Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 02

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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Chapter 2
What, I Have Weird Skill!?


Flying in the sky less than two hours. Finally, what seemed to be a city came into sight.

I get off the ground near the town.

“Nagi, we got it on Lirs”

“Finally arrived …”

I was getting mentally ill.

It was fun at the beginning to fly in the sky, but I got scared on the way.

It is horrible if you think carefully that living human beings fly in the sky. If I fall, it will be the end of line.

“Sorry, Ruina. Let me rest a moment”

“Well, it can’t be helped”

ー ー ー A few minutes to rest.

I managed to calm down and I was taken by Ruina and came in front of the gate.

“You girls there, show your identification card. If you don’t have any, you could pass with 3 copper coins. And I will check for your criminal record.”

I was surprised when I heard the word of a gatekeeper who was waiting in front of the gate.

Identification card? Copper coin? I have not got such a thing ….

“Maybe Nagi don’t have anything like identification card? Leave it to me.”

Ruina winked towards me. What are you going to do?

She goes to the front of the gatekeeper and shows things like cards and talks with small voice. Instantly the face of the gatekeeper stained amazement.

“Excuse me, please come in. Please also take those with you”

Gate keeper who have arrogant attitude before suddenly changes become polite.

…Really, who is Ruina?




“Ruina-sama, Hello”

“Hello, Oba-chan. It’s good today, isn’t it?”

“Ruina-chan, let’s play~”

“Sorry, there is a bit of business so please come back later”

Ruina speak to people in town one by one like this. She is a popular person.

“Hey, Ruina, where are we heading?”

“Adventure guild. We will create guild card for Nagi since if you don’t have one, you will be in trouble in the future.”

“Guild card?”

“Eh, You don’t know? It’s a card that adventurer guild issued to someone who want to be adventurer. If you have it, it can be used as identification card.”

An adventurer? By the way, I read it in some novel. It’s about people who hunt monsters and sell their materials to live.

“I do not feel like fighting at all.”

I remember when attacked by a wolf a while ago. I do not want that kind of feeling anymore.

“You don’t need to fight if you don’t want. It’s fine even if just issue it.”

“That’s good”

If there is no need to fight then it’s a relief. Eh, I think I forget something…


“What’s wrong?”

“How can I live here? I have no money,”

“Well, yeah, that’s right, Nagi is cute and if you do customer service, there is no doubt that a lot of customers will come.”

Cute? Me?

“There is no way it could be like that … I am not so cute.”

“…She doesn’t realize her self”

Ruina murmuring something. I couldn’t hear the content at all.

“Well, we arrived, this is the adventurer guild”

There is big building in front of me. Is this an adventurer guild?

When I entered there were some grim old man and bunch of bad-looking guys. It’s looked like crowd of yakuza.

…By the way, if it like novel template, you will get involved with something here. That would be troublesome.

While I worrying like that, Ruina boldly moving forward. Wait a moment.

And we arrived in front of the reception without any problems. I felt gaze, but it seems I did not get involved. I’m so glad.

“Welcome to the adventurer guild. What’s your request?”

“I want you to issue guild cards to this person”

“Understood, please come here.”

We were brought to a small room by receptionist. In the middle there is something like crystal.

“Please hold your hand over this crystal”

The receptionist says so and my hand is held over. Wow, it shone. It’s a bit dazzling.

“This is the end, please wait a moment”

Is this the end? It’s kind too fast.




Waiting less than one hour in the room.

The receptionist got a thing that seemed to be cards.

Hmm? The receptionist looks strange. It seems disturbed by something.

“This is Nagi-sama’s guild card.”

“Hey, what’s wrong? You seem to be confused by something.”

Seeing such situation, Reina asks question to receptionist.

“No, just… I’m sorry … This is personal information so I can not answer.”

“I don’t mind. It’s not going to be reduced if shown, Ruina is my lifesaver.”

“…I understand… If Nagi-sama is like that… here, “seeing is believing”. Nagi-sama please hold this card and chant status open in heart. And make the content written in the back of card visible by Ruina-sama too.”

I pick up the handed card and chant it in my heart. Status open.

Then the letters emerged on the back of the card. I do as told so it can be visible for Ruina too.

···Huh? I can’t believe what I saw and accidentally rub my eyes. But the letters did not change.

The content written on my guild card was as follows.


Name: Nagi (16)
Race: Human
Rank: F
Level: ???
HP: 50
MP: 60
ATK: 30
DEF: 30
SPD: 40
INT: 50
Unique Skill: <Language Translation> <Harem Queen >
Title: None



Wait, what is this Harem Queen…?

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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