Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 12

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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Chapter 12
Practical Exam

The training ground was a large vacant land with a roof.

The roof is translucent and the sky can be seen through. The roof extends and becomes a wall that connects all the way to the ground.

As she entered training ground, Ferris tried to reach out, but slipped through and couldn’t touch it.

Ferris think this thing is called a “magical barrier” which was written in the magic textbook. Perhaps this is set as a safety measure so that magic within the training ground doesn’t leak out.

“Try not to enter inside of the barrier except Ferris. It’s dangerous”

Lotte-sensei instructs the students.

“Danger huh? I don’t think there is such thing, since it’s about the magic of a child who just entered middle class.”

Janet raises objection.

“Well, I was told that the principal is paying attention to her, so just in case.”

Lotte-sensei gave a bitter smile.

“Then, Ferris-chan, try using magic, anything is fine.”

“Oh, yes!”

Ferris stood in the middle of the training ground, and her classmates looked at her from around barrier.

Janet was folding her arms and staring at Ferris.


Because she thought that it was scary, she averted  her eyes and met with Alicia who was gently watching. Alicia make a nod as if relieved.

Thanks to that, Ferris gained more powers, brought her hands up and aimed to sky.

Janet made an objection.

“Wait you there! What are you planning to do without staff!? I’m not coming here to watch some pantomime!”

“Well, it’s magic…”

“You need a staff to use magic! You should know that much right!?”

“It’s written in the book… that… that you can use magic without using staff.”

“Hah!? Such thing, you are not Witch of Black Rain, there is no way that you could do that! Do it seriously!” (TN: yeah, Witch of Black Rain is no good, Witch of Ashes is always the best)(Ed: Loli witch)

“Water of life that appease one’s thirst – drip, Rain Glass!”

Ferris casts aria that was written in the textbook.

Basic magic that first class students learn first.

It is magic with the lowest difficulty among the water attribute, it can only put out fire fire or put water in the cup.


Ferris chose this magic because she thought that she would be able to use it properly to certain extent.

As soon as she cast aria, blue light emitted towards the sky from Ferris’ surrounding.

Blue light pierces the roof of the training ground.

In an instant, small cracks spread through roof and magic barrier wall. The barrier shatters.

The blue light penetrates the sky and circular shockwave exploded.

The sky is wrapped in darkness, and the lightning begins to shine here and there.

The air fluctuates, and the plants make noise.

The temperature steadily goes down, and thin ice forms on Ferris’ cheek.

“Ah… this girl is bad…”

Lotte-sensei murmured in amazement.

With a terrible momentum, heavy rain began to hit.

Lightning stroke through the earth.

Falling hail.

Raging storm.

With the noise as if the world were overturned, heavy water was falling from heaven, stirring the training grounds.

The torrents overflows, and the students are screaming and running away.

Ferris is also swallowed by water, desperately shouting at water surface.

“Ja, Janet-san! This, I could use the magic properly right!? Do not say bad things about Alicia-chan!”

“It’s not the time to say such thingー ー ー ー ー !!”

Janet’s face sinks in the water.

Alicia stops Ferris who is going to drown.

Lotte-sensei desperately chanted an aria, generate wind and drained the training ground.

Eventually, when the storm ceased, the students were soaked and packed everywhere.

Ferris feel that her blood is drawn.

“I… I… I’m sorry! I don’t think it would be fail like this and bring trouble to everyone, I’m very very sorry!”

Her classmate laughed a lot on Ferris who banging her head.

“What was that!? What was that!?” “That’s too amazing!” “You must be crazy!” “That was disaster-grade!” “A terrible girl has joined!” “Maji suge?!”

Students with excitement.

“E.. eh…? Are you not angry?”

Ferris was confused.

Lotte-sensei smiles.

“It’s fine, they won’t angry just by something like that. Even though there are quirks, they are good children.”

“I’m glad……”

Ferris breathed out relief.

“Then, how about the test…?”

“Of course you pass, it’s a big pass! I think there are reasons that you should attend magic school… Your skill are still no good and it’s important to know how to control your power.”

“Yes, I want to learn a lot!”

Ferris thinks to not causing rampage like now.

Janet was still drenched, but she was still full of energy and had her arms folded, with her sharp eyes at Ferris.

Ferris is going to rush to Janet and talk to her.

“Oh, that, I’m sorry you got wet.”

“Why are you apologizing !?”

“Well, why, why…?”

Ferris feels that it’s natural because she has done bad things.

While watching Ferris who look down, Janet was in trouble with her inner heart. She faces the other way.

It was Janet who should apologize. Because she tried to drive our a powerful magician with such ability from the magic school.

But she does not know how to apologize. When she saw such power and apologized for that, she felt like she has lost. It is miserable. Very regrettable.


It is also important to recognize defeat properly.

One girl could not be driven out of school by herself, Janet was quite relieved by that fact.

So, she stop to holding her embarrassment.

“Oh, that is! There is something I want to say to Ferris …”

When Janet saw Ferris.

Ferris has gone back to schoolhouse along with Alicia.

Janet also missed the opportunity to apologize to Ferris.

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, I’m no good…….”

Janet sighed as she wondered when she could become friends with Ferris.


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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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