Aiming For Harem Queen In Different World 01

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

And so, another series, I hope I could do it in weekly basis…

Aiming for Harem Queen in Different World! -Story of Self-Proclaimed Ordinary High School Girl Struggling in Different World-

When took a nap on the school roof, I, Ichijou Unagi had been brought to different world without realized it.
I went to adventure guild with wizard-like blond girl and confirmed my skill, it was mysterious skill that getting stronger as became friend with girls.
And then, shocking truth was spoken from the heaven.
Eh!? I was yuri?
And doing cute thing with cute girls?
There is no other way. If it became like this, I’ll started over and aimed for yuri harem!

Chapter 1

I Was Saved by Wizard Girl

Huh… Where is this place?

I woke up and it was a world that I did not know. As far as I could see I was in the middle of a grassland with nothing around.

Try to think with head that is not at its regular state yet

I’m sure that I was taking a nap on high school roof while skipping my class.

And then when I woke up, I was here.

Hn, I don’t understand.

This is a dream, right?

I try to pinch my own cheek. painful. This is not a dream.

I thought that I was kidnapped and brought to another country but, I don’t think there is any merit for kidnap a normal highschool girl like me.  Even if for some ransom, I also don’t think that my parents will pay a cent for someone like me.

If it really for ransom, they won’t leave me in place like this.

Hn, I don’t understand. Well it’s fine. What is meant to happen will happen.

I swing my head to refresh myself.

Alright. First, let’s find a town, it will be useless if I stay here forever.


…Where is this?

It has been several hours since I came to this unknown place. I was completely lost. I keep walking and walking but I’m not seeing any sign of a town.

Besides my legs are very hurt.

“Hah, I’m tired, why a blooming highschool girl like me have to walk like this?”

I think to lying around. I don’t want to move another step.


Perhaps that sound of my stomach? That’s embarrassing. It was good that there was no one around. I have not eaten anything since I came here.

…Wrong! That sound not from my stomach!

I notice the shadow of monster that gaze at me from distance. Wolf. Moreover, it’s not one or two wolves. There are at least five wolves.

Huh, wait, are they aiming at me?

The wolves were perfectly aware of their prey. They get closer and closer to here.

It’s dangerous, I must escape!

But I don’t think I could get up. Even if I could got up, I don’t feel I could run away.

And the wolves jumped all at once towards me who could not move from the spot.

Oh… my life is over. Thinking over again, death because eaten by wolf, it wasn’t decent live to the end. Is this unfortunate fate of beautiful girl?

When I gave up—


As the voice came, the wolves that try to hit me at the same time were swallowed by flying fireball.

Perhaps I was saved ….?

What I see is completely burned wolves. There is no longer any movement. There is no mistake, they are dead.

I sighs in relief.

“You there, are you fine?”

A girl with a blond hair who looked like a magician was calling out to me.

Wow, this child is cute ….

Spontaneously charmed by her. No no no. It’s not time for such thing. There is no doubt that this child helped me from danger. I have to thank you.

“Somehow I am fine, Um, in case of helping me in such dangerous place, thank you very much.”

“It’s fine it’s fine, when in trouble, we should help each other”

What a cheerful girl. Just watching her make me feel better.

“May I ask your name?”

“Oh, sorry sorry, I haven’t said it , I am Ruina, what’s your name?”

“My name is Ichijou Unagi. Because it’s too long you could call me Nagi.”

“Is that so. Nice to meet you Nagi! Since we are look like at the same age, you don’t need to be polite when talk to me.”

“I unders… okay… I also more comfortable talk like this. Nice to meet you, Ruina.”

“Wawawa …. I was called by my name”

Ruinna blushing for some reason. I wonder what’s wrong.

“Ahem. By the way Nagi-chan, what were you do in place like this?”

“I was walking to find a town, but I got lost.”

“Well, even the nearest town, Lirs, will take several hours on foot from here. And because of fate that I help you, I will guide you there.”

“Thank you. So how are we going to go there? Not by walking right?”

My foot already felt like jelly. Just thinking about distance that need to take several hours by walking make me dejected.

“Do not worry, we will fly in the sky.”

“Fly in the sky? I have no such ability”

“Like this. Levitation ! “

As Ruina shakes a staff, her body rises.

Wow, I’m floating. It’s nice and fluffy.

“In the beginning I think that it is difficult to control the body so I will pull you”

While saying so, Ruina giving me the right hand. I grasped the hand firmly.

“Let’s go till the town!”

We flew the sky and headed for Lirs.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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