while smiling.

Yeah, beautiful elf’s smile is priceless.

In this way I was going to attend the Akade Academy only for three months.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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