Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi Chapter 11

Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

Being tsundere will hurt yourself! Remember that!

Chapter 11
Result Announcement

Morning classroom.

After looked around and confirmed all the students already there, Lotte-sensei put a bunch of paper on the desk.

“Well, yeah I will return the result of Ferris-chan’s transfer test.”

It came! And Ferris squeezed herself in the chair.

If she can not pass this test, she had to quit school. And had to work at some mine again.

If only Ferris who will be affected by this problem, she somehow could bear it. But she was troubled that Alicia’s reputation remain lowered. She wanted at least Alicia’s honor will be recovered.

Lotte-sensei ask,

“Usually I won’t announce each score, but if I do not announce it, this time everyone won’t be convinced… Ferris-chan, is it okay?”
“Yes, it’s okay!”

Ferris nodded big.

“Well then … attention everyone! This is Ferris’ score!”

Lotte-sensei spread out seven papers in a fan shape and showed the score to the students.

Alicia holds his mouth with both hands.

The other classmate became noisy.

Janet hit her desk and stood up.

“Tha-that’s impossible! Impossible! A child who could not read a letter a week ago has such a score is-!”
“Everything, a hundred points…? Between full mark, is it a hundred points…?”

Ferris asked while trembled.

She studied magic books a lot, and knowledge of magic was there, but there was no mention of the scoring system of the test at all.

So, she didn’t know exactly how much 100 points evaluation is. She was afraid because she didn’t know.

While Ferris like that, Lotte-sensei told something to her.

“Among 100 points, it’s 100 points! 100 points is full mark! Because it is all subjects, it’s all-perfect!”
“Pa-pa-fe-ku, to… ?”

Ferris mind became blank.

She did not understand what or how it was.

She could not read the letters, immature and incompetent, she never expected to be able to got perfect score. While she thought this was a dream, she pinched her cheek.

“Huh! It hurts! It hurts so much! Tears come out!”
“Take your hand off now!”

Alicia stopped Ferris who desperately pinched her own cheek.

“Hundred points ……!” “Genius!” “Awesome!” “Cool!”

Classmates said so.

“Yeah, I was also surprised! I never thought she will got full mark, you’ve done it! As expected of transfer student who recognized by principal!”

Lotte-sensei nods with folded arm.

Ferris looked straight at Janet’s eyes.

“Here, with this you won’t say bad things about Alicia-san right!? This is not unfair, right?!”
“Well… er… that, that, I…,”

Janet words were stopped.

Turning her head down and said something, but Ferris couldn’t hear it well.

With her face turned red, she pointed to Ferris.

“I-i-i-it is not to be decided yet . You only got written exam! You have not do any practical exam yet!

Ferris became uneasy whether she still had to do something else. It’s just lucky that she passed the written exam, but she don’t think that the next will also be successful. First of all, Ferris was just a mining slave.

“Yes, it is a practical exam! If you can not use basic magic, you are not eligible to enter this magic school! The students here, everyone has been learning magic since childhood! Ferris, have you trained enough to match us!? ”
“I haven’t… I’ve been digging holes all the time ….”

Ferris chewed his lips.

Until recently, Ferris herself didn’t realize that she could use magic. Not so much, but there is no way that she could match everyone in class. With such thought, her eyes started to get wet.

“Digging hole? Just by digging hole and you enrolled here!? You make me laugh!”

Alicia put her hand on the shoulder of shrinking Ferris.

“It’s fine. Ferris can properly use magic right? Your power, It’s fine to show it.”
“But, my magic is still immature and … .…”

Lotte-sensei said something to hesitated Ferris.

“Even immature is fine, just show it. If there is enough quality, that would be good. So you could just use simple magic.”
“O, okay… then …”

Ferris raised her hand nervously. If it just aria, she had already memorized and understand it in test study.

“Stop! Let’s do it outside!”

Alicia stop Ferris’ hands in a panic.

“What’s wrong, Alicia?”

Asked Lotte-sensei with blank look.

“Because it’s dangerous! I’m sorry, but please use battle training center for Ferris’ practical exam!”
“Hmm…. Well, it’s okay, let’s go ahead and move on to the training center.”

With Lotte-sensei instruction, students leaving classroom and moved to training center.

Ferris and Alicia also follow everyone.

Behind them, Janet was holding her head.

It was not meant to be like this. It should be a good thing that Ferris got the passing score.

But, it’s hard to say I’m sorry.

And just sold another fight.

For some reason it was difficult to facing Ferris directly. It was even more difficult than facing Alicia.

Like being caught by strange thing, there was urged to reject everything that want to be said.

“Why… why it become like this…!?”

In an empty classroom, Janet was crying alone.

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Juu Sai no Saikyou Madoushi

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