Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World 03

Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

Chapter 3
Harem Queen

“It’s my first time seeing <Harem Queen> skill~”

“So do I. I have never seen nor heard anything like this before. Even though usually if there is unique skill, just by looking at its name, I can tell what kind of skill it is…  And level also not displayed, I’m worried about that.

Ruina and receptionist-san are complaining. I want to complain too.

When I thought I was suddenly brought to an unknown place and have weird skill without knowing.

Un, I want to cry.

If only it was skill with better name at least.

It can’t be helped since I got this skill. Should I check what kind of skill is this?

…How I do that?

“Ano, Ruina, receptionist-san, may I ask something? How can I know details of my own skill?”

“Certainly, if you ask question in your mind, the voice of heaven will answer.”

Heaven’s voice huh? Sound suspicious, but if there is no other way, should I try it?

(Voice-of-heaven-san, what kind of skill is this <Harem Queen>?)

Then a voice began to sound in my head.

(Let’s answer your question! <Harem Queen> is a skill that make you stronger as the number of women with you and your intimacy increase. Furthermore after reached certain level of intimacy with a woman, you will also be able to sharing skills with her.)

(Degree of intimacy, in other words, is just fine by being close with girls?”

(Well roughly … Oh, and with this skill it makes easier you to be liked by woman and your appeal to men will be halved. If you wanted to make a boyfriend it was terribly sorry)

(I do not need a boyfriend so it’s fine. By the way, what is easier to be liked?

(To put it briefly it makes easier to fall in love with you)

What? Become easier to fall in love?

(But I’m not swing that way)

(But you don’t think to have boyfriend right? So it’s fine right? And you are actually swing that way a little. Unconsciously.)

Guh. Is that true? I was abnormal… indeed I only have cute girls in my eyes. I never have considered any man.

(It’s fine you don’t have to worry. Here is different from the world where you come from. This world have high tolerance.)

(Wait a moment! It’s different from the world the one I was in? This world? in other words I was brought to another world !?)

(Heh? You don’t notice it? That’s right. I was the one who brought you here. Te he (♥))

(No, don’t “Te he (♥)” on me! What are you doing !?)

(So, please do your best~ ~)

I could not hear the voice of heaven after that. There is no answer no matter how much I call.

“Nagi-chan, are you done?”

“Yeah, I finished.”

“It was quite a long time talking with the voice of the sky. So, what kind of skill it was?”

Well, I do not want to answer the content very much.

For the time being, I omitted the part that makes it easier for girls to fall in love with me and explained the skill contents to the two of them.

Of course I’m not telling that I am abnormal? They will be wary of me.

“Skill that make you stronger as the number of girls and intimacy increase huh~? Somehow it’s a complicated skill.”

“I think so”

“To be honest, it is hard to believe, but I do not think that Nagi-sama is the type to lie and it is true, the world is wide.”


After we left guild, we decide to look for an inn for today.

“Nagi-chan seems to have no money, so today I will pay for inn! I will never let a beautiful girl like Nagi-chan sleeping outside!”

“Thank you, Ruuna. By the way are you serious saying I’m beautiful girl?”

“That’s seriously serious, so it’s kind of mysterious. Why there is no men who attracted by Nagi-chan?”

Maybe it’s influence of <Harem Queen>. My appeal for men seems to be halved.

It’s convincing since Reina is also overestimates me.

“Nagi-chan, we arrived at in, this place is my recommended place to say “House of Cat Ear” “

That “House of Cat Ear” was quite a big inn. It will probably fall into a high class category.

“Is it really fine with this high-class-like place?”

“It’s fine it’s fine, let’s get in.”

Eh, maybe Ruina will stay with me?

It’s dangerous, my face got hotter.

It reminds me of the conversation with the voice of the heaven a while ago and my sense becoming strange.

“What’s wrong, Nagi-chan?”

“No, nothing”

And with a certain kind of expectation I joined Ruina entered “House of Cat Ear”.


Nagi is really beautiful girl, even though she denies it.

Her appeal for men is halved, she will seen as ordinary girl.

On contrary, her charm for women also increase 50%, to the level you don’t mind even though being same sex.

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Aiming For Harem Queen in Different World

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